Saturday, 19 May 2012

Let the Seasons begin

My new goal in life is being able to blow a bubble with bubblegum, this american lady, who had just been to USA foods, (which in my opinion, having never been to the US, is like a shining paradise filled with overpriced sugar that we don't otherwise eat in australia.) So if you guys know how to blow a bubble, please tell me your tips. I am desperate to blow a massive bubble bigger that my face.

Anyway, today I will show you some photos that me and my friend took at my brothers soccer. She has an ownage app which makes the photos look well, good, and apparently I am very photogenic (yeah right!), that or I am good at staring wistfully into the distance. I just wish I was wearing something more amazingish.  Mixed in is also some random photos of our fun with a box.

 This is meant to be "the Oracle":

I don't have much else to say really, except to show you people this awesome song, by an awesome band that rocks my socks.

Oh and and and my YARN BOMBING!!!!!

I really want to put my knitting on someones house or my school, a massive piece of knitting that says: YOU'VE BEEN YARN BOMBED. How cool would that be??

A list of songs I have been listening to:

Hollywood- Angus and Julia Stone

Substitute-The who

Ghost Town- First Aid Kit

Oxford Comma- Vampire Weekend

Cosmic Love- Florence and the Machine (thanks Ella:)

Dedicated follower of fashion- The kinks

What songs have you been listening to?

How do you blow a bubble from bubblegum, oh bubble master?



  1. cute photos carla! the secret to blowing bubbles, is pretty much the same with nearly anything, practice, practice, practice. oh, & use a whole instead of a half a piece of gum. ;)

  2. Stretch the gum over your tongue a bit first while it's in your mouth cos then it has a bigger surface area to blow into. If you manage to blow a giant bubble don't keep going till it pops, I blew a huge one once that exploded over my face in the supermarket and it got stuck in my eyelashes :( I actually looked like such a mong!
    I love the yarn bombing btw! You should secretly stick it all over your town and make people wonder where it all came from!

  3. hmmmmm.. bubble blowing... you pull gum over your tongue and then kinda hold your tongue lightly between your lips/teeth and blow. You then blow as much as you want (more=BIGGER, AWESOMER BUBBLE) or thw BUBBLE POPS!!! NOOO!! its okay though, its in a better place now and you can say a silent prayer for it... that was bizzarre.. but I hope it helped... hehehe... YARN BOMBING IS DA BOMB (see what a great joke I made?? nope, you dont.. cuz it sucked)!! no really its kinda really awesome... could you yarn bomb the telephone pole outside my house?? oh wait I live across the world from you in a small town in the USA... sniff...
    Charlotte (wait there's another charlotte right above me... confusing much??)

  4. Love the pics! :D BTW, Carla, I tagged you for this blog activity. Check my blog ( for the rules. Have fun! :D

  5. I am on my blog!! How amazing. Cool blog haven't seen it in ages. Love the post! Catcha later

  6. so true about the american food haha! yea i don't know how to blow a bubble with bubblegum either..its sad!

  7. CARLA!!!
    Omg seeing you this sunday!!
    We shall takes heaps and heaps and heaps of pictures for your blog! I'll bring my camera :D
    Vintage!!!! love itttttt
    Oh and come yarn bomb something at my place!
    My car or something, am looking for something to make it more individual :D
    Seee youu sooooonnnn so so excited!
    xx lianna

  8. I absolutely can't believe that I wasn't following you before! I love Beirut and play the ukulele too and I'm kind of fangirling over your style and also pretty much your whole blog.
    xoxoxo and sparkles, Lillie

  9. Your blog is so cool! I ALSO play ukulele and I love Beirut AND yarn bombing AND your clothes are fantastic. Keep up the awesomeness:)