Tuesday, 24 April 2012

all the little people

It is absolutely freezing today, which pretty much goes against the rest of the world's idea of Australia. I really wish we had snow, instead of just rain, then maybe school could be cancelled, or at least we could make snowmen at lunchtime. I have never seen snow, only ice, I tried tasting it, let me tell you, NOT a good idea, it tasted like everyones shoes who had stepped on it. Anyway, I went to a market on the weekend and my cousin took some ownage photos of me, you know, lying on the grass and looking wise and thoughtful, but I don't have them yet. So I will show you some slightly random photos of these little guys I made with my hot glue gun. I think they kind of need a story to go with them, but it might be fun for you to make one up in your head. Maybe I'll make a comic type thing one day. I took them on my vintage camera (app.)So that's why they're all oldish., except for the old man, he was already old before I took the photo.

This old man has wicked suspenders.
He's on my pencil case that I made for school

Sadly this guys head fell off...

this pirate is also on my pencil case.

A little book of things that will make you smile. Things include, wearing mismatched socks and creating creepy little books such as this.

I didn't make this, as you can probably tell

hello there

 Tommorrow is a day off from school, because its ANZAC day, which is only in Australia and New Zealand to remember all the soldies that fought in the first world war. We had a one minute of silence today, which is pretty impressive.
Also I auditioned for the school musical, I just have to wait for call backs now.

In the comments please tell me about snow, I feel in a snowy mood, even though I don't even know what it TASTES LIKE!!!!!!

Oh, i just remembered I have reached 50 followers. YAY!


  1. snow is beautiful freshly fallen covering the world in a layer of white, & sparkles like glitter & sometimes you can see rainbows in the sunlight. it can also be very dangerous, to drive in muddy, dirty, depress, wet, heavy, freezing, pain to shovel, slip & fall in. cute photos carla. :)

  2. hahaha, these little dudes are ownage (I STOLE your word!! MWAHAHAHAHAHA) dude!!! I love them, I will come and eat them... that was weird, I am sorry... Anyways I'm sorry its cold and about the no snow, we had hardly any snow here and I live in freaking NEW ENGLAND, we are supposed to have freaking SNOW!!! ok end of mind blurble...