Wednesday, 2 November 2011

I smell like a monkey and I look like one too


Now I know you have all spent many sleepless nights wondering and wondering about how old I am. And fretting about the million dollars the correct age guesser will recieve. What million dollars? you ask frantically, oh, did I not mention that, I will reply, innocently. But ha ha, it doesn't matter, because NONE of you guessed, so close Magic Violinist, but you changed to 14. I just turned, two hours ago........13!!!

Too bad for you guys, and I was willing to throw in a set of steak knives too, plus a video of me dancing to soulja boy. Your loss.

Today I am going to share with you my birthday presents, so far......


  • A double DVD of footloose, and flashdance. Movies I am too noobish to have seen. I have seen Annie though, it's okay, no need to hyperventilate and worry about my movie issues.
  • A book that has a boy and a girl on the cover and probably includes nail polish and OMG sessions.
  • Can't wait to read it!!
  • A DIY fashion book, so now I have something guiding me, it's okay, the clothing massacre has ended.
  • Two beautiful jewellery boxes, now all I need is the jewellery. YES, JEWELLERY YEEEEESSSSS.
  • A pandora charm. 
  • two tops
  • some lovely, lovely,lovely jeans (look down)
  • and finally
  • something amazing
  • mindboggling
  • something to fill my previous sad sad pathetic existence.
  • some thing I have dreamt about.
  • THE
  • (for anyone who has no idea what I am going on about, hold off calling the police/physciatrists, have a look here and here.)
i can hear how excited you are as you read this, that's how strong the power of the internet is, I can actually hear the screams and applause (i'm sure there will definitely be applause.) Maybe even a standing ovation.

HERE , see for yourself the awesomness:

Also here are some photos of my blue jeans, but warning, they may look less impressive after the sheer skills of these overalls. 

Sorry they are all pixelish.

Head to toe in gifts:)

So thanks for listening and applauding. I spent my birthday:
  •  experiencing my own class not knowing whose birthday it was.
  • having some year nines sing me happy birthday
  • saying happy birthday to a girl who has the same birthday as me
  • accidentally saying happy birthday to a girl whose birthday it wasn't
  • smelling a mummified fish that had been sitting in 20kg of salt for two terms
  • not fun
  • getting millions (okay three) phone calls wishing me happy birthday
  • listening to songs way too cool for me to sing
  • attempting to make a birthday crown thing
  • and um, failing.
Some questions:

Are you surprised I am 12? did you expect me to be five or something?

Who likes my overalls??? if you don't, don't say so, i will cry.

What is the best birthday present you have ever gotten?

One day my birthday will be a public holiday and I will be studied by bored adolescents in stuffy classrooms.

But that will have to wait.

for now.



  1. happy birthday! stay fabulous! :)

  2. Wow only 13? I thought I was a young blogger :) Happy Birthday!

  3. 13 was actually my 1st guess, but it's safer with young people who want to be older to guess a higher age, for it makes them feel special that someone thinks they're older. now with older people who want to be & look younger i always guess a younger age than i think they might be, for then they feel like someone thinks they still look young. i don't call it lying. i call it being nice.

  4. you don't look like a monkey you look beautiful!

  5. Happy belated birthday!
    The yellow suits you well :)

  6. I love your overalls OVER ALL, they are beautiful, nothing can beat overalls, they are just the optimal best clothing item ever invented !:) if you are on facebook, please join
    I live in overalls overall every day ! overall greetings niels aka bibprofessor