Thursday, 12 January 2012

the fires and the shadows

I feel mystical.
Oh so mystical.
I feel mystical and awesome.
la la la la la la la la.

Happy Friday the 13th.
Though I don't normally get excited about a day that is scary for no known reason, today is one of the common occasions where I have the urge to read tarot cards or buy a giant crystal ball. I do have some slightly mystical pictures that my darling brother kindly took for me. I could probably be more mystical if I tried hard enough but I am just out of fortune teller tents and palms to read.


Reading a ghost book.

Not reading a ghost book.

I'm sure fortune tellers knit. But I have been feeling in a grannyish mood lately.

Oh my god! the seven of suns!
Oh I have rediscovered DeviantART. And me and my bro are obsessed. Its like TOO-MANY-PRETTY-THINGS-MUST-HAVE-THEM-ALL!!!!!!Well for me anyway. You professionals are probably able to control yourselves. Here are some slightly mysticalish pictures, I've found:

So you can see how I could easily get carried away.

And finally here is a excellent song. Her voice is very mystical.

I seriously have to stop saying mystical.

But its pretty mystical anyway.

Maybe-Julia Stone.

Some questions:

Does anyone know why friday the 13th is spooky??

Favourite song??

Who knows how to read palms or tarot cards?? (if so I hope you can read it over the internet!)

LOVE CARLA, the mystical one.



  1. Why fri the 13 is spooky: jesus had 13 followers including himself and he was betrayed on a friday. Thank you for your comment as always!!! I like these pictures very... potato-y... jk, fortune teller-ey...
    CharChar (charlotte)

  2. that julia stone song does sound mystical. i can't read palms or tarot. my great grandma used to read tea leaves. sometimes my dreams tell the future & come true though.

  3. I like your mystical pictures. :)
    I've been reading Tarot cards for about seven years now. I like them.

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  5. love your head scarf,it's groovy x

  6. you look great in purple!