Friday, 21 October 2011

the tale of the unknown mold

Please excuse the title, there isn't really any story about the mold, the title just sounded cool.

weekend=nutella and peanut butter sandwich, which believe it or not is delicious, TRY IT!

This is just a quick post for photos, so i won't be blabbing on and on like normal, sorry for all you carla fans, maybe you can go through my garbage or something 1# fanish like that.

(that was a joke it case you didn't catch that.)

PHOTOS!! ATTACK...........
Jay jays jeans, hand me down Emily t-shirt, not my jumper, home made scarf, nerd glasses, sportsgirl panda hat, awesome unbrella and emily badge from retro star.

I know i look kind of angry in this photo, I was. Plus it was too wet to smile today.

The concept seemed much more arty than the final product

In this photo I am secretly hoping that I will suddenly transform into Mary Poppins.

My fence is such a good model.


Thanks for listening.

I better go. I have general Saturday things to do. I am a busy person, west side story to listen to, friends to watch, you know:)

Please comment.You guys are like sun shining through the rain-Wow, that was a tad sappy, wait... okay sentimental feelings gone now. It's all good.

Love CARLA, mary poppins wannabe and not my jumper wearer:)

PS: can't wait for when i take cool halloweenish/mystical photos, i have some cool ideas.



  1. yes i like the sun shining through the rain to make rainbows! i want to be magic like mary poppins. add a sliced banana to the pb & nutella sandwich you'll get more vitamins. :) why didn't they have cute hats like that when i was younger? if i wore like that one now they'd think off my rocker.

  2. I love your boots! Hehe I eat peanut butter and nutella together all the time, it is delicious :)

  3. lovely boots! Lovely pics, too!
    Your blog is so funny and epic :D

  4. OMG, I eat peanut butter and Nutella toast ALL THE TIME for breakfast! :D (I substitute chocolate chips for Nutella when we're out). Love your outfit! You look so good in things I would never guess to mix together. :D

  5. i love nutella! and love that umbrella :) you look so cute
    love kat

  6. These pictures are so, so, so pretty. Rainy days are my favorite!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  7. You look awesome! I love that hat. Don't worry, you aren't the only one with the Mary Poppins fantasy, I frequently wish I could fly using my umbrella xo

  8. cool photos thanks for your sweet comments xxx

  9. What a lovely pictures. I like your boots ;)

  10. Lovely hat ! But those shoes are just great, I'd love to get some pair like that ! =)

    Thanks for your comment Carla!
    Well I can only beg my boyfriend to take my photo, but only done it once and I think he hates it :D So I guess I have to manage with mirror shots from now on, until I have money for a new camera..

    Have a lovely beginning of this new week,
    xx indie by heart

  11. Your blog is so fun & unique. The background is so pretty.
    Great pics!

  12. Thanks for the comment on my blog and for following. Also, thanks for leaving me a link to yours to check out.

  13. You look pretty adorable with the red umbrella and hat.

  14. Hi Carla. Love your blog as always. You are so cute. Did I mention original. Love the photos. I am soooooooo stuck on what to write! Please call me and tell me what to write on my blog.