Monday, 28 November 2011

star dust to remember you by

Does anyone ever wish they could just morph into their past selves?
no? okay, I'll be quiet now.

But just saying I always think that my old posts are better than the ones these days. Sad face :( (just in case you are oblivious and uneducated in the laws of Carla, this is the part where you start feeling sorry for me and write really sweet comments praising my blogging abilities.)
you could just get creeped out and peeved by my pathetic sadness and leave my blog never to return again. And then dramatic music will play and the audience will gasp. wait, what audience?!

also sorry for the title. Title names escape me sometimes, so today I tried to be all cool and write something from a song. (This ones from Boats and Birds by gregory and the hawk)
anyways. Here is a list of stuff.

  • Today in soccer we had a water fight and splashed water on our coach
  • We had a concert for elderly people,
  • I spent most of the time eyeing their slice and sugar free soft drink enviously
  • We only have 8 more days of school left
  • I am doing an internal happy dance
  • we are doing a play in english from the graphic novel of "THE HOBBIT"
  • I am
  • wait for it......
  • YAY! It is the perfect part for me, you can just stand there looking professional in your cape.
  • I am making a list of things to do on the holidays so I will never be stuck on what to do.
  • Any suggestions?
  • preferably things that don't require, you know going out of the house.
Now for some photos:

Yeah, this is what I wore after school.


Chilling in my overalls, making you intimidated

Yippity doo dah for my dad's awesome scarf.
From Italia, might I add.
A very cool photo. With a random ukulele.
And here are some more:
Photo opportunity.

My homemade rock pet.
Harry potter:)
Also. before I go. I just want you all to know that you are all awesome and that I want crochet bathers for Christmas. Just telling you:)I quite enjoy being random.


What is the weirdest dream you have ever had?

Favourite song?

Suggestions for fun, carlaish activities for me to do in the holidays?

Love Carla, overall wearer and wannabe morpher.
(yet again, probably not a real word. perhaps I should make a Carla dictionary.)


  1. i wish i could morph into my past self everyday. fab dad's italian scarf! congrats on the narrator, & end of school thing. ideas: practice ukulele, & make video. work on that carla dictionary. fun themed photo shoots. more craft creations. write about your daily adventures, or the ones you dream of taking, or what you would do if you could have that time machine. hang out with friends, & meet new friends.

  2. It's rare that I see a pair of overalls that I wished I owned. You, my friend, just provided me with one of those pairs :) They are GORGEOUS!!! XD

  3. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog, Sorry i couldnt read through all of your post (because i am in a hurry) but i really like this outfit! I am in love with it :] and thank you so much for likeing my page :] Thanks I liek the name Tia too :] but my name really is Tianna but i gusse i could pull off tia :] but thanks again so much!

  4. ooh. i want to play ukulele as well!

  5. cute outfit! and congrats on only having 8 more days of school left!

  6. Love your outfit!!! Hahaha and I know what you mean, sometimes during my fat days I'll cheat and recycle some old pictures. Heh heh heh. So evil.
    I guess you could go around. Spreading your Carla cheer during Christmas, or I dunno, interview random people on the street, lol.

  7. thanks for visiting my blog! <3

  8. seriously love those overalls... I want to find something like them!!! Thanks for your comment! :)