Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Calling all skilled bloggers and Carla observers

This post may be wierd, but lately I have been thinking lots about how I want to change my blog and being jealous of all you awesome cool kids.sometimes jealous is good with blogs cause it means you are really enjoying a particular blog, but I have been jealous in a way that makes me feel like I should be more like many of you and really be myself everyday and learn more about fashion and blog more.

Now all you blogging philosophers please answer this question.....

What is the meaning of life???!!!
(not really, but you can answer if you want do fun, the answer 24 will be accepted:)

But the real questions......

do you see my blog as a fashion/style blog?

If not how would you describe my blog?

If yes, do you feel I should talk more about designers and stuff?

Is there anything you wish I would change about my blog? (be honest)

Do you want me to shut up?

If you want to say something that you think might offend me and are too polite to say it please be anonymous.

Thank you thank you thank you

But don't think I am going to change myself for what you guys want I just want feedback and something to think about.

If your new here I'm sorry this is probably really whingy and freaky.

Im cool, really.

Lots of love and please please answer, CARLA:)

Friday, 27 January 2012

the first thing I met was a fly with a buzz and a sky with no clouds

The holidays are rapidly diminishing and the dread of school and unifrom is slowly enroaching on my formely free life. We had Australia Day, which is always a fun day in my family. We have a tennis tournament and listen to the hottest 100 on the radio (Gotye obviously winning.) But more importantly my auntie and uncle have alpacas! which are almost as good as llamas. The boy one is called Carl, named of course after me. Though apparently the new generation isn't comfortable around animals (silly adults walking 5 km to school back in the olden days.)

Yesterday me and my friends had a sleepover. We played table tennis, ate triple butter explosion popcorn and stayed up till 1 discussing the meaning of life and documentries. And one of my friends plotted to sue the local video shop. We also went to Salvos where I found some BROGUES for $10!!!!!! Although not orange, equally good. I also tried on a $90 wedding dress.

Here are some pictures:

A very important procedure while making zombie cupcakes

They're meant to be toxic bite cupcakes.


An australian beach taken on australia while listening to gotye.
I"ve been through the desert on a horse with no name, cause its good to be out of the rain. In the desert, you can't remember your name, cause there ain't no body for to give you no pain. la la lalalala.


Thursday, 19 January 2012

set the night on fire if we want to


Today I am going to mush all my faerieish gardenish generally green feelings into the internet for you. I don't feel like talking much today and I am kind of wishing I had a cool poem thing about faeries. But at present I don't. I am also feeling in an Arietty mood. Arietty is the studio ghilbli version of the borrowers. You have all probably seen it, but in case you haven't it's about little people living in a old house and who borrow from the humans living there. Its really cool and my brother is starting a blog about anime and all that jazz.

My best friend gave me the iron on patch for late christmas. I also ironed a snail onto my yellow overalls. My top is a handme down and it says queen of the garden. I love hand me downs cause I always get awesome clothes that smell like my cousins. YAY! And I know I look wierd in the last photo, but I anticipated my brothers answer to me askinbg if he could take a photo of me (no.) So I had to take a slightly unflattering picture.

Well, hope you enjoyed looking at my feet and some dirt. Here is a little chant thing that is meant to call faeries that I found in a book:

The fairy call, a spell for summoning fairies

Sit where the cat sits. Cross your toes.
Close your eyes. And smell a rose.
Then say under your breath:
"I believe in fairies, sure as death."

Gadflykins! Gladtrypins!
Gutterpuss and Cass!
Come to me fairily.
Each lad and lass!

Love Carla, queen of the garden.

Ps: my cousins wanted be to put them on here. So, hello to my "awesome" cousin jazcav. and my awesome cousin lee.

I invite you to share any fairy sightings or spells etc in the comments.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

the fires and the shadows

I feel mystical.
Oh so mystical.
I feel mystical and awesome.
la la la la la la la la.

Happy Friday the 13th.
Though I don't normally get excited about a day that is scary for no known reason, today is one of the common occasions where I have the urge to read tarot cards or buy a giant crystal ball. I do have some slightly mystical pictures that my darling brother kindly took for me. I could probably be more mystical if I tried hard enough but I am just out of fortune teller tents and palms to read.


Reading a ghost book.

Not reading a ghost book.

I'm sure fortune tellers knit. But I have been feeling in a grannyish mood lately.

Oh my god! the seven of suns!
Oh I have rediscovered DeviantART. And me and my bro are obsessed. Its like TOO-MANY-PRETTY-THINGS-MUST-HAVE-THEM-ALL!!!!!!Well for me anyway. You professionals are probably able to control yourselves. Here are some slightly mysticalish pictures, I've found:

So you can see how I could easily get carried away.

And finally here is a excellent song. Her voice is very mystical.

I seriously have to stop saying mystical.

But its pretty mystical anyway.

Maybe-Julia Stone.

Some questions:

Does anyone know why friday the 13th is spooky??

Favourite song??

Who knows how to read palms or tarot cards?? (if so I hope you can read it over the internet!)

LOVE CARLA, the mystical one.


Friday, 6 January 2012

Wish I had a mango tree

Having almost a month off school I have realised something extremely valuable:
Work is over rated.

Ta da!!!! Just call me professor of couchpotatoology (the study of being a couch potato, if that was too advanced for you non professors)

Anyway. There are some glorious photos I want to share with you after this brief or in other words rambling (thats couchpotatoology lingo) list! YAY!


  • Helping a best friends of mine find herself (less sappily known as sorting yourself out)
  • Which involved lots of hours of shopping and a free top for me
  • YAY!
  • Am nearly finished watching Friends, which is another skill of a ologist such as myself (sitting on butt all day that is.)
  • Rearranged my room a bit. 
  • Defaced a bratz doll with the friend I later sorted out.
  • It was slightly disturbing and we disposed of the bratz doll shortly afterwards
  • It had an arm sticking out of its head
  • Just so you realise the disturbing factor
  • Decorated shoes that I can't even wear.
  • (now punching a wall)
  • Slept till 9:17 this morning
  • (a personal holiday record of mine)
  • pathetic I know, I greatly admire those who can sleep till midday
  • Watched my brother burn stuff with a magnifying glass
  • Proud, but slightly worried.
  • Oh, we also tried to melt the bratz arm, but failed.
  • And the list goes on
  • and on
  • or I can't think of any other things I have done on the holidays

Let the photos commence!
I spent ages writing and sticking and then was informed my delicate shoes will get wrecked if I walk in them.

Home made flower wreath.
Yippee for glue guns.
I will post my "Ode to the Hot Glue Gun" poem one day

This is what australia looks like.
(Not really)

An extremely cool device that was too expensive to buy for my brother.
(Who needs no encouragement to the amount of sauce he puts on food.)

My backpack.

Me on the side.
Notice the bum chin.
Don't you wish you had one?

Some questions:

No one has told me about the ball dropping in New York! Please! I need something cool to think about. How was it????

Does anyone have any questions for me??? 
Please, everyone likes to talk about themselves, I would love to fulfil your lives and curiosity.

I know this is random but favourite song?

Oh and um favourite instrument? 

Stay awesome:)
Love carla.
couchpotatoologist and hot glue gun lover.