Thursday, 10 November 2011

The green pancake master

hello, my good colleages.
I thoroughly apologise for my extremely disapointing lack of posts during this period of seven days.
Yo bro,sorry for not posting this week.
I don't really have an excuse, I just didn't really know what to blog about, and I still don't, as you may have already realised.

So since the school is still not agreeing to the whole casual clothes, to hell with blazers thing, I don't have any exciting photos of my outfit. (unless you want me to model my sports uniform for you and then continue with the school dress, with blazer on and off.) I do have some photos me and my brother took ages ago. I wish I could put the photos of my brother on because they are hilarious, but he's not here right now and I don't think he would like to be plastered on the internet, and I am doing the right thing and obeying his wishes like the good, cyber safe girl I am.

This was in the city. My hair looks wild!

This is at the National Gallery of Victoria or NGV, okay lets just call it the awesome water wall place.

May I also add that I am a NGV member, complete with a card and everything, thanks you very much.

But of course, you already knew that.

Green/extra terristrial pancakes!
During this cooking adventure we also managed to set the butter on fire.

No one on this earth could make a basketball court look this awesome.

What are you looking at, punk?

Vogue is yet to discover me.

My fascination with the foot scares me sometimes.

And it scares others ALWAYS.
I hope this has been a slightly okay post, equivalent to, lets say a cucumber and cheese sandwich. (That last comment made me realize how hungry I am.)
Here are some probing questions to boost this post to a cucumber, cheese and tomato sandwich:

Did your school have uniforms? If so,what colours (if you say purple I may die of jealousy.) And if not, do you mind doing a quick freaky friday with me?

Any requests about what I should post about? Anything please, aside from lawn bowls or something (sorry if anyone plays lawn bowls, I'm sure it's a very misunderstood sport.)

What is your favourite movie? I know that's random, but I like random.YAY! random, llamas, cheese, UFO's, yippety doo dah! Okay that's enough.

Also, today I put my name down for the school musical next year (it's called Thoroughly Modern Millie.set in the 20's in New York, singing and dancing, what more could you want?) But the problem is I'm not experienced at musicals, or singing. So don't expect any videos of me breaking into song high school musical style.

Any advice for musicals? Greatly, greatly appreciated. I'll give you an internet smile:)

Okay, I'm off to practice the Charlston.

 Lots of Love Carla aka, the skilled one.


  1. My uniform is a christmas tree green jumper over a post box red skirt. Bleh, but its not as bad as the school down the road (calf length grey tartan skirt!) I request a post about your views on economy in 2030. Just Kidding! My favourite movie at the mo is My Neighbour Totoro, but is usualy either Sleepy Hollow or Edward Scissorhands. :)

  2. i never had to wear school uniforms. i hate when people give me restrictions on what to wear. uniforms+work= a very unhappy teddi
    carla, do a post about shoes. your faves, dream shoes, & the ugliest shoes ever. my fave movie keeps changing, just like my nail polish. you're right, savoy bakery totally ripped off giga pudding! :P completely unoriginal.

  3. love your outfit and the picture where you hair is made up. The extraterestrial pancakes are epic :P
    Cool post as always

  4. hey skilled one!
    my unform is
    *(in summer) (pink) swimmers
    *(in winter) (purple) PJs!
    in case you didn't know, I am homeschool, therefore, I am one of your betters!
    I request you post sbout your fav. blogs!(inculde mine, even if not your fav!)
    And my current fav. movie is . . . (dumroll please) . . . Coroline!
    well, please look at my blog!
    Sara xox

  5. I love looking at your photos!! It always seems like you have so much fun with your days. Also, I adore that beret you're wearing!!

  6. y0u have fun photos. I wish I had red hair like yours! ^_^

    let's foLLow each other???

    als0 c0nnect with us thru g00gLe

    Thank y0u! ϡ

  7. Thanks for dropping by my blog :D you look so cute!

    My favourite movie is mmm Howl's Moving Castle! It's an animation movie, but, the story line is pretty good. I love all the characters as well, since there's character development.

  8. Ooh. Cucumber and cheese sandwiches . . . (Does cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches with dill count)? Love the photos! :D Still not too keen on the green pancakes though . . .
    I'M HOME SCHOOLED!!! :D :D :D I don't have uniforms. Heck, as long as we didn't have to go out anywhere that day, my mom lets me do school in my pajamas! :D In fact, I'm in my PJ's right now! :D (And just to prove that I'm psychic, I think you are very jealous right now).
    Hmm . . . I'd love to see you post about books you love and your thoughts on the Harry Potter books. Oh yeah, and MORE FAIRIES PLEASE! :D
    My favorite movie is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2!!! :D :D :D BEST MOVIE EVER!!! :D :D :D I've already seen it three times; The first time was at the midnight premiere at the movie theater in the mall, the second time was at an Imax theater in 3D (Imax theaters have a HUGE screen that cover the ENTIRE WALL! :D ), and the last time was at home on DVD with my brother for the first time.
    I've never been in a musical. Sorry! :( Although I think I might be in an Annie production next summer! :D

  9. BTW, I've posted on my blog. Check it out! :D

  10. oh i love musicals although i cant sing to save my life good luck on the play though!!! My favourite movie is the TItanic i saw it when i was thirteen and loved it every since then

  11. The translation parts got humor.Girl keep it up!

  12. You look so adorable. You've got beautiful hair & can definitely hold my attention.

    What you should write about? You should definitely blog about your experience being in a musical.

    I have way too many favorite movies to list, but I'll start with Memoirs of Geisha, Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, Legends of the fall, Terms of endearment.


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