Friday, 28 October 2011

donut hat anyone?

You know I'm just going to skip the whole i'm sorry for not posting thing. It's so unoriginal. Instead of saying I'm sorry for not posting I'm going to say something like: purple llamas rollerskating or something. Okay. okay, i'll work on it.

Today is the start of a four day weekend, becuase of the melbourne cup (for people who don't know that is basically a 2 minute horse race that the whole state gets a day off for.) Plus everyone who goes wears fancy hats, some of which could be seen from the moon.

  • My nonna is staying for the weekend so obviously I will gain a couple of kilos, which is fine if there is pasta involved:)
  • I'm imagining a purple llama rollerskating
  • I'm laughing
  • Only 29 days of school left!!!!
  • I got jelly beans in english today
  • As if you even care
  • Sorry stopping now.
This post probably isn't going to be very good. (As you can see advertsing is NOT one of my strong points.)

But today I was hoping to put cool fortune teller, mystical, gypsie photos on (that probably want be any good either.) But it was pouring today and my um, photographer (my bother brother) was grumpy. So i'm hoping my next post will be filled with fortune tellerness.

Anyway, I am just going to show you some thing.

Thank you to Rookie for inspiring me. My headpiece is definitely not as creative as yours, but I was pretty impressed. (But then again I do get impressed really easily.)

I reckon it's pretty 20's.
(I saw Midnight In Paris last weekend and now I officially need one of those dresses.)

I wish I could say that I made this flower. But it's just something thats been lying around my room for ages.
Kind of last week's science homework.
(just kidding)

Do you like it?

I am atempting others as we speak.

  • Sit on butt
  • Cure cancer, while sitting on butt
  • Create world peace.
  • with my awesome dancing skills.
  • eat
  • Watch Melbourne cup eagerly and see if I win my classes betting thingy
  • winner gets $12.can you say score?
  • Look at everyones blogs and fume in jealousy, then write an angry letter, punch a wall, spend ten billion hours reading all of your posts. then draw insulting pictures of you prancing about with your annoying perfect entertaining blogs and then eat some icecream and then realise that I am so pathetic.
  • sleep
  • do excruciatingly painful philosophy homework
  • if daring wear a halloween cape into the city with my auntie.
  • if not wear normal clothes
  • some marathon, two movies
  • dissapointing.
  • :(
  • practice my awesome italian skills.
  • so far I can say "how many doors does the car have?"
  • (an apparently stupid question!)
  • dream about the amazing birthday presents I am going to get.
Yes. that's right it is my birthday the day after the four day weekend. but i'm not allowed a day off.

Apparently school is important or something.

I was just curious  how old do you think I am?
Charli no telling.
Please comment and tell me. WARNING:I will be offended if you say 83 or something.

Also comment and give me some positive engery. Looking at certain people's blogs makes me feel like my blog is poo.
(oh god, I am so immature)

Oh I also found this crazy hats on the internet. check them out, have a laugh, vow to go out and buy a hat tommorrow.Go nuts.

 for more look here
CARLA, blogger jealousy experiencer and hat needer.
Also, just some awesome songs I've been listening to:
Fire and Rain-James Taylor
Pumped up Kicks-Foster the People
The A team-some guy whos name I forget
Betty Baby-Lanie Lane
Awkward-San Cisco
Old Friend-Angus and Julia Stone
Oedipus-Regina Spektor
Doo Wah Doo-Kate Nash


  1. LOL this made me literally laugh my ass off xDD
    "Look at everyones blogs and fume in jealousy, then write an angry letter, punch a wall, spend ten billion hours reading all of your posts. then draw insulting pictures of you prancing about with your annoying perfect entertaining blogs and then eat some icecream and then realise that I am so pathetic."

    *Pickig it up now* you are NOOT PATHETIC!!! I love reading your blog (the quirkiness is always refreshing) I'm tired of lifestyle blogd=s, and geek blogs, and entertainments blogs. We need more crap blogs xDD

    I'd say...maybe...18? Lol thats always a safe answer. Tell me your age!!

  2. carla, i think you will be 14. your hat is very elegant, & fun at the same time. i wish i could create my halloween costume around it. i don't know why i think pump of the kicks reminds me of a michael jackson song. definitely wear the cape. you won't regret it, & if you do, simply take it off. please spend as much time with your nonna as possible. maybe even write down some of her amazing pasta recipes, & snap some photographs of her, & the food she creates. or better yet have her write the recipes, so that they are in her handwriting. i'm completely serious, for once.

  3. Hmm.. My prediction is you are not a day older than 15! Am I close? :)

    I am totally with you. I spend hours being jealous on other people's blog. BUt then again, it is such waste of time anyway.. Guess we just have to be grateful with what we have :)


  4. Those glasses really match you, hehe. :)

  5. Haha your so funny! I like how you write :) your headpiece is super cool, and I love the donut hat. Ahhh..lucky you..4 day weekends are so fun.

  6. Those food hats (I hope they're edible) are WICKEDLY AWESOME! :D And I think you are turning thirteen. Am I right?

  7. aww i love your happy list. and im quite jealous of your red hair. i had to buy a wig for halloween haha coz i was ariel :P

  8. Your blog is awesome. My blog is poo though. But In guess everyone says that about there own blog. Have a great weekend and i think you are turning. Hang on, i know how old you are!!

  9. what a hats!!! :d love them, very original!


  10. Ohh you girl are so hilarious, loved the post - this made my rainy day a bit brighter indeed! :)

    xx Thanks for your comment! My mobile phone camera isn't the greatest, and I hate to take pics with it :D But now have to cope with the electronics we've got :P

  11. This post made me laugh and put a smile on my face!!! Your head piece looks great, very 1920s. Also Happy Birthday!!! Hope you get to eat lot's of cake, that's my favorite thing about bdays. I'm guessing you'll be 15 or 16?

  12. Interesting hats.

  13. awwww so many sweet hats! :D

  14. thats quiet a to do list you got there. GET ON IT..haha! Plus can I have a donut hate...LIKE PLEASE? MADE FROM REAL MAGICAL DONUTS????

  15. Awesome post! Loved reading all of it! xoxo

  16. omg, i love these hats, they are so over the top!!!!

  17. I once saw an iPad hat
    so crazy has no limit
    love them
    Always following
    The Dolls Factory