Wednesday, 7 March 2012

I'm a robot like you

Here are some events that occured as far back as I can remember (last week):

  • I saw a boy cry
  • I found two grey hairs in my hair, that I will insist are just light blonde.
  • Was sick enough to not do anything on Saturday, but not sick enough to have a day off.
  • Did a header in soccer, squished my bun a little.
  • Attended an 18th birthday breakfast, which was civilised except for some suspicious staring at my hollandaise sauce (which I wanted to trade for a hash brown.)
  • Started to knit a scarf for homework
  • Experienced quiet mental breakdown a few minuted ago when the fact that I couldn't do my history homework (which is due tomorrow) because of technical difficulties that are very difficult and extremely annoying!
  • Talked to friend who is in Engalnd, felt very Australian while she said "quite" and felt a bit sad too.
  • Had a wombats song stuck in my head all morning
  • Then a San Cisco song
  • Then my friend got another song stuck in my head and we sung it all day, with added vocal randomness that probably was not meant to be in the song.
Not really much else to say. Will show an outfit soon if I can bring myself to be creative. Long Weekend coming soon, labour day. I don't really get labour day, because it sounds like a day for working, but instead we have a day off. 
Will also definitely post something to do with heads and sometimes the lack of them. (don't worry it won't be creepy.)

And now a quick song, as I need to go to bed in exactly -2 minutes.

Bye, CARLA:)

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  1. 18th Birthday breakfast? That is civilized indeed! Not sure how I would feel about hollandaise sauce in the morning!