Wednesday, 18 April 2012

But my words, like silent raindrops fell

I don't have much to say today. I just wanted to show some photos of some stuff in my room and also some other randomness. I have no outfits, as I am now confined in the boundaries of winter school uniform, which leaves no room for creativity except for hair styling. We had a skirt length check today, which makes our school sound really strict, but it fails because all the girls roll them up the minute the check is over.

I have stopped rolling up my skirt this year. It made me think about why short skirts are so good. Someone said they don't want to look like a nun. One day if I am brave enough I should pull my socks up, wear my skirt as long as possible and do the very top button of my shirt up, I may even venture far enough to wear the school vest, just to annoy everyone. And today in science we were talking about how hippies used to use granite as deoderant and not shave their armpits and legs, and this boy made some sarcastic remark about how "thats a turn on." I guess he didn't think about how he doesn't shave his armpits or legs, and he still thinks of himself as a perfectly normal no repulsive boy. So then everything made me think about are the girls putting effort into their appearence for boys, or does it just make them feel pretty? And if I was to not shave my legs and armpits, and make them look like forests, would I feel like I am making a good point, or that I need to shave all this uglyness off immdiately? I know people shouldn't dress a certain way just because other people would want them to dress that way. But I still feel good when I look at my forest free legs and think "wow, they look pretty nice."

Anyway, it looks like I do have a lot to say. I know you've probably heard that argument ten billion times. Here are some pictures:

Why are people so unkind to redheads????? That is another discussion for maybe my next post.

And here are some photos by this Paris photography guy called Robert Doisneau. I found them very comical and now I want a little rabbit to walk around.

LOVE carla:)


  1. You are so awesome!


  2. I love this post, so honest! You so should start rolling your socks up and buttoning up that top button!!

  3. the top ones are pictures from your ROOM?! if so your room = undeniable coolness!!! your post is great, you are a very good writer... wait, did you say its winter where you live? AK AUSTRALIANS (god they are SOOO weird, Carla is soo weird... AUSTRALIA is so cool, you guys ride around on kangaroos!!!.... right?)!!! Anyways you are right weird means awesome in cool people language (see thats why I said weird so much... that does not make sense), which I hope I am rad enough to use.. maybe...
    Hugs from America (and that sounds creepy)

  4. Redheads rule! :D Go Ron Weasley! ;)

  5. You should DEFINATELY go all out-top button. Once I tried to go free with my forest armpits and legs (I know it's gross) and it was pretty sweet, I must say. Not shaving makes you feel like a free spirit, I'm telling you. You should try it, though I never went back after those two weeks, because it was a crazy hair situation.

  6. YES! Simon & Garfunkel! I thought I was like the only person in the world who still listened to them! AWESOME!!! I love all the old pics, they're really neat! That first painting is beautiful, where is it from??

    Check me out?