Friday, 27 January 2012

the first thing I met was a fly with a buzz and a sky with no clouds

The holidays are rapidly diminishing and the dread of school and unifrom is slowly enroaching on my formely free life. We had Australia Day, which is always a fun day in my family. We have a tennis tournament and listen to the hottest 100 on the radio (Gotye obviously winning.) But more importantly my auntie and uncle have alpacas! which are almost as good as llamas. The boy one is called Carl, named of course after me. Though apparently the new generation isn't comfortable around animals (silly adults walking 5 km to school back in the olden days.)

Yesterday me and my friends had a sleepover. We played table tennis, ate triple butter explosion popcorn and stayed up till 1 discussing the meaning of life and documentries. And one of my friends plotted to sue the local video shop. We also went to Salvos where I found some BROGUES for $10!!!!!! Although not orange, equally good. I also tried on a $90 wedding dress.

Here are some pictures:

A very important procedure while making zombie cupcakes

They're meant to be toxic bite cupcakes.


An australian beach taken on australia while listening to gotye.
I"ve been through the desert on a horse with no name, cause its good to be out of the rain. In the desert, you can't remember your name, cause there ain't no body for to give you no pain. la la lalalala.



  1. oh that beautiful beach you lucky girl. i have that america song on my iPod. at first i thought you with your spatula was a freaky prop tongue.

  2. Really good pictures and the cupcakes look amzingly delicious ;)

    Brigita R.

  3. I love your brogues, they look amazing!


  4. Coolio maaannn! Why, why, whyyyy does everyone have friends except meeee?! (this is not true, I do have friends.. I think). Anyway the song is tots cool (this is a weird word they use in the U.S), I listen to it on the 60's folk station on Pandora.
    <3 (ugly heart)

  5. i actually love the brogues! <3

    Brigita rando