Tuesday, 28 February 2012

ØH no! I'm made out of glue!

Today me and my friend did an epic air guitar/drum solo to a song called The End is Coming. Then we had to compete with the girls singing One Direction with our Simon and Garfunkle. I think that sums up my day/ the schools of Australia. What do you think of boy bands? Do you like to worship them? or does the word Boyzone cause you to scream, run into a wall and turn up Rainbow Chan really loud on your IPod.

In the holidays I started to attempt to make a kind of book/magazine type thing called Harold. here are the photos I took for the front, they are a bit random and didn't really fulfil my vision, but I think they're kinda cool.

Radomness will follow:

Maybe one day I will actually finish it. Soon, maybe.....

And here quickly are some photos from a brand called ChrØNICLES ØF NEVER, they are Australian and have ownage O's and why is the font like this???? 
thay have cool places like this:
 And symbols like this:
 And have super black clothes like this!

There is this ownage photo I saw in this fashion book that reminds me of where the wild things are, but I can't find it!!!!
Anyway....Check them out!

Love Carla:)
Wait!! A song:


  1. U r so random Carla but that's why I love you!!!!!!!! Go rainbow chan!!!! I would very much enjoy a face down between Rainbow chan and one direction. Hope u are feeling awesome!

    - charli xox

  2. Never liked boy bands. And I grew up in the 90's. The era of boybands lol.
    I love the photos of people wearing skulls as accessories, something morbidly fun about that!


  3. I actually kinda love the pictures you took... I dont particularly like boy bands (except the beach boys and other oes from the 50s/60s), just in this modern time they seem so... sugary/ insincere... just my opinion. the inspiration (are they that, I think they're pretty inspiring) pictures are very cool...
    Peace dude (that was odd)