Thursday, 29 September 2011

Listmania! PART UNO

 Today is listmania day, i have decided to split the list of lists in half, becuase I although I am a pretty skilled listmaker (and plan to recieve a noble prize for it some day) I cannot brinmg myself to write ten emusing lists for you all. So I am settling for five, the easiest ones.

The answer is yes.

List Uno:
 requested by Rosamond Kim-
  • I need to pee. does anyone alse find their bladder completely inconvienient?
  • The smell of a delicious breakfast feast drags me downstairs,in my elegant expensive nightgown, where I find a maid in a little uniform ready to give me compliments and a foot massage.
  • I wish 8(
  • This really annoying thing called school, equivalent to an irritating mosquito in a tiny sleeping space, requests that we all be their at 8:40am. Phhh, who are they, to boss me around?
  • To check my comments hopefully and slightly pathetically
  • rushing to finish unfinished homework that should have been finished before the morning I am meant to have it finished. ARRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!
  • Destiny is calling me.
  • Or more like my brother is calling me.
  • sleeping in is over rated.
  • actually i take that back, cause half of the world will be at my doorstep with torches and pitchforks
  • i have the desperate desire to write a list
List Zwei:
requested by my friend
  • Okay this is like an one hundrenth of my real list.
  • West Side Story- I cried, laughed, covered my eyes and felt the need to break into song.
  • Troy- Violence, giant wooden horses and violence. What more could you ask for?
  • Mulan- pretty skilled.
  • Connie and Carla- It has my name in it. Of course it's the best movie ever!
  • Confessions of a Shopaholic- best scene: Isla Fisher trying to get her credit card out of a block of ice with a high heel shoe
  • John Tucker Must DIE- LETS HEAR IT FOR REVENGE!!!!!!!! charli will agree with me:)
  • Take the Lead- Antonio Banderas. YAY
  • Breakfast at Tiffanys- Wish I lived near Tiffanys:)
  • Mamma Mia- singing in Greece on the beach with Meryl Streep, that is the life.
  • I am really scared now that I have left something vital out, or that one of these movies is like the worst movie ever.
  • Please don't kill me if you hate musicals.
  • Also, The Matrix got number 21 on the IMDB best movies ever list.
  • i hate the matrix
  • i need to do some yoga right now.
list trois:
requested by Leanna Kay-
  • The squishiness of my brother's face
  • okay, just so you know, i laugh at the randomest things ever. Please do not use the following information to control me and therfore control  the world, like the mad scientists I know you all are
  • the words: lock, do chickens pee and a certain persons name that I can't mention on the internet
  • Mr bean and his hilarious face
  • Fawlty Towers
  • I just think baboons are funny, I'm sorry if this offends any baboons or baboon enthusiasts reading this
  • sometimes when people say random phrases I just do this thing that could only be described at ROFLing.
  • This can last for about 10 minutes or so
  • some very funny dance moves that me and the brother enjoy performing
  • Lots of jokes that aren't and will never ever be (with the exception of in opposit land) funny, ever!
  • ferrets.
  • ferrets are very funny.
  • so are dwarf mongooses.
  • the end. HA HA HA.
List Four:
requested by The Magic Violinist-
  • Professor Trelawney, is that how you spell it? She's the bomb, and we look alike.
  • Cornelius Fudge- He cracks me up. FUDGE, ha ha ha ha :)
  • Neville- When did he get so cool?
  • Bellatrix Le Strange-I love her and hate her at the same time. Her hair must be a pain to brush
  • Peter Pettigrew- More commonly known as Peter Puffball between me and Charli. He is pretty creepy
  • Dobby- I know he's not played by a real person, but he's real to me. Okay? (sob, sob, sob) RIP Dobby
  • Voldemort- Favourite voldemort moment: when he and Draco share that awkward hug in number & part 2
  • Harry- How could I not say Harry?
  • Doloros Umbridge- I want to punch her, but she's pretty skilled, you have to admit
  • Fred and George- Just plain awesome
  • Hermoine-GIRL POWER!
  • Ron- Redheads rule like peanut butter sandwiches
  • And finally,
  • the best ever.............
  • ...................
  • Hedwig!!
  • She never talks, but is clearly the most ownage character ever.
  • Wait! I forgot Hagrid
  • and Dumbledore
  • And-
  • ARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHH, this is so annoying!!
List funf:
Requested by Teddi
  • I will have you know I am currently building a time machine and one day I will rule the world with epic dinosaurs from the past, and everyone will bow down to me and I will be the greatest of them all it will be really great.
  • Ancient greece, I want to wear a toga okay. Bet I look great in it.
  • Way back to visit the cavemen and wow them with my ownage fire skills and magic fire sticks (more commonly known as matches)
  • 60 years from now, so I can see everyone all old and I'll be all young and groovy
  • Back 30 years so i can see my parents and teachers all young and crazy and wearing fluro clothes and with perms and then I'll have a huge laughing fit on the ground
  •  Back ages so I can ride a dinosaur
  • Back even longer so I can ride some ancient bacteria
  • Back even longer so i can either meet God or experience the awesomness of the big bang
  • Back to the wars so i can change it
  • Back to 9/11 so I can change it
  • Back to whenever the matrix was made so i could talk whoever made it out of their terrible future mistake
Thank you. Sorry if this has been a endless rubbish fest of words, but at least i enjoyed it. If you have any more lists, please comment.

Even if you don't please comment.

If however you are very angry at me for being mean to the matrix, please don't be too harsh.
Wait! some more randomness before you leave:

Radios are hard!

But old school radios are so FUN!


Sunday, 25 September 2011

The joys of bandaids

I have decided to keep listmania, for next post. Becuase when you use a word like listmania, it actually should include more the two lists.

 So please, please please, give me a list. Any list!!!!! Even if it's a list of different kinds of farts or a list of ways to wear socks with style, i don't mind. It won't creep me out at all (I've done that enough already with my farts suggestion.)

Anyway. Here are outfit photos from the last two days.

On Saturday we went to the National Gallery of Victoria (that sounds so fancy. I just call it the gallery with the cool water wall thingy out the front. Very professional, carla...)

We stood in a room with lots of other artistic people, admiring lots of beautiful artifacts of artwork.

 (On these occasions it is very fun to pretend you actually know something about art , it's all in your facial expressions;)

Here is my artistically arty art lover outfit:

My mum hates this jumper:)
Probably becuase it isn't meant for girls.

Me trying to construct a fantastic vogue model pose.

And failing.

This is a badge I bought at a vintage market

And this is a brooch given to me by my parents who got it from Perth.

And yesterday me, my brother and my dad went on a ride near the beach with our new bikes.

Well, dad and my brother had new bikes.

I was riding my fully sick gangster (not at all kiddie) BMX!! pretty cool, right?

I'm sure this outfit isn't fit for a bike rider.

But i'm still learning the bike etiquette.

Like how your not meant to stop in the middle of the bike path.

Or make faces when someone overtakes you.

Here it is:

This is my dad's old shirt from Spain, my necklace made by my bestie and some old ties since I was just out of suspenders.

Don't ask about the bandaids.

Me, again attempting to me a cool high fashion model.

I'm sure professional models have real suspenders.

I owe this awesomness to my mum, a suspender genius.

don't worry no one has attacked me.

I just thought these coloured band aids were cool.

And they are.

Don't you think?

Some questions:

Would you go on a bike ride in public, if i was wearing this outfit (band aids included)? Be honest. You can't hurt my feelings, as my brother already rated this a 4 out of 10.

Do you like art galleries?

What list would you like me to write????????????????????????????

And the one valuable lesson I have learnt this weekend:

Suspenders give you wedgies!!!!

Love Carla, suspender lover and art gallery poser.

comment, quickly......

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Overalls of the gods

it's nearly the end of my first week of holidays and I feel like screaming to someone to let me use their time machine already!

Basically this week I have......
  • Picked up some of my friends from school (huh, school! I remeber that....)
  • had a look at lots of vintage stuff i will never get to wear (unless I win the lottery, hmmm or rob a bank. Bank..............interesting...)
  • But i did find something extraordinary
  • something mindboggling
  • something god could only dream of
  • Two words:
  • Yellow
  • Overalls
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Enjoyed being able to stay in bed as long as I like, while my brother is in school uniform!!!!
  • being able to wear what I want
  • not having to hear the words, double PE for two more weeks!!
anyway. This post I really don't have much to say.

But i really feel like making some more lists.

So I have a challenge for you:

Please comment below and tell me what you would like a list of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow carla, easy with the exclamation marks. It's okay, deep breaths. we'll get you to a doctor.

Ciao, Carla

Before you go...
Me and my best friend Charli ( are planning something.

Something big, something awesome and something involving tie dye and daisy chains.

We are going on the grand journey towards becoming HIPPY NERDS!!!!

wish us luck.

I forgot I now have 20 followers.

So... I will proceed to have a celebration by myself, eat some cake, sing myself the Carla has 20 followers song and make my awards speech to a room of absolutely no one.

Love carla

Monday, 19 September 2011

Agro swans and elephant poo

sorry once again. I was thinking about my blog all week wanting to do a post, but I was staying at my aunties house and we had a very tight schedule of getting up at eleven and then having nutella for breakfast. But seriously though, I solemly swear that I will post more now that I have three whole weeks if holidays!!!!

This post is going to be mega list awesomeness. I an going to tell you about my week in some dotpoints:

Day one:
  • Had an excellent breakfast mix of fruit and lollies, that will be envied by chefs everywhere
  • spent 20 excruciating minutes listening to this guy swearing and being racuist on the tram
  • found this fully sick awesome hat, didn't realise it was so windy I couldn't wear it without choking myself
  • Had an excellent conversation with auntie about fibre and what happens if you don't eat any. and what people do if they don't eat enough fibre
    (results too disgusting to write)

sorry i don't know how to rotate pictures

you'll have to get used to sideways Carla:)
Day two:
  • Said goodbye to my cousin who I won't see for a year
  • laughed at childhood photos of family members, lots of funny babies!
  •  found some creepy dolls in a room that smelt of mothballs
Creepy dolls sort of like..............THIS:
This is not that creepy. Dolls in general freak me out. I am shielding you from the real creepy ones, you would have nervous breakdowns and not be able to sleep for weeks.
Day three:
  • Made a daisy chain
  • Lay on the grass soaking up my vitamin D
  • fed the ducks
  • wimpily ran when all the agro swans were closing in on me

See? Look how menacing it is. It's plotting to kill me, i know it.
Day four:
  • Went to the zoo
  • nearly fainted from the heat (it was only 27 degress celcius, don't know how I'm going to survive summer. I'm going with building an igloo in the freezer section of coles.)
  • saw some elephant poo
  • was tempted to steal a meerkat and take it home as my pet.

And then my parents came back from their holiday and I left with lollies in my tummy, happiness in my heart and a meerkat in my bag.

No just kidding.

Or am I?

Sorry blog deprivation has made me hysterical, Bye.

Carla, meerkat theif and holiday lover :)

Monday, 12 September 2011

Blu Tack. LOL!

I always feel bad when I don't post for a while, but I'm not cool enough to know the cool, yo dude awesome amount of posts you are meant to do a week.
As you can probably tell, my blogesphere hand book hasn't come yet.

Anyways, it is only two more days until holidays and I cannot wait. So I 'll probably be posting a lot more.

Today I have no outfit photos, but I will make a list, just for you:


  • krumping to Soulja boy
  • Listening to my cello teachers attempt at an Italian accent
  • Listening to Officer Krupke from west side story
  • Ice magic
  • Singing the Pirate song at school and making everyone annoyed
  • Watching the boys in my class attempt to do Bollywood dancing
  • Missing out on RE to do extension of English
  • Looking yourself up on google
  • Lip syncing to Moves Like Jagger, (charli: ha ha ha)
  • Seeing your comments and getting all excited and having this little  happy ,fuzzy feeling
  • Hand gesturing
  • Borrowing ten books from the library and having everybody looking at you funny
  • blu tack
  • Laughing at the stupid spell check that spells colour, color. Ridiculous!
  • Disney channel (not that i watch it or anything...)
  • Dancing at a wedding
  •  Writing random lists such as this and hoping they are entertaining

Hope this wasn't too much of a boring post. Just to make sure the dream I had last night (Losing all except two of my followers) doesn't come true. here are some entertaining pictures of Carla through the ages:

Meditating on a mountain. yeah, I'm normal.
Warning: I can make some pretty hideous faces sometimes
Not so much of an all star now. Am I ? Pshh! Monkey bars, pathetic.

I love this photo, it's in Nerdcity, one of my previous posts

Some questions:

Which is your favourite picture?
What are some fun things in life that you enjoy doing?
Do you spell it color or colour ?

Also, there is a writing competition, any ideas what I should write? (And while you are doing my homework for me, can you finish off my humanities project? :)

From Carla, Monkey bar fail and Ice magic lover.

Ps: If you want to hear a good song look up: the Gay Pirate Song by cosmo Jarvis.  Awesome, meaningful song. Tell me what you think.


Thursday, 8 September 2011


I am always in different moods, it's crazy. On this particular day I felt like going on a safari, talking like David Attenborough and watching some Tin Tin.

Have a look for yourself:

me tip toeing away from the um, lions.

Examining a rare specimen of flora.

I felt stupid and not stupid at the same time when doing this. Is that how models feel?

Oh yeah. i am wearing my forever new shorts, my mum's socks (!) nerd glasses, Milou hand me down shirt and that is my nonno's satchel that i found at my nonna's house.

Those who don't know, this is the dog from tin tin and I have no idea what milou is.

Those people who don't know who tin tin is, I can't even talk to you.

You should go look it up, and then bask in the ownageness of Tin Tin and Snowy.


Do you guys like Tin tin?

Have you checked out my friend's blog? (

Are my poses good or completely and utterly stupid?

Love Carla, Nature documentary person and Tin tin lover.

Oh and I have past the ten followers mark, I now have, wait for it........ 11 followers, SKILL!

Thanks, bye.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

A picnic with the fairies

Thanks for your comments on my video, It made me smile to be called cute:)
The day i recorded that video I was feeling a strange hippy kind of mood, so naturally I made a flower wreath.
I wish I had a field of flowers to frolic through

I also had the urge to meet some fairies.

But that is kind of hard when you are a mere mortal and haven't located the portal to their realm yet. So i read a book about fairies which is the next best thing.
LOOK! some magical (shop bought, plastic) fairy mushrooms!

this book includes a description of teabag fairies (this name would cause a laugh from boys, get it? teabag. ha ha immature.)

I was in such a peace man save the trees mood that I made a fairy ring and sprinkled some flowers around. I would've chanted some awesome jibberish magic spell, but i don't know any.

My fairy satchel lying on the perfect green grass, in a photogenic position
My fairy ring was lacking in flowers, i felt bad about pulling out my dad's beautiful plants

I also made this mental wishlist of hippyish things I want. I am not a spoiled brat, but "want" sounds so Veruca Saltish. (You know "Daddy, I WANT a pony!")
  • A combi, preferably painted in a hippyish way. I think my dad is actually considering selling one of our cars for it
  • A tie dyed kaftan
  • To meet some fairies
  • get some cool 70's glasses
  • A cool beaded/embroided bag
  • really long beautiful, amazing hair
  • some pet butterflies
  • a tee pee
  • some cool indie music to listen to 
  • feather earings
  • one of those indian feather headbands 
Also, my friend has made a blog. Please check it out, because she is awesome!!

Some questions:
Am I weird for being obsessed with fairies?
Any tips for flower wreath making?
What are some cool indie bands that will make me feel all special? 

Love Carla,
Wanna be hippy and fairy ring maker:)

Friday, 2 September 2011

pecans, mayonaise etc


Some photos of my outfit:
Nerd glasses, $1 vintage top that hopefully doesn't clash with my hair, some hand me down shorts and my Sportsgirl floral, hippyish leggings.

Ah the joys of cloning

Meet my evil twin

see, I told you I was god.

AHHHHHHHHH! my face.It's MELTING!!!!!!


Is my first ever video. Sorry if it's bad quality, another disadvantage of my noobiness.

Krumping and unidentifiable pizza

Sorry I haven't posted in a bit, but unfortunately I have lost the ability to type.

No just kidding, I've been busy.

ANYWAYS. I am writing this after my first ever social.

Personally i don't see anything social about it. We are seeing the same people we see every day, but there is loud music and the girls are struggling in their heels.

I was picturing a corny american highschool prom the whole way through it.
As always, a list:


  • Lots of awkward year sevens stood around, wishing they were at home eating chinese in front of a romantic comedy
  • Some people got asked out, much to a lot of people's delight.
  • Those people showed their excitement by erupting with loud squeals, much to my annoyance
  • some boys did some stupid things
  • EG: found the need to hop on each others shoulders
  • unfortunately they didn't play the nutbush
  • or the macarena
  • not even one teeny, tiny bit of Lionel Richie
  • Sigh
  • I couldn't see what flavour pizza I was eating
  • At least half of the girls took of their heels, tasting the life of a young party girl
  • so glad I wore flats
  • Saw some couples dance. Very awkwardly might i add.
  • My friend threatened to through pizza at the DJ  if he didn't play Adele
  • My friend asked two teachers and three year 11's to dance
  • one of them said yes
  • my friend slipped over on some lemonade
  • one of my "friends", who is a boy, did some very disturbing dancing
  • One of my other friends felt the need to do some random krumping
  • I wished for it to end
  • And wasted my friday night

sorry no pictures. I'll post something better tomorrow.

Some questions:

Is nightclubbing fun, or do all you guys pretend it is?

What songs would get you dancing?

Do you ever feel like a random krump?

Love Carla