Saturday, 11 February 2012

let them eat cake

During an english spelling test my teacher had to use unfashionable in a sentence:
"Unfashionable. Jeggings are very unfashionable. Unfashionable."

Probably the highlight of the day.

On Friday night we watched Marie Anotionette. I have never before wanted to pile my hair on the very top of my head, wait thats what I do every day. But one day I aim to turn this...
into this:

Even though the point of view of this motion picture is debatable, as in we view Marie Antoinette as inoocent, I believe the costume was fantastic as were the desserts.
(that sounded so professional.)
Here are photos:

and things that remind me of this movie:
Internet yummy noises

Meadham Kirchoff spring 2012

And while we are on the Frenchy theme. Did you know in the sewers of Paris they found an orangutan skeleton? I wonder how it got there. That would make a really good story. YES! I'll write one and put it one here along with my hot glue gun poem:)

And finally here is a song:

Her name is Pomplamousse, it means grapefruit in French.

hope this hasn't been a bad post, randomly looking at big hair and talking about sewers.

Stay french, even if your not (like me),Love CARLA


  1. That movie always reminds me of cotton candy. Nice screen shots! Great post.

  2. I love that film, I always quite liked the way that they make her out to be innocent, just because there are always more than one side to a story, and although not entirely innocent, she was so young and out of touch that it was hardly her fault either. I loved the soundtrack to the film as well!


  3. Now I want to eat a cotton candy color cake... yummmyyy.. These pictures are so... pastel-y! I totally love the meadham shoes!

  4. Beautiful! :)

  5. i really liked that movie visually, in a very pretty, & artfullly inspiring way, but i found the story & music dull. carla wears a very pretty yellow floral crown.