Saturday, 27 August 2011


hello there!
Today I went to see harry potter, again, with my best friend, who hadn't seen it yet. In fact she hadn't seen any of them until recently. Can you believe that? But don't worry, I have converted her to the movies, no, I've converted her to the religion of potterism.

Anyway, today is just a quick post of what I am wearing.

This is my dad's old tie, as my belt, my dangerfield hat, my vintage vest and a jade necklace which my best friend made me.

Apologies for the view of my wardrobe.

Last of all, I really want to get one of those professional cameras, becuase I can hardly ever get anyone to take photos of me for more  than five seconds. I am fed up with having to taking pictures of myself in the mirror, it makes me feel stupid.
Do you guys think it is worth getting a fancy camera?

Also, do you people reckon JK Rowling should write more books?

AND, i've always wanted to know whether people think Australia is just a huge desert full of aboriginals and kangaroos?

If anyone has any questions for me, don't hesistate to ask.

Lots of Love,
Carla, devouted Potterism worshipper and professional hat wearer.


Saturday, 20 August 2011

A big fat Greek (and Italian) wedding

All of my day yesterday was full of wedding festivities. it was probably the biggest wedding I've ever been to. Here's an equation for you:
Italians+Greeks+excitement=A VERY LOUD PARTY!!!!
Anyway a list.just for you:

  • tried to collect the money thrown at the bride. My profit was ruined when I was told it was bad luck.
  • watched two people sitting on deck chairs in their garage watching us
  • saw a bride walk down an actual aisle for the first time ever
  • Kissed way too many people I didn't know(on the cheek,don't worry) 
  • Cousin got annoyed at me for not knowing who to kiss
  • Found out you have to kiss EVERYONE, even if you have never seen them before
  • Had a four hour break before the reception
  • had at least eight glasses of fanta
  • Was amazed by the receptions ability to refill your jug with endless coke
  • Heard the worlds LOOOOOOOOOONGST song
  • Danced with my four year old cousin
  • Was relieve when the started paying some Italian music
  • Was even more relieved when they played music I could actually understand
  • Even if it was Lionel Richie
  • Did the nut bush
  • Did this exhausting Italian dance in a circle
  • Accidentally kicked off my shoe while enthusiastically dancing numerous times
  • Was glad I was wearing flats after seeing my cousins shuffle around in monstrous heels
  • Had a guy steal my seat
  • Heard OPA! shouted ten billion trillion times
  • Watched a little kid with a rat tail rip up a colouring book during the couples first dance
  • Was proud to be a wog
Anyway here is my outfit:

My church outfit, everyone knows you have to have a church outfit

Got carried away with the mac

This is my $1 vintage vest and a bardot skirt. And you can't see, but I'm wearing reversible purple tights
(Unusually) straight hair

And now my fancy outfit:
Apologies for the pixels.
This is my vintage Zara coat, well not exactly mine..........

here is my electric blue Bardot dress!!

Thanks for the answers to my questions.
Here are some more, as I enjoy basking in your wisdom:

  • Do you like dancing?
  • Have you ever danced the zorba?
  • Does anyone know what OPA! means?

LOVE CARLA, Professional fanta drinker and expert nutbush person

Thursday, 18 August 2011

paperclips and rhinos

today i missed out on cheersports!(YAY! Spirit fingers!!) We got to go to the zoo for a science excursion, which made me suddenly like science a lot more. I was really fun, and we got to wear casual clothes. Sadly no one turned up in silly short shorts and high heels or anything, that would've been funny. It's winter in Australia by the way.

Here is a list of my day at the zoo:

  • I saw a emu pee/poo
  • Some stupid boy threw a rock at a kangaroo
  • Another stupid boy chased an emu
  • Yet another stupid boy walked agressivly up to a kangaroo
  • I seem to be surrounded by a lot of stupid boys
  • I didn't step in any poo (score!)
  • A rhino nearly charged at our safari bus. It was awesome!!!!

It was going all crazy! and scared the zebras.

Also, I've been feeling really crafty lately. Not mwa ha ha ha ha crafty. But creative, you know. And I made this, in about five seconds:
Paperclip headband. Don't worry I haven't worn it in public.
And I also made this, in a bit more than five seconds. It took aaagggeeeesssss because my sewing machine kept messing up.
I might wear it to the wedding this weekend, just to embarass my family.

And lastly. I was wondering if you could answer these questions:

  • Do you guys have big fancy cameras, how do you get your photos so clear?
  • do you have any suggestions on easy things i could make, preferably things i could wear/acessorise with?
  • Would you be scared If an angry pregnant rhino started running around your safari bus?

Lots Of LOVE

Monday, 15 August 2011

Trapdoors and ghost dogs

First I'd like to thank you for commenting on my last (rather depressing) post. You all made me feel better, and i'm proud to say the drama is over. I declare the dramatic days of Carla officially over!

Anyway. Me and fourteen other members of my family (not including the dog) went to stay in yet another creepy place. It was huge, but extremely scary.

Now does that look extremely haunted, or what?
The radio where we blasted all our heavy metal (not)
me lounging elegantly on the grand sofa

My cousins and I spent Sunday morning searching for secret passages, like in cluedo. But unfortunately found nothing more than dust. I was really scared at night, even though I was sleeping with my two other big, strong warrior girl cousins.

We did manage to find this trapdoor. Which lead to a room, covered in spider webs and dead frogs.

We also found the "Secret Whiskey Cabinet!" Which was often declared in song by my family.

I actually thought these were real when I first saw them. And I swear I heard barking. Hallucinations? I think not!

After a spooky night. Me and some family had a stacks on session in our bed. Followed by an extremely sickening, traditional breakfast. 1st course:Pancakes with vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream.
2nd course: eggs, bacon. the lot.

Then we went for a bike ride around the practically deserted town to burn everything off.

As the weekend was eventful here is a list:

  • got sick on the wizzy dizzy
  • was told to man up when i announced i was sick
  • could not go upstairs by myself, even with someone
  • had an epic lunch
  • rode on the road, for the first time
  • played some ukulele
  • found some cute vintage tops, $1 each!! 
  • wished to never go home
Lots of LOVE 
CARLA, easily scared and luckily happy.

PS: saw a ghost the other night!!!!!!!!!!! more later

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Say something to make me smile

I am having a sad afternoon. I feel like mushy banana on toast, not in a good way.

Have you ever felt like your whole life you are trying to make everyone else happy? And when you do something for your self everyone gets angry at you.

I have a horrible day tomorrow and I think my friend is really angry at me and might make my Friday horrible. Then I won't get what Rebecca black is talking about.

I feel sad.

Please say something to make me smile.
Carla, written from my bed, listening to my playlist: depressing songs. :(
Also check out the happy post below and comment.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Brusies and Shoulder Pads

Before I show you what I want to show you....
on sunday me and my family were in Lygon Street, you know eating way too much gelati after eating way too much pasta. And I was running in my (not so) cool, brand new, so called awesome boots. And what do you know? i slip, fall, nearly break my nerd glasses and hit both my shins on the park bench. Which you can imagine inflicted a lot of pain on me. 

Not quite enough pain to keep me home from school on monday, though. (damn!) 

Reports on further bruising and/or fractures, will be forthcoming.

Anyways, my mum found all bridesmaid dresses she has worn. This was a pleasant surprise for me because I thought my Nonna had burnt them. (apparently not.)
Just a note. Please excuse any bra straps showing and any facial expressions that make me look like I am drunk and/or having a spaz attack.

As you can imagine. I was quite enjoying this.


I felt like doing the flamenco
OH yeah! the one above actually had sweat pads attached to the dress, that went under the arms. I was told that this dress hadn't been washed. :)
This one is technically not a dress

This one I accidentally ripped at the back. When demonstrating to my mum, how a Vogue model would pose.

Well. Hope you enjoyed this. I should go.
My mum wanted me to tell you guys, that I am supposed to be doing my science homework instead of this. 
Once again, whoopsies.Lots of love and stuff

Friday, 5 August 2011

Shopping Marathon

I finished Emily last night, which kept me up till eleven. (lucky it was Friday.) and in the morning moved onto Indiana Jones comic book  ahem, um, graphic novel.
Anyway, today me and mum went on "searching for dresses to wear to the wedding" part 2. Of course we ended up getting the second dress we looked at, which was a electric blue number from Bardot. But instead of getting it straight away, we preceded to look for another four hours, with a quick hot chocolate break in between. Here is what I wore today:

RED TIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nerd glasses

Awesomness transferred into a bag. A gift from my bestie's mum.

This day was such an epic, marathon that I have decided to cram it all into one list. Cool/wierd/annoying things I saw today:

  • A DKNY dress for a baby, that was $139
  • Some people with multicoloured hair
  • A line outside the new, latest craze, shop Zara.
  • Some "statue" guys painted silver
  • the shortest shorts ever
  • some kids on the train talking loudly about things too immature to mention
  • a guy missing the train
  • us missing the train
  • me and mum being called ladies. (I love that)
  • Mario chess
  • $300 swarvoski flats.
  • AlannahHill. Oh my god, heaven.
  • Peter Alexander, same thing
I love Melbourne.
I know they are real people. But it is still so creepy when they move.
And just when my feet were sore and I couldn't bare to look at any more clothes. Mum and I decided to stop into Retro Star for a super quick look that is not worthy of a great store like Retro Star. And we passed this shop and a guy dressed in a rabbit fur poncho, high heel (i'm pretty sure ladies) boots, a purple vest and amazingly gelled hair asked us if we would like to "peruse the store."

It was so cool. lots of furs (which are apparently only the bad rabbits.) and vintage bow ties, leather gloves. The shop was called Harry Wragg. It isn't that well known yet, becuase I couldn't really find any good pictures. I wish I'd asked that guy for a photo.

melissa shoes is also awesome. It's by Vivienne Westwwod

Melissa shoes. Awesome shop


harry wragg
anyway. apologies for the droning.
From  (@R1A!

Also, If you want to see something amazing click here:

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Lots of different me's

All these adults long to be 16 again. Do they realise that being 16 means going to school and having to wear school uniform????? I'm 12 and I'm already sick of not being able to wear what I want. How on earth am I going to make it to year twelve????? sigh.

Anyway, since I can post what I am wearing right now, unless you would care to see my navy and green sports uniform. Here are some previous fashion monstrosities (?) from when I was younger.

Are you loving the zinc, or what?

This was for dance. And by the way I'm supposed to be a cat, not a mutated goldfish.

Who do I think I am, the queen of England? 

I cannot bear to look at this.

Yes, yes. I used to think the knee thing was cool.



Sorry, I'm reading Emily the strange at the moment, maybe some of here negativity is rubbing off on me.

My new obsession.

How could you not love her?

Goodbye. LOVE (@R1A, emily lover and formerly bad dresser. :D