Friday, 27 April 2012

let england shake

This photo was taken by my cousin at the vintage/handmade ownageness market last Saturday. As you can tell it was very sunny and I was waiting exhausted from all the shopping, waiting for someone to bring me a cupcake. Everyone was dressed pretty cool there and I saw many brogues and many many nerd glasses. All this made me think about how all the arty type people are kind of in a different universe to others. And then at school we were talking about ordinary worlds, and if we like that idea of being comfortable and having a routine. Or if we think it's boring.

When someone says ordinary world, I immediately think of the perfect, perfect suburbs you see on TV. As in the perfect green grass and the same houses and all those mums who do pilates and stuff. Like stereotypical suburbian stuff. And even though i live in the suburbs, i think you can always find small things, if you look, that are a bit different. And that's why I like the idea of yarn bombing, because in such a conservative, comfortable place, I think it would be excellent to give the people a bit of excitement with some illegal knitting art. So in this class discussion I said that I think if i didn't have the weekends, my life would be too ordinary and that when I finish school I can do everything I want to do. And then my teacher asked me what that stuff was so of course I told him about buying a kombi and going around Australia and buying a "squashy house" in fitzroy and painting my room orange.

But then someone mentioned getting a job and how your going to need to do stuff you don't want to, so you can live. At this point in my life, working sounds fun and life is ahead of me and all that. But then I think about parents, who probably used to have dreams like mine, and then pushed them down because "they weren't sensible" or "they had to concentrate on their serious careers." Which I think is a bit sad, because its like your missing out. And I hate missing out, that's what I'd be scared of. Not having enough time, or wasting time. Like watching Friends for example, is it wasting time if it makes you happy while you do it?

Do you people think that when your an adult you stop thinking about all the cool stuff kids think about now? Do you think you try and live normal lives?

Anyway. I'll just show you some photos from my inspiration book. They don't have much to do with anything in paticular, but they're cool. Also, I set up a sewing/typewriter table in my room, so now I can feel like a proper writer.

Wow, these are really bad quality! sorry.

And....... I think I may be getting blinder, because even with my glasses on I mistook the word crystal for dynamite. I couldn't understand why in science, where we were studying rocks (yay!) a boy in my class was looking up dynamite. So maybe some new glasses for me soon. BIGGER!!



  1. carla, very cute cat drawings! :)

  2. beautiful pic. Btw i have noticed that you are really artistic and creative! :)

    brigita rando

  3. I love your dress! I think that people definitely give up on their dreams as they get older, but that doesn't mean that you have to be one of those people who do too!
    Great blog background btw, I have a dress made from nearly the exact same print, what a weird coincidence!

  4. AHAHAH!! (excited scream) you're from Australia!! Sorry but it's so exciting to meet fellow Aussie bloggers!