Wednesday, 19 October 2011

school=vegemite sandwich


Belly buttons are the wierdest things is the entire universe, maybe with the exception of ears.When god created the world, how on earth did he come up with a belly button. Weird weird weird.

I mean seriously, next time someone calls you wierd, call them wierd beacuse they have a belly button and ears too. Then they'll probably call you wierd back and cautiously ask what belly buttons have to do with anything, then maybe try to either measure your temperature, call security or run depending on who they are.

Well, you can see how I could procrastinate and not find the tiniest bit of time to do a new post. I believe I needed a break because i felt my posts were dropping to the standard of a tuna sandwich, and I HATE tuna.

Also we had injections today and after freaking out,  hyperventilating, freaking out a bit more, holding teachers hand, singing Areoplane Jelly to calm the nerves, going through a bit of pain, eating three jelly beans and missing all of philosophy, my last injections for year seven were over and so was half an hour of my day.

But anyway, school is starting to rise to the equivalent of maybe, say a..... cheese and vegemite sandwich, which is okay but not the best. not as bad as tuna, but not as good as peanut butter and definitely not as excellent as nutella.

Okay, ignore what i said at the start, I am wierd belly button or not.


Okay, maybe don't let the seriousness commence...
The following are some photos of an outfit I wore on Sunday. I would've had Saturday outfit photos, but unfortunately my stupid i pod doesn't have the mental campibility to take GOOD photos at night!!!!!

But i will one day show you the epic rainbow hat I wore on Saturday, never fear it will appear in your lives.


Please ignore the half random smile thing.

This is my favourite photo. God bless my brother's freakish ability to take suprisingly,arty photos once i beg him to take a maximum of five photos usually in exchange for personal labour.

In case you are wondering the book is a children's illustrated encyclopedia, and i thought it matched my outfit.

The outfit by the way is Miss Shop tights, hand me down pants rolled up, my auntie/cousin's cardi stolen when I was cold, some random red top, nerd glasses and red beret.

Anyway, just telling you that even though I don't really celebrate Halloween (because it's an American tradition and we're Australian. And lollies rot your teeth.) But.... I am going to post some cool halloween photos hopefully, including a fully sick halloween/lolita/whatever i can find in my cupboard that looks cool outfit.

 So before you go here are some buring questions for you:

(why do they say burning anyway. Their not on fire or anything.)

Do you have any bad injection experiences worthy of three jelly beans reward to share with us?

Can you think of anything wierder than ears and belly buttons?

Also do you people from other countries know what vegemite is? And do you have any vegemite questions for a vegemite lover and worshipper (aka me)?

And, in your brain, think of the best day and what sandwich that would be equivalent to.

Thanks for listening.
Carla, tuna hater and belly button ponderer.

And don't forget to take a moment in your day to have a good ponder about you belly button, where it may have came from and how on earth it is useful.


  1. Tuna Hater and belly button ponderer!!! xD This is so cute dammit! I love your writing style and the things you write are so.....well, ok, weird!

  2. i want your heart tights! i would so wear them. i know what vegemite is, from the men at work song, "down under." tuna totally makes me gag. that was even prior to me becoming a vegetarian. however, nutella makes my heart sing, & put a smile on my face. delish divine!

  3. I love the first and the last look so cute..
    I just found your blog and want to know if you are willing to follow mine? if yu do, i will follow back for sure.:)

  4. Your style is so quirky, luv it!
    I want kitkat instead of jelly beans!hah!

  5. I've never thought of it that way. Belly buttons are extremely weird. What do they even do, anyway?

  6. can you please check again and see if you are following coz i don't see you on my follower list nor do i see myself on you blogs followed by yu.:)
    I will folllow back for sure.:)

  7. Haha, yes belly buttons are weird! Your outfit is so cute, I love your tights!

  8. Well, where do I start...........
    I just had surgery which included a needle and I think it was worth a thousand jelly beans. The weirdest body part I know of is thumbs. I know we are pretty used to them but when you think about it, they are really weird. They are aposuble, have one random wrinkly joint in them and are pretty damn useful. I also hate vegamite. It makes me want to throw up! Defiantly not a fan. See u soon! CHARLI P.s. SURGERY=SARDINE AND CHOCOLATE SANDWICH!