Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Flowers may wilt when we walk past

We went to high tea on Sunday which was extremely enjoyable, especially since I was speaking all posh calling my brother Edgar and saying ravishing a lot. The waitress even offered be half a glass of champagne, which I respectfully declined as i had school the next day. Here are some photos I/my brother took in the fancy hotel's garden while trying not to look to amteurish and more like we go to high tea all the time.
This is my Harry Wragg dress, which I bought for $15. It is gloriously grandmaish, except my mum didn't let me wear long socks.

i wish I could've gotten better photos, but my brother's priorities were all mixed up, and he cared more about the scones than taking pictures of me. After tea, we watched the wedding photos in the park, there were some guys with flags and very loud singing and also a bride with no groom. curiouser and curiouser.

And now a poem I wrote:
Ode to the hot glue gun:

Oh, hot glue gun 
how you squeeze
out drops of glue
that stick to me.

Yay for adhesives, you guys rock!

Oh, hot glue gun.
How you stick
things together 
that and this.

Clouds to sky.
Leaves to tree.
And my glued up hand,
to my knee.

Oh, hot glue gun 
how you smell.
Stink of plastic
and burning as well.

Open a window, 
turn on a fan.
Totally pongy,
gross out man.

Oh, hot glue gun
How you burn.
Burn my finger
and my hand.

Giving me blisters.
Painful pain too.
Irritating adhesives.
Shame on you

-a poem my Carla, who is absolutely sure glued up is an acceptable phrase.

Now a song: 
(wow what's next, a dance number? herds of elephants prancing around unicorns?)

From CARLA:)


  1. Ooooh!! I like the dress.. alot!!! hahaha, the poem, here I quote Longfellow Ï'm a poet, but I dont know it, but my feet the show it 'cuz they're longfellows" Sorry if that was really weird, I just go around saying that and people stare at me... I just thought it was cool because the poem was funny and AWESOME!! YAY..
    xoooxxoo (messed up hugs and kisses)

  2. your hot glue gun is funny. glad you had a nice high tea time. i like your hair in a bun. it is in a bun, isn't it?

  3. i like the dress :) and the funny poem

  4. You and your brother seem like a fun pair! your shoes really stylishly compliment the gramnda-dress ;)