Tuesday, 15 November 2011

yellow suits and negotiating


Never before have I been so inspired by an 80 year old man. On sunday me and mum saw Bill Cunningham New York, which was the second movie we've been to where it's basically just us and the elderly. I don't know if it's already been out for ages in your country, but go see it. It'll inspire you to purchase a blue raincoat, some filing cabinets and a yellow suit.

Today I am just showing some photos my brother took last weekend. Let me tell you persuading my brother to take photos is EXCRUCIATINGLY PAINFUL! But after a begging session, a kidnapping and a very politician like 20 minute argument discussion (which involved things like, "Carla if you talk again the deal is off etc) we had come to an agreement. I reckon I am a pretty good negotiator, maybe I should become prime minister. in fact we took double the time "discussing" than it would've taken if he'd taken the stupid photos!!

anyway here they are. I'm sorry if they are weird. i just had random ideas, and you know what a disaster that could be.

Wearing: nerd glasses, french kitty top, umbrella from charli:), once valleygirl dress skirt, bare feet.

Hope the pixelishness is not driving you ABSOLUTELY NUTS!!!  I have decided today may be the day I finally make an effort to make my pictures look better, because not being able to distinguish my nose from the rest of my face is making me want to smash a hole in the computer screen.

Tommorrow I am going on an excursion with my mostly idiotic class into the city. We get to wear casual clothes, I would wear my overalls, but I would probably have to stay at school for wearing "inappropriate attire." Pffft, inappropriate. Hasn't any one else experienced the joy of overalls?

Well wish me luck with my class, who truly believe that throwing medium sized objects into a moving fan is entertaining and socially acceptable. If only they could read this now.

Also here is a photo of something we made in art:
(excuse my brother's head. It pops up from time to time.)


Easiest way to make your photos better? (for once, magic does not count. we need to be serious here people.)

Any of you guys read Bill Cunningham's column?

Most inspirational person? sorry, I don't count.

random question:
what is your dream pet? sorry, I don't count for this either. Actually that is really creepy, ignore that.

LOVE CARLA, boy hater and overall enthusiast.
Also, I am attempting to read Harry Potter for the second time. I'm up to the second book. 
I know a year two who is reading the series for the SECOND time this year.

Wow, I really need to start socialising with people who don't like reading.


  1. Thank you so much for your super sweet comment, you seem super rad too (rad=cool in old people language, only Im not old, im 13...oh well)! thank you so much for following! Im going to follow you too, thats how super cool I am...

  2. Hi, I'm your new follower and I'd love it if you could return the favor. I love how flowery your blog is, haha :)Also I think the font you use, especially the signature part is marvelous!


  3. Aww I love your blog, thanks for the comment on mine! xxx

  4. Best way to make photos clearer : In natural sunlight, with a camera at least 5 MP (these are pretty cheap) and there is always editing. :D Ramp up the brightness and put the contrast up slightly, also black and white tends to erase spots for me :D Also make sure the focus on your camera works (mine is tempermental and its so annoying!) :) Hope it helped! Dream pet? Unicorn of course.

  5. hey sorry i dont have time to read everything :( But i will cach on to that a bit later :P
    I love the pics! Your blog is so fun!

  6. Ahahaha that totally sounds like a negotiation that my brother and I would have! And maybe it's just me, but I think the blurryness of the photos kinda adds to it! Makes it all mysteeeerriious and whatnot

  7. Haha our brothers are so similar! My brother always groans whenever I ask him to help me take pictures :) Cute skirt you are wearing. Hmmm for better pictures, try different cameras and set the camera to autofocus??

  8. i like your turquoise skirt! your umbrella is like something out of a movie. taking your photos outside in natural light. during the golden hours of sun rise or sunset will help your photos. why don't you buy a tripod or use a self timer? that way you don't have to ask what's his face.

  9. how would you know about anything if you never asked? my little point & shoot digital camera fits on a tripod. i just looked at amazon.com they have mini 8 inch ones for $2.85. but 1st go in an actual shop & see what kind will fit your camera, or how it works.

  10. Hellooo! Thanks for following! Love ur wall paper and your header! you are so cute!! xxx

    Romiya Fashion Inspiration Blog

  11. Love your photos, they're so cute. Mmmm random pet, I think I want a tiger or a cheetah. They're so cute when they're young :P maybe a panda would do too... this is hard to choose D: !!

    Jo Bao ♥

  12. Lovely skirt! ^^ I love the photo with type writer & flower, cute ^^ Awwww I'm super jealous that there's sunny right now, I think it's already dark in here (4.30 pm!) and cold too.

    Thanks for your comment Carla. I'm glad you liked the collage, yippiee:)

    xx indie by heart

  13. So jealous you have a typewriter! And the Emily picture rocks)
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog - the cow in Melbourne might be made by the same artist!


  14. your umbrella is really pretty love it!