Tuesday, 6 December 2011

C-O-L-A cola.

Unfortunately I was abducted by aliens. They took me to their planet and I helped them save it from destruction, I was actually gone 22,000 years, but it was only a week in earth time. So, you can see how I was quite productively occupied saving an alien race.

After school I sat on the grass in my overalls and typed another bit of a story I am writing on my typewriter. It's about an 103 year old man, called Bombardis Finch who will go on an adventure. (Honestly I don't know what adventure, I'm kind of making it up as I go along.)

Today's discovery was an excellent one in my opinion, running 800m with most of year 7 watching you is a rather unpleasant experience. But all you wise beings may already know that, and some extremely crazy people may truly enjoy the 800m.(Internet look of disgust.)

As I feel my blog quality is diminishing rapidly and may one day transform into a massive pile of mushed banana floating in the internet pointlessly, I am just going to post about whatever totally random dude stuff (clearly my favourite subject) and not worry about comments and followers and all that.

I am going to have a shot at the inspiration thing. Don't worry your's will all be better than mine, and I won't suddenly be crowned the inspiration master.

Hope you enjoyed this hippie fest. Did you pick me out of the other hippie model girls?

Ideas for me to write about?????????? Greatly appreciated and you will be worshipped.

Do you want me to post my story on here???

If you had to live in anything besides a house, where would you live? tree, kombi, mushroom?

Please, please comment.
ps; the title is from the song Lola by the Kinks:)


  1. Write about the importance of chocolate pudding. I'm just off to eat some. Slater.
    Actually no...do a top ten book list (if you like reading.)I'm nosy.Now Slater for real.

  2. i think lola is a total classic funny song. though the kinks just rock period. i like your purple floral hippie crown! great hippie inspiration. where is that story missy? oh a tree. a mushroom might be trippy or fungi stinky. write about where you'd want to live, & tell us what a kombi is.

  3. very cool! the hippie time returns!:D



  4. PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEAAASE post your story on here (hope I dont sound desperate and weird)... I love your hippie inspo, tots cool (see Im being cool using tots)...

  5. love your purple flower wrath ;)
    hopefully those aliens are not going back :P