Wednesday, 23 November 2011

so totally embarrassing, man


I have officially crowned the last post as the worst post ever. it is very honoured to be chosen for this award and is currently working on it's acceptance speech.

Today I am showing you some photos of an outfit I was pretty proud of. But as you will see that was not the mutual feeling in my household. Today I am also trying not to talk as much as I normally, because I think I talk too much about useless things.


I am wearing:
jeans-Jay jays
T-shirt-ANCIENT hand me down Tweety bird top, that my mum absolutely hates.
Badge-Vintage market
Collar-made by myself. too big and the pattern isn't that great. But I do have my eye on a particularly spiffy shirt of my dads.
Hat-my aunties old school hat. despised by my brother.

You are all probably wondering why this mysterious purple ball keeps reappearing in my photos.

It is an exercise ball. Which in my house = chair.

never fear, I didn't actually wear the collar in public.

Me being all posh and sepia. This is a must when wearing a school hat such as this.

I personally thought this was a pretty goodish outfit. especially since i have been feeling lately like all my outfits were getting to be the same and that my creative juice stuff wasn't flowing.

  • You look like your from 60 years ago
  • Take that hat off (repeatedly)
  • I'm going to walk 5 metres away from you. people are going to laugh and stare, you knwo that don't you?
My mum's only guidelines were "Carla, wear jeans (this was followed by "Jeans!?" said by me.) "Wear something normal."


Do I blabber on too much?

Do you like vintage or new?

Would you be embarrassed walking next to me?

What is your professional advice for people who are experiencing fashion block?

Are you glad I have not mention llamas once in this post? (YES! they scream)
From CARLA, professional embarrasser and blabbing addict.


  1. i always enjoy your blabberings and stories so much - you're such a funny girl (i mean that as a real, honest and pretty big compliment)!
    and kick some brother's butt next time, if he won't see how totally rad your hat is.

    xx //

  2. I LOVE vintage and I wouldn't be embarrassed walking next to you. You are awesoooome ^_^ And the advice part...Wear something completely different. Like if you always wear jeans/mini skirts, throw on a semi-formal maxi dress. I believe you are very courageous so wearing it with some sass won't be a problem. And you don't blab too much. And even if you do, it's extremely enjoyable!! ;)

  3. Your outfit is awesome, love your hat! I would not be embarrassed to walk next to you and plus, your blabbings are fun to read. Instead of saying that I look like i'm from 60 years ago, my brother says I look like i'm going to work :)

  4. You know what I think? I think this outfit is an original, who else has an outfit like that? and you pull it off wonderfully. I really do like it though. haha brother. and no i wouldn't be embarrassed walking next to you. and i do like vintage. nope keep on blabbering haha!
    So i just came across your blog and i enjoy it! We should follow eachother! *following you now* follow me back?

  5. cute blue sweater you are wearing! so geeky chic!

  6. if someone thinks you blabber too much, they just don't understand the complexities of you. i like vintage more than new. it's better for the environment. a possible cure for fashion block is if you clean or organize your closet, or drawers you can discover clothing items or accessories, you have forgotten, or you see these items in a new way.

  7. lmao SCREW WHAT YOUR BROTHER says!!! I think you look awesome! xD They just don't get you. Don't worry, I'm getting the same treatment from my family as well. Or at least I WAS. Sad to say, I've crumbled under peer pressure. One of the normals now.

    DON'T GIVE IN!!!

  8. To answer your questions (sorry if you didnt actually want answers and if im being odd. Hell no you dont blabber to much... alittle much but thats GOOD!!!! I love vintage and dont wear ANY new things, they feel weird and they dont smell like an old lady (i like old ladies)(Im really weird. Any I would NOT be embarrassed to walk next to you! I dont know on the last one! Anyway your grrrrrrrt (riot grrrl for great?) as ever!

  9. Why would I be embarrassed by you? You're unique and awesome!!! :D :D :D REDHEADS RULE!!! :D :D :D (Even though I'm a brunette).