Monday, 28 November 2011

star dust to remember you by

Does anyone ever wish they could just morph into their past selves?
no? okay, I'll be quiet now.

But just saying I always think that my old posts are better than the ones these days. Sad face :( (just in case you are oblivious and uneducated in the laws of Carla, this is the part where you start feeling sorry for me and write really sweet comments praising my blogging abilities.)
you could just get creeped out and peeved by my pathetic sadness and leave my blog never to return again. And then dramatic music will play and the audience will gasp. wait, what audience?!

also sorry for the title. Title names escape me sometimes, so today I tried to be all cool and write something from a song. (This ones from Boats and Birds by gregory and the hawk)
anyways. Here is a list of stuff.

  • Today in soccer we had a water fight and splashed water on our coach
  • We had a concert for elderly people,
  • I spent most of the time eyeing their slice and sugar free soft drink enviously
  • We only have 8 more days of school left
  • I am doing an internal happy dance
  • we are doing a play in english from the graphic novel of "THE HOBBIT"
  • I am
  • wait for it......
  • YAY! It is the perfect part for me, you can just stand there looking professional in your cape.
  • I am making a list of things to do on the holidays so I will never be stuck on what to do.
  • Any suggestions?
  • preferably things that don't require, you know going out of the house.
Now for some photos:

Yeah, this is what I wore after school.


Chilling in my overalls, making you intimidated

Yippity doo dah for my dad's awesome scarf.
From Italia, might I add.
A very cool photo. With a random ukulele.
And here are some more:
Photo opportunity.

My homemade rock pet.
Harry potter:)
Also. before I go. I just want you all to know that you are all awesome and that I want crochet bathers for Christmas. Just telling you:)I quite enjoy being random.


What is the weirdest dream you have ever had?

Favourite song?

Suggestions for fun, carlaish activities for me to do in the holidays?

Love Carla, overall wearer and wannabe morpher.
(yet again, probably not a real word. perhaps I should make a Carla dictionary.)

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

so totally embarrassing, man


I have officially crowned the last post as the worst post ever. it is very honoured to be chosen for this award and is currently working on it's acceptance speech.

Today I am showing you some photos of an outfit I was pretty proud of. But as you will see that was not the mutual feeling in my household. Today I am also trying not to talk as much as I normally, because I think I talk too much about useless things.


I am wearing:
jeans-Jay jays
T-shirt-ANCIENT hand me down Tweety bird top, that my mum absolutely hates.
Badge-Vintage market
Collar-made by myself. too big and the pattern isn't that great. But I do have my eye on a particularly spiffy shirt of my dads.
Hat-my aunties old school hat. despised by my brother.

You are all probably wondering why this mysterious purple ball keeps reappearing in my photos.

It is an exercise ball. Which in my house = chair.

never fear, I didn't actually wear the collar in public.

Me being all posh and sepia. This is a must when wearing a school hat such as this.

I personally thought this was a pretty goodish outfit. especially since i have been feeling lately like all my outfits were getting to be the same and that my creative juice stuff wasn't flowing.

  • You look like your from 60 years ago
  • Take that hat off (repeatedly)
  • I'm going to walk 5 metres away from you. people are going to laugh and stare, you knwo that don't you?
My mum's only guidelines were "Carla, wear jeans (this was followed by "Jeans!?" said by me.) "Wear something normal."


Do I blabber on too much?

Do you like vintage or new?

Would you be embarrassed walking next to me?

What is your professional advice for people who are experiencing fashion block?

Are you glad I have not mention llamas once in this post? (YES! they scream)
From CARLA, professional embarrasser and blabbing addict.

Friday, 18 November 2011


HI. So the city excursion was suprisingly civilised. I mean as civilised as a year 7 class can be. This guy wore a skirt and people were amusing themselves by spitting off the 88th floor of the tallest tower in the Southern Hemisphere. And the best part was that the booklet work was kept to a minimum and no one suddenly got lost in the streets, leaving everyone searching and fun deprived.

A list for thee:
  • I listened to predictions of the falling of our extremely speedy elevator, going up 88 storeys in 38 seconds.
  • I am terrified of elevators.
  • Boys don't seem to apreciate this
  • Got 99 Luftballoons stuck in my head because of a friend who needs to control her I pod singing
  • Saw the most prettiest bank
  • Watched my teacher eyeing off some shoes instead of listening to the extremely interesting, informative talk we were meant to be listening to
  • Went to chinatown
  • Saw a big astro boy figurine
  • Bought loads of food
  • Paid way too much for icecream
  • it was yum anyway
  • Us, the uncultured private school kids we are, bought slurpies from 7/11 in Chinatown, instead of the multiitudes of chineese cuisine avaliable in you know, CHINATOWN.
So, this is going to be an average post, probably equivalent to maybe, lets say a bassoon solo, instead of an amazing post, equivalent to an electric gutair solo. (sorry, I'm running out of sandwiches.)


This is a drawing I did for my picture story book at school. It's about a hippie llama called Harold who gets lost in the city.

Also, me, my dad and my brother drew a labryinth in chalk on our deck. Here it is, including my brother's stylish socks:

It is supposed to bring you closer to God, and you can hardly fit your feet in, and also it'll be washed off tommorrow.
Don't really knwo what to write. Here is a photo to make you smile:


Sorry if this has been a horrid post! (horrid, I sound so English.) Sorry, I'm so daft, for not bringing a electric gutair solo post to you. (Daft!!!)

Please comment, even if it is only to say.
"Carla, your llama obsession has to stop. It is scaring all of us."
and then leave a physciatrist's number.


Love CARLA, llama enthusiast and maze lover.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

yellow suits and negotiating


Never before have I been so inspired by an 80 year old man. On sunday me and mum saw Bill Cunningham New York, which was the second movie we've been to where it's basically just us and the elderly. I don't know if it's already been out for ages in your country, but go see it. It'll inspire you to purchase a blue raincoat, some filing cabinets and a yellow suit.

Today I am just showing some photos my brother took last weekend. Let me tell you persuading my brother to take photos is EXCRUCIATINGLY PAINFUL! But after a begging session, a kidnapping and a very politician like 20 minute argument discussion (which involved things like, "Carla if you talk again the deal is off etc) we had come to an agreement. I reckon I am a pretty good negotiator, maybe I should become prime minister. in fact we took double the time "discussing" than it would've taken if he'd taken the stupid photos!!

anyway here they are. I'm sorry if they are weird. i just had random ideas, and you know what a disaster that could be.

Wearing: nerd glasses, french kitty top, umbrella from charli:), once valleygirl dress skirt, bare feet.

Hope the pixelishness is not driving you ABSOLUTELY NUTS!!!  I have decided today may be the day I finally make an effort to make my pictures look better, because not being able to distinguish my nose from the rest of my face is making me want to smash a hole in the computer screen.

Tommorrow I am going on an excursion with my mostly idiotic class into the city. We get to wear casual clothes, I would wear my overalls, but I would probably have to stay at school for wearing "inappropriate attire." Pffft, inappropriate. Hasn't any one else experienced the joy of overalls?

Well wish me luck with my class, who truly believe that throwing medium sized objects into a moving fan is entertaining and socially acceptable. If only they could read this now.

Also here is a photo of something we made in art:
(excuse my brother's head. It pops up from time to time.)


Easiest way to make your photos better? (for once, magic does not count. we need to be serious here people.)

Any of you guys read Bill Cunningham's column?

Most inspirational person? sorry, I don't count.

random question:
what is your dream pet? sorry, I don't count for this either. Actually that is really creepy, ignore that.

LOVE CARLA, boy hater and overall enthusiast.
Also, I am attempting to read Harry Potter for the second time. I'm up to the second book. 
I know a year two who is reading the series for the SECOND time this year.

Wow, I really need to start socialising with people who don't like reading.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

The green pancake master

hello, my good colleages.
I thoroughly apologise for my extremely disapointing lack of posts during this period of seven days.
Yo bro,sorry for not posting this week.
I don't really have an excuse, I just didn't really know what to blog about, and I still don't, as you may have already realised.

So since the school is still not agreeing to the whole casual clothes, to hell with blazers thing, I don't have any exciting photos of my outfit. (unless you want me to model my sports uniform for you and then continue with the school dress, with blazer on and off.) I do have some photos me and my brother took ages ago. I wish I could put the photos of my brother on because they are hilarious, but he's not here right now and I don't think he would like to be plastered on the internet, and I am doing the right thing and obeying his wishes like the good, cyber safe girl I am.

This was in the city. My hair looks wild!

This is at the National Gallery of Victoria or NGV, okay lets just call it the awesome water wall place.

May I also add that I am a NGV member, complete with a card and everything, thanks you very much.

But of course, you already knew that.

Green/extra terristrial pancakes!
During this cooking adventure we also managed to set the butter on fire.

No one on this earth could make a basketball court look this awesome.

What are you looking at, punk?

Vogue is yet to discover me.

My fascination with the foot scares me sometimes.

And it scares others ALWAYS.
I hope this has been a slightly okay post, equivalent to, lets say a cucumber and cheese sandwich. (That last comment made me realize how hungry I am.)
Here are some probing questions to boost this post to a cucumber, cheese and tomato sandwich:

Did your school have uniforms? If so,what colours (if you say purple I may die of jealousy.) And if not, do you mind doing a quick freaky friday with me?

Any requests about what I should post about? Anything please, aside from lawn bowls or something (sorry if anyone plays lawn bowls, I'm sure it's a very misunderstood sport.)

What is your favourite movie? I know that's random, but I like random.YAY! random, llamas, cheese, UFO's, yippety doo dah! Okay that's enough.

Also, today I put my name down for the school musical next year (it's called Thoroughly Modern Millie.set in the 20's in New York, singing and dancing, what more could you want?) But the problem is I'm not experienced at musicals, or singing. So don't expect any videos of me breaking into song high school musical style.

Any advice for musicals? Greatly, greatly appreciated. I'll give you an internet smile:)

Okay, I'm off to practice the Charlston.

 Lots of Love Carla aka, the skilled one.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Quante porte ha L'automobile?


First of all I apologies to everyone who can read Italian. I said this to my Nonna once, and she thought I was CRAZY!! I also hope the spelling is correct.

It was 30 degrees Celcius today. And just when it starts getting hot, I see the coolest jumper ever in Salvos. I need winter!!!!!

 I got a typewriter, can you believe it? now I can write a novel in a vintage dress and not feel stupid! My dream has come true. Birthdays own like cookie dough pop tarts:)

First I am going to write a list.


  • We spoke italian (okay, okay, grazie and ciao) to the "dreamy" Italian waiters
  • I listened to the WHOLE restaurant sing happy birthday to me
  • twice
  • Experienced some unfortunate low riding and butt cracks.
  • had nutella pizza
  • felt full
  • wore yellow overalls and flower wreath
  • people stared
  • oh well
  • met an american lady
  • who enjoyed talking and hugging
  • she had been on the set of Gilmore Girls
  • !! i was impressed
  • Had the urge to dance
  • and speak fluent italian
  • Wish I spoke Italian
  • I really wanted to know what the manager was shouting at the waiters :)


  • A flower wreath, yippee! Now all I need to do is convince the principal flower wreaths ARE school uniform
  • A brand new I pod cover!!!!
  • A sportsgirl voucher, hello more flower wreaths.
  • Just kidding (mum hopes:)
  • A very pretty umbrella, that now completes the Mary Poppins fantasy
  • A vintage knitwear book!!!
  • and dad says a kombi is on his Christmas list.
  • Can you imagine being picked up in a kombi.
  • !!!!!!!!!!
  • i love my life:)

Also here are some photos of my outfit today:

feet glorious feet.

My new flower wreath- Sportsgirl (thanks Charli)
Mustard top-cool girl (thanks Charli's mum)
necklace-(thanks more to Charli)
Shorts-dotti (thanks to ME!!!! finally.)
Legs-my own (thanks mum.)

Excuse the random, suspicious finger.

me and Charli being skilled

Hope you like these photos. I do, but the quality is so so so so bad!!!!! 


Well, goodbye, nothing much else to write.

Actually there is loads to write but I want to play with my type writer.


PS: Questions:

Can you speak (fluently) any other languages??

Did you know type writers DON'T have spell check, jeez who knew??

What is your dream vehicle?,broom sticks, magic carpets and unicorns are allowed,

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

I smell like a monkey and I look like one too


Now I know you have all spent many sleepless nights wondering and wondering about how old I am. And fretting about the million dollars the correct age guesser will recieve. What million dollars? you ask frantically, oh, did I not mention that, I will reply, innocently. But ha ha, it doesn't matter, because NONE of you guessed, so close Magic Violinist, but you changed to 14. I just turned, two hours ago........13!!!

Too bad for you guys, and I was willing to throw in a set of steak knives too, plus a video of me dancing to soulja boy. Your loss.

Today I am going to share with you my birthday presents, so far......


  • A double DVD of footloose, and flashdance. Movies I am too noobish to have seen. I have seen Annie though, it's okay, no need to hyperventilate and worry about my movie issues.
  • A book that has a boy and a girl on the cover and probably includes nail polish and OMG sessions.
  • Can't wait to read it!!
  • A DIY fashion book, so now I have something guiding me, it's okay, the clothing massacre has ended.
  • Two beautiful jewellery boxes, now all I need is the jewellery. YES, JEWELLERY YEEEEESSSSS.
  • A pandora charm. 
  • two tops
  • some lovely, lovely,lovely jeans (look down)
  • and finally
  • something amazing
  • mindboggling
  • something to fill my previous sad sad pathetic existence.
  • some thing I have dreamt about.
  • THE
  • (for anyone who has no idea what I am going on about, hold off calling the police/physciatrists, have a look here and here.)
i can hear how excited you are as you read this, that's how strong the power of the internet is, I can actually hear the screams and applause (i'm sure there will definitely be applause.) Maybe even a standing ovation.

HERE , see for yourself the awesomness:

Also here are some photos of my blue jeans, but warning, they may look less impressive after the sheer skills of these overalls. 

Sorry they are all pixelish.

Head to toe in gifts:)

So thanks for listening and applauding. I spent my birthday:
  •  experiencing my own class not knowing whose birthday it was.
  • having some year nines sing me happy birthday
  • saying happy birthday to a girl who has the same birthday as me
  • accidentally saying happy birthday to a girl whose birthday it wasn't
  • smelling a mummified fish that had been sitting in 20kg of salt for two terms
  • not fun
  • getting millions (okay three) phone calls wishing me happy birthday
  • listening to songs way too cool for me to sing
  • attempting to make a birthday crown thing
  • and um, failing.
Some questions:

Are you surprised I am 12? did you expect me to be five or something?

Who likes my overalls??? if you don't, don't say so, i will cry.

What is the best birthday present you have ever gotten?

One day my birthday will be a public holiday and I will be studied by bored adolescents in stuffy classrooms.

But that will have to wait.

for now.