Thursday, 30 June 2011

Squeaky Shoes and Single Ladies

Yesterday I had my (dreaded) piano exam. It was the scariest thing I have ever done,apart from sleeping in the tent a couple nights ago. It was so silent and I couldn't stop thinking about my examiner's hairstyle and the skirt I had just bought, when I should have been focusing on my arpeggios. The worst part was that I was wearing these awesome Gucci shoes (the only label thing I have,and I don't even know if they are real) and they were so squeaky. It was horrible. But at least they were cute shoes. (I'll put on a photo soon and one of my new skirt, it's just I can't put on photos from my I pod.)

Also today there was a year 11 and 12 dance off. It was awesome. My house came 3rd. We were really good. Apart from when the boys stripped down to short shorts and started dancing to single ladies. That was a tad disturbing, I saw more pale hairy legs than I ever want to again. I'll have nightmares tonight.

Only one more day until holidays and then I'll start posting more exciting stuff. Sorry, my blog is probably equivalent to reading the Collins dictionary at the moment.

Aurevior C.A.R.L.A (Can't Arrange Really Lovely Acronyms) bum,bum,bum,bum. I suck at this!!!! I need a new name already!

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Rainbow sweaters and 2 minute noodles

Last night me and my friend decided to go on a wild adventure and try to survive in the wilderness (my friends backyard.)Finally I sort of started rebelling (like teenagers are supposed to do) and went for a sleepover mid week the night before my piano exam :•. We decided we would set up everything ourselves and be cut off from civilization completely,(so no going inside the house for a chocolate eating session.) We put up the tent(which took a while and was a bit lopsided) and made our own fire (which took absolutely ages!) My friend even went to the toilet nature style, I was too scared (it's times like these I wish I was a boy.)We talked about how annoying that girls hair is and how it is so tempting to cut it off if you have a pair if scissors handy(as girls do)for about an hour and then (adventurously) retreated back into the house by quarter past nine. The house was everything the tent was not it was warm ,comfortable and completely creepy noise free. Oh, we are so wild!!

From C.A.R.L.A ( Camper And Really Lame Arsonist) yes,yes I know an arsonist is someone who burns buildings and stuff, but my acronym skills are diminishing rapidly. Also please refrain from making those anti ranga jokes like, but Carla, you could start a fire with your hair.

Also sorry this post has no pictures, we had a strict no electronics policy, but maybe one day I'll post the videos we took on here. And lastly thankyou for the people who commented. You three make my life seem less and less pathetic everyday.;)

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Red Sunlight

Bonjour,Today I came downstairs with yet another one of my dad's jumpers on, to find a look of dissaproval on my mother's face. So i had to settle for this outfit. (I know I'm meant to be rebelling and everything, but I'm not a teenager yet.) Plus I can imagine the look my Nonna would give us if I turned up wearing something not only oversized but made for adult men.Here' s the result of my respect of everyone's feelings.

Who kew my brother had other talents than being squishy and playing computer. He took these awesome photos today. Yeah, they were probably flukes, but no one needs to know that.

I felt like a forrest fairy but I didn't have one of those cool wreath things and was wearing jeans so, my dream had to end there.
Yours, C.A.R.L.A (Cool And Respectful, Loving Also) sorry, my acronyms are getting worse and worse.


Hello there,
Today I decided to embrace the bit if nerd inside me ( about 95%) and dress up in one of my dad's jumpers without home knowing. Sure my outfit is not that exciting as some you may see, but I feel weird doing my nerdy activities in a fantastic outfit. It's true, today I did absolutely nothing. I watched two completely terrible, but at the sane time awesome girly, bad acting movies and then spent the rest of the night searching for the tv remote, knitting ( for save the children if course) and watching old episodes of futurerama with my brother.

Also because I don't have any nerd glasses ( yet) I improvised with these ( no longer) 3D glasses. But since my brother was determined only to take one photo of me I couldn't do a lot
of photos.

Also I have done exciting news: I have my first follower YAY!!!! Please look up RANDO, the blog of my one and only follower, as it is way better than mine.

Here are some words I created to Do with nerds:
Nerdage, nerdify, nerdlings, nerdettes, nerdsome, nerdly.
Sincerely, your fellow nerd C.A.R.L.A ( Computer Associated and Really Likes Articulation) articulation Is an extremely addictive game, for those unfortuantes who have not yet experienced the pure awesomness of Articulate.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Guacamole and sombreos

I'm at the Mexican restataraunt. No unfortunately I am not wearing the hippie jacket, because I had a sudden realization of how embarassing it would be for mum. It's like your parents re enacting star wars or something while your friends are over. I started trying on some of my dad's clothes as he is in Perth. Next post I will put some photos of me wearing his clothes. Also my mum has this awesome leather jacket from the eighties!!! And I thought my parents weren't fashionable! I want to start putting more pictures of my outfits. I also want to start shopping at op shops. I've seen how good other people's blogs are and how awesome their outfits are and now I have been inspired. Tommorrow I think I'll go down to salvos and look around. Anyway, I'm blabbing again, here are some photos of the restaurant. I have never seen so much colour in my life:

Also, if you know any good fashion blogs written by kids ( under 18's) please tell me, I need to be jealous of someone my own age.

Thankyou for inspiring me, Adios C.A.R.L.A (Churros And a Really Loud Atmosphere)

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Sick in bed

you won't be getting a good post today becuase i have spent the least two days in the same clothes.trackies and a longsleeved top. exciting. tonight, if i am well enough, we are going out to a mexican restaraunt. i wanted to wear a poncho, but i don't have one. I might wear this hippie jacket just to annoy my mum.

( coughing and really lucky also.) lucky to be off school. that is. I missed double PE!!! SCORE:)

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Attack of the tengus

At my school in year seven you have to learn an instrument. Cello seemed cool to me before I realized that I'd actually have to carry it around and that cellos are not light. So today in band a miscommunication with my friend lead to my beloved and expensive cello on the ground and a look of sheer horror on my face. Lucky the wrath of my teacher wasn't as first as firey I expected and it lead to me not having to play for the whole of band!! Yay! Anyway movIng onto the tengus.....

If you saw this half flying half walking at you, you would probably run ( especially if you've seen the birds, which I am too scared to watch as vertigo caused me to not be able to sleep in my own bed for three days.) these lovely creatures are called tengus. They are japaneese creatures( not real, don't worry) that are crossed between a human and a bird. They'd be pretty creepy in real life, but have enormous noses. I learnt about this in my English class and I am fascinated.

So keep your eyes out for tengus in disguise and run next time you see a man with an abnormally large nose.

See ya C.A.R.L.A ( Cello Attacker, Risking Lame Acronyms)

Monday, 20 June 2011

Moose Heads and Puff Sleeves

One of the compulsory requirements at my school is doing drama for one semester. Today was our last class and we had to perform our melodrama performance. Of course a melodrama performance needs melodramatic costumes, so........

The top one is what I wore (and it's real vintage, gasp) And the other one was what "Romeo"
wore. (But these pants are mine. Yes, another dance costume.) Our play was called
Romeo and Juliet Remix. I was Juliet's little sister. But i only had two lines because our group accidentally skipped three scenes. Three scenes that i was in. (hmmmm, could they just have skipped them because of my um, acting skills.)

Even the guy who played the horse had more lines than me. Yes, you read correctly, a horse. it would be depressing to play a horse wouldn't it? At least it was a talking horse. Anyway he was wearing this fantastic moose head. I wonder if he just had that lying around?

OMG TTFN BFFLS LOL ROFLCOPTER AWKS SOZ (don't worry I don't talk like this in real life, well only after a liter of red cordial and some sour worms)

Auf wiederchen C.A.R.L.A ( Can't Always Reinvent Lovely Acronyms)

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

kids night in


I'll start with me, my brother and my cousins big night in. My cousin Liv came over. Everything was perfect ,we had pizza, nerf guns, cheap kiddie make up, a bag full of costumes and massive amounts of creative flavoured icecream.

My brother is very easy to manipulate and me and Liv begged hime to let us do a makeover on him.He agreed on one condition. But unfortuantely my brother's one condition was that we could take no photos of him. He has had a bad experience with me shouting things like "now put your leg in the air, and give me a pouty look" while he was wearing outfits made of things around our house, and someone accidentally saw the pictures of our little photo shoot. So you will never get to see our glorious frankstein creation.

My cute little outfit is another find in the dress up bag.
You will however get to see my cousin's fantastic makeup skills on me:

This is the aftershock of multitudes of Cold Rock Ice-cream

Auf Wiederchen C.A.R.L.A ( Cool And  Really Loving Aswell)

The magic dressup bag

Today I went through our old dress up bag. I felt like Aladdin walking into that cave if treasure. Wow! I found stuff that still fits me and cleated out just about a quarter of the stuff.

Some of the funniest costumes are my old dance ones.

Yes I do still fit into this( without doing up the zip that is.)it was my year one jazz routine "cats."

Yep you guessed it, pink panther. Unfortunately this doesn't fit me anymore, it hardley fit me back then. It was the most uncomfortable costume ever. I wonder if I could sell it? Nah, probably illegal to wear shorts that tight.

I can't imagine anyone ever fitting into these. Maybe I can. Make it into a leg earners. I think my brother loved these more than me. He loved being a pixie, there is a matching hat. I think he secretly still dreams of being a pixie because he has some bright green trackies that he wears quite a lot....
Thank god some stuff still fits me. I would seriously wear someof these. (maybe not in public, i'm not that fearless when it comes to fashion, yet.)

Aurevior C.A.R.L.A ( Colourful As Red Liquorice All-sorts)

Red pen tattoos and Bad Karma

What comes around goes around right? So let's say I ( accidentally ) stab my friend in food tech. ( I know I know I'm a bad person, but it really was an accident . Or was it?....) Then today she accidetally jams my finger in her locker. What is that all about? And let me tell you it hurt like hell. And it was bleeding a lot as I dramatically waved my hand around. But there's nothing some alchohol wipes and a band aid can't fix. Lucky this:

Didn't damage my hand's beauty:

Carla bored in science with a red pen in her hand don't mix

Maybe I should start my own  tattoo business at school....

Arrivedeci C.A.R.L.A ( Crazy And Really Lovely Also)

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Born to wear knits

Since I am such a generous loving charitable person, I have started knitting for save the children's born to knit. I really recommend knitting for save the children if you want to:

1. Feel like you are helping people in faraway countries
2. Show off your multitasking skills, knitting while watching tv.
3. Pretend your in one of those old movies and it's snowing outside and there's a fire and the whole family is spending some quality time together.
4. Trick people into thinking you are super efortlessly skilled at knitting, when really in your head your saying" in through the bunny hole, around the big tree, out through the bunny hole, away runs thee."

Just think about all those poor kids who won't live past the age of five while you're wearing a warm, designer knitted jumper.

Also I wore my op shop buy and discovered that it is not vintage, it's from just jeans. And I thought I was all cool wearing something from the seventies.


Signed C.A.R.L.A ( crazy about raspberry liquorice all- sorts)

Friday, 10 June 2011

Panda hats and slurpies

Today I went shopping with my (girlfriends?) we went to church street and looked around. We talked about people we hate and laughed at the sad pathetic people who had to endure school when we had a curriculum day. Having only $40 each was sort of hard to live on. Looking at stuff you can't afford in sportsgirl is excruciating. So we went to a op shop. Half of my friends don't like them, but I love them. There is something strangely addictive about trying on clothes that have been worn by some stranger. One of my friends bought a top that voted one dollar more than a keyring from sportsgirl ( that broke in the first hour she wore it) My other friend bought some green and yellow sports jacket for seven bucks. She has, in the past, bought pink leg warmers. And that's why we love her.

I haven't told my friends about my blog. I told my bestest bestie and she thought it was cool. But I didn't give her the name as that would be majorly embarrassing. I was tempted to buy mustard colored socks, but my friends would dissaprove( maybe secretly but still). After I went back to my pink legwarmer friends house and we watched dumb and dumber, which is one Of the stupidest movies ever( but it is also me and my other friends nickname, I'm dumb she's dumber.) Then me and dumber stayed at pink legwarmer friend's house till five( without telling our parents, whoops) just sitting on the trampoline with a blanket begging my friends brother to get us some pretzels.

Anyway, being with friends makes me blab on and on. Here are my fantastic buys:

I love cirriculum days.

 Love C.A.R.L.A (Crazy About Really Lame Attire.)