Saturday, 4 February 2012

orangutans are skeptical of changes in their cages

First of all, thanks for your kindly words with that last post. I think I will try to post more and I kind of want to learn about designers and all that jazz. I already learnt about fibres in textiles at school. SO HA!

Last night I went to my cousins 16th. Happy birthday jazcav (we got him nutella, how skilled are we??) and YAY lee.

Anyway, more importantly ME! On the last day of the holidays I went gallivanting (which is a cool word) around the city with my auntie and bro. I finally learnt the basic layout of Melbourne. After probably 20 minutes of jumping up and down in the frustration of mixing up Swanston street and Flinders street at the tram stop, I kind of got it. So now I can totally navigate as long as I'm paying attention instead of looking at all the cool people around me and marvelling at random stuff. Anyway these photos are from City Square (most of you probably have no idea what I'm talking about, which makes me feel more melbournish, but honestly I didn't even know there was a place called city sqaure before tuesday.)

This knitting art on the trees is called Yarn Bombing. And I think it is beautiful how amongst the grey buildings there are splashes of creativity and colour. Like yesterday I saw these people painting a bus stop.

Oh and please notice my ownage jumper (hand me down, don't you wish you had cousins as cool as me?)

WHAT? is that how my hair looked at the back?!

And here are some knits photos from DeviantART:

Also, yesterday I went to a Retro Star sale, everything (except two random bikes) was $10 or less! But it was 31 degrees, so I was boiling in my knee high socks, brogues and free blue shift dress from my auntie. I got two cool things (that was the limit according to my mum) which I will show you later. I found this yellow jumper with a clown and balloons of it, I decided to leave it half beacuse dad said it reminded him of Sideshow Bob from the Simpsons, and I don't want to be wearing that.

There were so many awesome dressed people at this sale. Like a guy in orange jeans and a girl with sparkling platforms, a bowler hat and lacy tights. I should have taken photos. would you have taken photos? stalkerish or otherwise.

So now I'll just show you a song by RAINBOW CHAN (possibly the coolest name ever.) Who I discovered via a magazine. She is really cool and remeber you heard about her from me:)

Thanks for reading. LOVE CARLA:)

PS: dear two certain cousins,
I hope you are happy I mentioned you.
love carla.


  1. i like the yarn bombing! yes, i so would've taken photos of others' cute outfits. depending on my mood, & their personalities, i may have even asked their permission. i often do. raimbow chan has very pretty floral pants.

  2. The yarn tree is super cool! Happy 16 birthday to amour cousin I do not know... Creepy... The sale sounds like sooooo much fun! YAY! I love looking at the random people on the train or street, particularly in Cambridge! None of them are as cool as you though (aren't I a suck up).
    Hugs from across the ocean

  3. You know what? I think I am going to go out and buy a knitted jumper. This post has made me realise how much 'en manque' I am. Cool Post with a really amazing, catchy title (and I love your blog background and name - viva la redhead!)

  4. There's yarn bombing in your town! Jealous! I wish I could knit more than a scarf so I could yarn bomb some stuff!

  5. your hair looks really nice like that,retro sales are awesome,you should have taken pictures hopefully they'd be pleased xx

    check out my crazy shoes