Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The rules are strange, but aren't they great

Did you know chickens can survive like three days without a head?

Today for some random reason I am being very fascinated on heads, the lack of them or the fact that "dude you face looks like an animal." I have accumulated some head/headless pictures that I find amusing. I hope you do too.

RELEASE THE HEADS!!!!! (or lack of them)

We all have a light within ourselves.
Remember to share yours with the world.

All those are from Eat Sleep Draw.

And here is a guy I found in Frankie. His name is Linus Hui and he makes paper animal mask/hat/awesomeness. I think they are really cool and soon I shall post a picture of any attempts I have at creating one. (one probably not as hard as these ones.)

For more awesomness go here.

Sorry my posting is getting all lazy, I modified my jeans so I will show you them soon.

Have fun.


  1. I love The Like. And the way you write. Fascinating!

  2. he does make some fascinating things. bring on your attempts.

  3. omgeexles, the Like!!! YAY!!! These pictures of the people who have no heads are really pretty awesome... So are masks... GOD!!

  4. Haha those paper hat/masks are amazing, especially the prawn/shrimp one. So tempted to spend the rest of my day trying to make one!

  5. those hats are awesome! I wanna make one!

  6. The hats are so cool! If only I was that great at origami
    :( I recently stumbled across your blog and I LOVE it!

    Love from, THE EASTERN PEARL