Thursday, 5 April 2012


After many hours of Easter preparation, after which I never want to see an egg again (unless chocolate or incorporated into a cake.) For the third year in a row I blew out the contents of 12 eggs and then painted them. I may have cheated this year and used a bike pump, but blowing, even with a curly straw really hurts your head and throat. Here are some photos of my sharpie decorated eggs:

So yay yay yay I have some stuff to show you. First is my outfit a couple of days ago, taken by my brother through a window that was so clean you couldn't even tell their was a window there (which could be excellent for walking into.)

And also a book my mamma bought for me at a book fair. It is from 1933 and is full of old school girl power.

 And finally here is a picture of my hand knitted legwarmers. They will transport me to the 80's someday, which most adults I know have blocked out but I think are pretty entertaining. One night my loving family and I watched Footloose and Flashdance (because I forced them to.) In case you don't remember Jumpback is what Kevin Bacon says when he finds out dancing is banned. I may attempt to casually slip it into daily conversations.



  1. Hey there! I've been painting eggs too! However, I wasn't the one who blew them, my mother did :) Anyways, I love your legwarmers!! They're very colorful and look comfy too!

  2. ...Best poses ever. Also, "Does Hilary drink alone?" WHAT ON EARTH HAHAHA

  3. I LOVEE YOUR OUTFIT!! Great blog :) xx

  4. great eggs- love your decorating skills and your photos! So much fun!