Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The spastic possum


I am considering sueing someone.

Whoever made up the whole school thing should make sure they get a good lawyer or just run away to Iceland or something and change their name.

 Although whoever came up with school is probably dead, so maybe I will save this for my unfinished business when I die and then I'll get all the awesome ghost lawyers to own the mastermind behind education.

But seriously spending like 35 hours a week doing wierd stuff like longitude and latitude and being flower wreath deprived. What is that all about?

40 days and 280 periods of class until Summer holidays:) Seriously, I have a countdown sheet next to my bed.

Anyway, this post is a bit like a purple coloured llama becuase- well, actually it isn't anything like a purple llama, but you have to admit a llama is cool enough, but a purple llama would be like out of this world, reeking with coolness.

Sorry, my love for llamas is overwhelming at first. But really this post isn't filled with much, um, what is it called, that wierd thingy, um.......information, thats it!

I am going to do that fully sick inspiration photos thing, that all the cool kids are doing on their blogs.

Okay, serious face now. There is a style called lolita. It is from Japan and there are many different styles of it. Basically it makes me want to go find some huge heels, massive bows and loads of lace and just go on a Lolita frenzy!!

This is aparently punk lolita

And this is gothic lolita

This is sweet Lolita, which is like lollypops and rainbows BOOM in your face.

Please note the pony handbag.

This is wa Lolita, which I am told by my good friend the internet is a mixture of all the styles.

And you can always share this with your friends. As long as there are enough pony handbags to go around

And this is called guro lolita, which, honestly, scares me, but is cool all the same.

And i don't know how to rotate pictures..... noob city:)

Okay, so sorry if this has been a bad post. I've never done the photo inspiration thing before and i'm not sure i get the gold star of approval.

But anyway, here are some questions for you, and only you:

Which is your favourite style?

Was your experience at school good or bad?

And finally....
did you here it is Gumbi's anniversary today?


Love Carla, freedom deprivee and gumbi celebrator:)

(is deprivee a word?)

WAIT! there is a spastic possum in our roof/walls/pantry (no, not pantry:) And it is so ANNOYING. constant scratching and running around is making me so peeved, (peeved, ha ha ) Any tips on possum control.

Much appreicated.


  1. harajuku ! its more inspiration !
    follow me if you like and i will follow you back

  2. Which is your favourite style? Ohh idk, prob sweet or gothic :D

    Was your experience at school good or bad? I'm still at school and it's not so bad :)

    And finally....did you here it is Gumbi's anniversary today?
    nope... LOL

  3. I like your blog!! Great post!

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  4. Well, I really like the style, I guess it's just hard to walk around in those clothes in Europe and not be, well, looked weird at. The goth style is really pretty, and actually flatters women, we should just start and wear it.

    School. What a place. It would not have been so bad if we would have had nice teachers. We only had a few good ones, which made life not that easy. I'm lucky to have finished school by now, and even college, though that was way better. I'm now doing this uni at home thing, where you do all by your self, send in everything via e-mail. I like it, but you have to push yourself, for noone does that for you. Then again, you do pick a topic that does interest you.

  5. Lolita is cute but I don't think I can ever rock that style D:

  6. school is the training wheels for work. consider yourself warned. my fave style is psychedelic rock boho hippie. although it fluctuates. my experience with school was both good & bad, just like the rest of my life. is gumbi the green stretchy toy with big eyes & the horse friend called pokey? who decided that name? it just sounds wrong to me.

  7. Helo! I love your style! You have very beautiful pics! I will follow you:)
    Big hug & kiss:)

  8. School was made back in the eighteenth century and does not take into account modern understanding of how kids learn and grow.
    So yes school is wrong and you litterally could sue them!
    Heres a video that explains school:

  9. I love Lolita style stuff, but I think I'd be a bit too nervous to wear it everyday. I didn't hate school but I didn't like it either, I suppose it is just something to get through, and the better you do the more likely it is you will get into college/university, which is so much better!

    I hope the possums don't drive you mad xo

  10. i like goth lolita, what is that punk lolita! haha i ve never seen it before

  11. Hey i'm icelandic. And I'm sorry we have school as well. But in Norway you don't have to go to school!

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  13. Wow! Great blog and photos! I love it :)

  14. I've never heard of guro Lolita before, but now you've got me scouring the internet for more pictures. Thanks for the fashion enlightenment! I also really like sweet Lolita, though I don't think I'm "sweet" enough to pull it off; it's just too adorable for a cynical bitch like me.

    As far as school goes: I hated it. I wanted to quit every day. But now that I have to be a "grown up" and work full-time and pay bills and all those fun things, I wish I could just go back to high school and learn about like the quadratic formula and shit. Ah, bittersweet school. Hang in there, kiddo.

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  16. thanks for the post, i need to get a big bow for myself teheh :--) xo

  17. Nice post, so inspiring! I like your style!
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  18. japanese style is always so interesting and inspiring!!!