Saturday, 8 October 2011

fairies, mustard and bum chins

Today I am just showing you what I wore yesterday. The exhaustion of Listmania combined with my cold and my last day of holidays disease, has made me incapable of writing heaps. In fact I have barely been able to drag myself to the computer today.

I went shopping with Charli and only brought $15, but managed to score this top which was $30! I am a master:) nah, thank god for the loving people who lend me money!

I am certain that this colour can only be described as mustard. I love the colour mustard!!!!
Here it is:

Wow, is that really what my chin looks like?


These are my Cotton on body trackies, my target beanie (skills), my Jay Jays bag and my brand new top from a shop called Cool Girl:)

Please excuse the excellent view of our living room. Can you see the Harry Potter box set in the background?

Oh and this is a homemade scarf, by me and my mum (3% me, 97% mum:)

AND..... also, I have finished one of my first ever awesome sewing projects. These are just a prototype, becuase I wouldn't want to mess up on expensive cool fabric, so my dad and me got this heavy cheap bad fabric, so even if I messed up, it's not like I'm going to wear them, EVER!


When I took this I hadn't done the waistband or hem yet

And I also realised there was a hole in the groyne area (now taken care of) so that the explaination behind the crotch holding.

Okay, that is the end. I must go and enjoy the last few moments of freedom I have by watching some friends. (My auntie gave me the whole box set, to borrow, of course:)

Wish me luck in the big, bad, immature, stinky, PE filled dungeon, also known as school. Only eight weeks to go......................

Also, here are some questions:

What do you think of my outfit? I think the colours are good, but maybe I am just a snobby colour blocking ammateur that knows nothing.

Any tips on surving school without accidentally (on purpose) burning it down? Much appreciated.

And finally something for my future bestseller- A Day In The Life of A Bum Chin. How many of you have bum chins?

Wheelbarrows of Love, Carla, couch potato and in desperate need of a Freaky Friday moment with someone who has finished school:)


  1. I love your out fit! I also love the colour mustard!!!! Nice pants by the way..... all I made in textiles was a pair of boxer shorts that people probably think I got off the streets but just don't say anything to hurt my feelings! No, I don't have a bum chin. I have a tip for surfing school and that is to stare really hard at the teachers and see if they notice! It's really fun. Got to go! Lots of love Charli

  2. LOL! :D You must not like school very much.

  3. which outfit are you asking about? the bright blue slouchy pants? or the fairy pants? do you feel pretty when you wear the outfit? that's the most important thing. your mustard top is lovely. i'm far too pasty, to ever pull that color off. your scarf ties all the colors together. reminds me of a scarf i got from a hospital gift shop. i like the beanie hat with it as well. will you show us the fairy pants with finished hem & waistband?

  4. Hihi I'd be happy to skip my workday tomorrow and try out your school! :)
    I love your cute little fringe bag, top & scarf:>

    Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving lovely comments! My internet connection was SO bad for few days so I had to skip visiting everyone's blogs until got it fixed ! ^^ Finally, here I am. :D

    xx indie by heart

  5. i like the 1st picture. sorry dont have time to read all of that now, but i will get back to that later :)

  6. i very like your blog

  7. You look so pretty in these photos! I like your style!
    Take a look at my blog, and if you like it, follow me, I'll be waiting for you!

    Cosa mi metto???

  8. such a nice top, mustard is really in at the moment, i love it paired with the trackies!

  9. really loving the mustard!

  10. the mustard color is definitely my fave as well!
    and how you paired it with blue just pure awesomeness!