Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Listmania! PART DOS

Sorry that I haven't posted this sooner but you know how hectic life can be, especially if you have loads of things to do  like writing english essays signing many many number one fan's arms and heads and-

Anyways I have been having great fun and I am so glad you guys commented. Thank god! You have reassured me I am not a completely crazy list maker with too much spare time (at least I think you have....)

Let the listmania begin!

requested by Teddi-
  • Okay just let me tell you I like drawing but my skill level is okayish, emphasis on the ish part. Some animals have been mistaken for other animals and that is why I'm not exactly the Leonardo Da Vinci of the 21st Century.
  • anyway:
  • Smily faces, so cliche but oh so addictive
  • flowers, again cliche but it makes me feel all Anne of Green Gablesish and la di da ball gowns and gloves, if you know what I mean.
  • Sponge Bob, Anyone who doesn't know what the beep I just said, I think I am going to have to banish you forever.
  • Kolams, They are this cool Indian pattern that make me feel all turbanish and palm trees and saris and snake charmer, again if you know what I mean.
  • People. Well i like to draw people but normally end up getting peeved at myself becuase they look all mutated and disproportinal. (I love the word peeved.)
  • Mushrooms are pretty fun to draw and are easy so the peeved factor is pretty low.
  • And last but not least, fairies (but I like to spell it faeries.) They are ownage, full stop.
This is an example of a kolam. Mine aren't this good, but one day I would like to master the art and call myself the true kolam karate master yo dude.

List Zwei:
requested by Charli-
  • UM, UM, UM, UM.
  • um.................
  • ask me to chose favourite books, that is almost as bad as favourite movies, charli is a cruel cruel blogger.:)
  • okay, don't get offended if i don't chose shakespear of something, becuase to tell the truth I don't really get all that ye olde english stuff yet.
  • I'd love to say Harry Potter but I have never finished any of the books apart from seven becuase something stupid in my brain goes "I've seen the movie, what's the point?" And then I get really angry at myself and I call myself a name and then me and myself get into an argument and don't talk to each other for days and then finally make up and are best friends again.
  • EMILY- pretty damn skilled
  • Mao's Last Dancer- If i was Mao I would command all of China to read this book
  • Skulduggery Plesant- Talking Skeleton Detective. Pure Awesomeness, with a hint of blowing peoples heads off on the side
  •  And one more,The Princess Diaries- Caution: extreme rambling in this book. Maybe that's why I love it.
  • Please don't attack me with huge thick copies of Macbeth, Shakespear owns, okay
List Three:
requested by
  • STRANGLING!!!!!!!! I'm kidding....... you hope:)
  • tying up your hair, duh!
  • Making the world doesn't see your pink frilly I heart Justin Bieber undies, unless you really want them to
  • Fixing a wedding dress minutes before you're meant to say "I do". Has anyone else seen 27 dresses?
  • A stylish braclet
  • A stylish anklet
  • A perfect wedgie weapon. I'm thinking attaching the undies to the ribbon and the ribbon to the car/flagpole/aeroplane.
  • Excellent spontanious ribbon twirling prop
  • I could think of more, but I want to concerntrate on that wedgie idea.............Interesting....
List quatro:
requested (again:) by Charli-
  • Sorry Charli but I really want to change this to the most annoying fashions ever, becuase I have fashion anger that I need to get out in a healthy way instead of the other way (punching a wall)
  • Short shorts in winter. yes. yes, you have nice legs, the world doesn't need to know. Plus you must be freezing :0
  • Jeggings. I apologies if this offends devoted jegging wearers, but I'm sorry, Jeggings?!
  • Flared pants. Sorry 70's but these are horrifying.
  • tongue piercings. just a question: how do you eat???
  • I'm sorry, I can't go on, I'm really scared that people are going to get all angry becuase they love jeggings and have tongue piercings. And seriously the angry shakespear lovers are enough!
  • but......... I did look up the worst fashion trends ever and the listed overalls as one of them!
I'm sorry, but does this change your mind?????

YEAH!!!!! I finally tried these on!! unfortunately they are too unpractical to purchase

The final list
requested by
  • Teddi suggested photos, but I'm sorry my feet have pins and needles and I am generally a lazy person, so I am going with links.
  • My Dad's jumper from Italy that you can see here
  • My red tights that make me feel like a superhero. Hmm, a name.... I'm going with Piranha Gorilla Terminator. you can see here
  • My orange top that definetly does NOT clash with my hair. Isn't it great?
  • My flowery tights that are completely "peace man, save the trees."
  • And of course my purple jeans, who in my opinion deserve a song and personal shrine dovoted to them.
  • Yellow Overalls. If only I had them..... sob sob sob. Must reach for the tissues, no. too overcome with emotion to move......
Sorry if this has been a one stop rubbish fest. At least next time it will be back to normal. Now some randomness to make you smile and hopeflly forget that I don't like jeggings.

Coolest flowers ever!!

LETS HEAR IT FOR GLOW STICKS!!!!! The ultimate craziness items, perfect for spastic photos at 11 pm.


Wait! just telling you Charli and me's hippie extravaganza is coming soon......

Love Carla, Ugly Face Maker and Wedgie Master


  1. i so agree with you with the tongue piercings, jeggings, flare pants hatred!
    i love how quirky you are, i've just come across your blog, i'm now following you :-) i'd really love it if you checked out my blog in return:

  2. the uses for ribbon were my fave, complete & total laughter! anne of green gables is one of the reasons i 1st colored my hair red. it used to be my fave movie. i pretty much like nearly all of the l.m. montgomery books. you worked really hard on this post, much appreciated. please please just say no to the yellow overalls. ok buy them, if it makes you happy.

  3. YOU'VE ONLY READ HP 7?!?!?!?!??!! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! YOU MUST READ THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O I don't know if this is only available in America and England, but there is the AWESOME British guy named Jim Dale that does ALL of the voices BY HIMSELF on audio. He RULES. He does the girl and boy voices. He's done over 300 DIFFERENT voices on there! :D YOU HAVE TO READ THEM ONE WAY OR ANOTHER! :D

  4. PS: I agree with you on the tongue piercings. :P I've heard that when you change them out, there's food inside of them and your tongue. :P Plus, they have GOT to hurt. It's also distracting when they talk and their piercing make a "click click" noise on their teeth. :P I've never heard of flare pants, though.

  5. the flowers in your hair are so stunning!

  6. Love fairies also!!! U look so adorable with the flowers in ur hair! <333

    ps following u back!

  7. we really enjoyed your blog and post, I am Brazilian and my blog is if you want then I would be happy.

  8. Those are some long lists! But I thoroughly enjoyed reading it!
    Kolams take a little practice... we do big ones for every festival and small not-so-complicated ones everyday in the morning in India!
    You should try reading (and finishing) harry potter.. even though u've watched the movie, reading the book is entirely different. They've cut a lot of parts, a lot of really important parts of the book in the movie!

    Anyway.. you have really cute blog!

  9. oh girl, you just made me laugh quite badly :) those lists are so much brilliant fun.
    and by the way: you look awesomely pretty with those flowers in your hair. seriously!

    xx //

  10. oh girl, those lists really made me laugh out loud quite badly - so much brilliant fun!
    and by the way: you look awesomely pretty with those flowers in your hair. seriously!

    xx //

  11. Hurruh for redheads! love the flowers in your hair, one thing I'll miss about summer is being able to pull stuff like that off!

    I totally agree with everyone else that you should read Harry Potter, books are almost always better than the films!

  12. love all the uses for the ribbon. so much info in one post!


  13. I love your blog its so funny and sweet and aghh hate skaesspear aswell and jeggings- I mean just wear trousers people x

  14. Hahahahaha...

    ♥♥♥Only 15 entries left for our HOUSE OF HARLOW GIVEAWAY HERE and then we'll be announcing our MANIA MANIA GIVEAWAY♥♥♥


  15. your blog is so cool!

    xoxo from rome

  16. Loveley and funny picutres :)

    thanks for your comment

  17. I totally agree with you about Anne of Green Gables, it was one of my favourite books growing up. Also jeggings - they are so wrong (but a small part of me kind of wants a pair - eep) xo