Friday, 28 October 2011

donut hat anyone?

You know I'm just going to skip the whole i'm sorry for not posting thing. It's so unoriginal. Instead of saying I'm sorry for not posting I'm going to say something like: purple llamas rollerskating or something. Okay. okay, i'll work on it.

Today is the start of a four day weekend, becuase of the melbourne cup (for people who don't know that is basically a 2 minute horse race that the whole state gets a day off for.) Plus everyone who goes wears fancy hats, some of which could be seen from the moon.

  • My nonna is staying for the weekend so obviously I will gain a couple of kilos, which is fine if there is pasta involved:)
  • I'm imagining a purple llama rollerskating
  • I'm laughing
  • Only 29 days of school left!!!!
  • I got jelly beans in english today
  • As if you even care
  • Sorry stopping now.
This post probably isn't going to be very good. (As you can see advertsing is NOT one of my strong points.)

But today I was hoping to put cool fortune teller, mystical, gypsie photos on (that probably want be any good either.) But it was pouring today and my um, photographer (my bother brother) was grumpy. So i'm hoping my next post will be filled with fortune tellerness.

Anyway, I am just going to show you some thing.

Thank you to Rookie for inspiring me. My headpiece is definitely not as creative as yours, but I was pretty impressed. (But then again I do get impressed really easily.)

I reckon it's pretty 20's.
(I saw Midnight In Paris last weekend and now I officially need one of those dresses.)

I wish I could say that I made this flower. But it's just something thats been lying around my room for ages.
Kind of last week's science homework.
(just kidding)

Do you like it?

I am atempting others as we speak.

  • Sit on butt
  • Cure cancer, while sitting on butt
  • Create world peace.
  • with my awesome dancing skills.
  • eat
  • Watch Melbourne cup eagerly and see if I win my classes betting thingy
  • winner gets $12.can you say score?
  • Look at everyones blogs and fume in jealousy, then write an angry letter, punch a wall, spend ten billion hours reading all of your posts. then draw insulting pictures of you prancing about with your annoying perfect entertaining blogs and then eat some icecream and then realise that I am so pathetic.
  • sleep
  • do excruciatingly painful philosophy homework
  • if daring wear a halloween cape into the city with my auntie.
  • if not wear normal clothes
  • some marathon, two movies
  • dissapointing.
  • :(
  • practice my awesome italian skills.
  • so far I can say "how many doors does the car have?"
  • (an apparently stupid question!)
  • dream about the amazing birthday presents I am going to get.
Yes. that's right it is my birthday the day after the four day weekend. but i'm not allowed a day off.

Apparently school is important or something.

I was just curious  how old do you think I am?
Charli no telling.
Please comment and tell me. WARNING:I will be offended if you say 83 or something.

Also comment and give me some positive engery. Looking at certain people's blogs makes me feel like my blog is poo.
(oh god, I am so immature)

Oh I also found this crazy hats on the internet. check them out, have a laugh, vow to go out and buy a hat tommorrow.Go nuts.

 for more look here
CARLA, blogger jealousy experiencer and hat needer.
Also, just some awesome songs I've been listening to:
Fire and Rain-James Taylor
Pumped up Kicks-Foster the People
The A team-some guy whos name I forget
Betty Baby-Lanie Lane
Awkward-San Cisco
Old Friend-Angus and Julia Stone
Oedipus-Regina Spektor
Doo Wah Doo-Kate Nash

Friday, 21 October 2011

the tale of the unknown mold

Please excuse the title, there isn't really any story about the mold, the title just sounded cool.

weekend=nutella and peanut butter sandwich, which believe it or not is delicious, TRY IT!

This is just a quick post for photos, so i won't be blabbing on and on like normal, sorry for all you carla fans, maybe you can go through my garbage or something 1# fanish like that.

(that was a joke it case you didn't catch that.)

PHOTOS!! ATTACK...........
Jay jays jeans, hand me down Emily t-shirt, not my jumper, home made scarf, nerd glasses, sportsgirl panda hat, awesome unbrella and emily badge from retro star.

I know i look kind of angry in this photo, I was. Plus it was too wet to smile today.

The concept seemed much more arty than the final product

In this photo I am secretly hoping that I will suddenly transform into Mary Poppins.

My fence is such a good model.


Thanks for listening.

I better go. I have general Saturday things to do. I am a busy person, west side story to listen to, friends to watch, you know:)

Please comment.You guys are like sun shining through the rain-Wow, that was a tad sappy, wait... okay sentimental feelings gone now. It's all good.

Love CARLA, mary poppins wannabe and not my jumper wearer:)

PS: can't wait for when i take cool halloweenish/mystical photos, i have some cool ideas.


Wednesday, 19 October 2011

school=vegemite sandwich


Belly buttons are the wierdest things is the entire universe, maybe with the exception of ears.When god created the world, how on earth did he come up with a belly button. Weird weird weird.

I mean seriously, next time someone calls you wierd, call them wierd beacuse they have a belly button and ears too. Then they'll probably call you wierd back and cautiously ask what belly buttons have to do with anything, then maybe try to either measure your temperature, call security or run depending on who they are.

Well, you can see how I could procrastinate and not find the tiniest bit of time to do a new post. I believe I needed a break because i felt my posts were dropping to the standard of a tuna sandwich, and I HATE tuna.

Also we had injections today and after freaking out,  hyperventilating, freaking out a bit more, holding teachers hand, singing Areoplane Jelly to calm the nerves, going through a bit of pain, eating three jelly beans and missing all of philosophy, my last injections for year seven were over and so was half an hour of my day.

But anyway, school is starting to rise to the equivalent of maybe, say a..... cheese and vegemite sandwich, which is okay but not the best. not as bad as tuna, but not as good as peanut butter and definitely not as excellent as nutella.

Okay, ignore what i said at the start, I am wierd belly button or not.


Okay, maybe don't let the seriousness commence...
The following are some photos of an outfit I wore on Sunday. I would've had Saturday outfit photos, but unfortunately my stupid i pod doesn't have the mental campibility to take GOOD photos at night!!!!!

But i will one day show you the epic rainbow hat I wore on Saturday, never fear it will appear in your lives.


Please ignore the half random smile thing.

This is my favourite photo. God bless my brother's freakish ability to take suprisingly,arty photos once i beg him to take a maximum of five photos usually in exchange for personal labour.

In case you are wondering the book is a children's illustrated encyclopedia, and i thought it matched my outfit.

The outfit by the way is Miss Shop tights, hand me down pants rolled up, my auntie/cousin's cardi stolen when I was cold, some random red top, nerd glasses and red beret.

Anyway, just telling you that even though I don't really celebrate Halloween (because it's an American tradition and we're Australian. And lollies rot your teeth.) But.... I am going to post some cool halloween photos hopefully, including a fully sick halloween/lolita/whatever i can find in my cupboard that looks cool outfit.

 So before you go here are some buring questions for you:

(why do they say burning anyway. Their not on fire or anything.)

Do you have any bad injection experiences worthy of three jelly beans reward to share with us?

Can you think of anything wierder than ears and belly buttons?

Also do you people from other countries know what vegemite is? And do you have any vegemite questions for a vegemite lover and worshipper (aka me)?

And, in your brain, think of the best day and what sandwich that would be equivalent to.

Thanks for listening.
Carla, tuna hater and belly button ponderer.

And don't forget to take a moment in your day to have a good ponder about you belly button, where it may have came from and how on earth it is useful.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The spastic possum


I am considering sueing someone.

Whoever made up the whole school thing should make sure they get a good lawyer or just run away to Iceland or something and change their name.

 Although whoever came up with school is probably dead, so maybe I will save this for my unfinished business when I die and then I'll get all the awesome ghost lawyers to own the mastermind behind education.

But seriously spending like 35 hours a week doing wierd stuff like longitude and latitude and being flower wreath deprived. What is that all about?

40 days and 280 periods of class until Summer holidays:) Seriously, I have a countdown sheet next to my bed.

Anyway, this post is a bit like a purple coloured llama becuase- well, actually it isn't anything like a purple llama, but you have to admit a llama is cool enough, but a purple llama would be like out of this world, reeking with coolness.

Sorry, my love for llamas is overwhelming at first. But really this post isn't filled with much, um, what is it called, that wierd thingy, um.......information, thats it!

I am going to do that fully sick inspiration photos thing, that all the cool kids are doing on their blogs.

Okay, serious face now. There is a style called lolita. It is from Japan and there are many different styles of it. Basically it makes me want to go find some huge heels, massive bows and loads of lace and just go on a Lolita frenzy!!

This is aparently punk lolita

And this is gothic lolita

This is sweet Lolita, which is like lollypops and rainbows BOOM in your face.

Please note the pony handbag.

This is wa Lolita, which I am told by my good friend the internet is a mixture of all the styles.

And you can always share this with your friends. As long as there are enough pony handbags to go around

And this is called guro lolita, which, honestly, scares me, but is cool all the same.

And i don't know how to rotate pictures..... noob city:)

Okay, so sorry if this has been a bad post. I've never done the photo inspiration thing before and i'm not sure i get the gold star of approval.

But anyway, here are some questions for you, and only you:

Which is your favourite style?

Was your experience at school good or bad?

And finally....
did you here it is Gumbi's anniversary today?


Love Carla, freedom deprivee and gumbi celebrator:)

(is deprivee a word?)

WAIT! there is a spastic possum in our roof/walls/pantry (no, not pantry:) And it is so ANNOYING. constant scratching and running around is making me so peeved, (peeved, ha ha ) Any tips on possum control.

Much appreicated.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

fairies, mustard and bum chins

Today I am just showing you what I wore yesterday. The exhaustion of Listmania combined with my cold and my last day of holidays disease, has made me incapable of writing heaps. In fact I have barely been able to drag myself to the computer today.

I went shopping with Charli and only brought $15, but managed to score this top which was $30! I am a master:) nah, thank god for the loving people who lend me money!

I am certain that this colour can only be described as mustard. I love the colour mustard!!!!
Here it is:

Wow, is that really what my chin looks like?


These are my Cotton on body trackies, my target beanie (skills), my Jay Jays bag and my brand new top from a shop called Cool Girl:)

Please excuse the excellent view of our living room. Can you see the Harry Potter box set in the background?

Oh and this is a homemade scarf, by me and my mum (3% me, 97% mum:)

AND..... also, I have finished one of my first ever awesome sewing projects. These are just a prototype, becuase I wouldn't want to mess up on expensive cool fabric, so my dad and me got this heavy cheap bad fabric, so even if I messed up, it's not like I'm going to wear them, EVER!


When I took this I hadn't done the waistband or hem yet

And I also realised there was a hole in the groyne area (now taken care of) so that the explaination behind the crotch holding.

Okay, that is the end. I must go and enjoy the last few moments of freedom I have by watching some friends. (My auntie gave me the whole box set, to borrow, of course:)

Wish me luck in the big, bad, immature, stinky, PE filled dungeon, also known as school. Only eight weeks to go......................

Also, here are some questions:

What do you think of my outfit? I think the colours are good, but maybe I am just a snobby colour blocking ammateur that knows nothing.

Any tips on surving school without accidentally (on purpose) burning it down? Much appreciated.

And finally something for my future bestseller- A Day In The Life of A Bum Chin. How many of you have bum chins?

Wheelbarrows of Love, Carla, couch potato and in desperate need of a Freaky Friday moment with someone who has finished school:)

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Listmania! PART DOS

Sorry that I haven't posted this sooner but you know how hectic life can be, especially if you have loads of things to do  like writing english essays signing many many number one fan's arms and heads and-

Anyways I have been having great fun and I am so glad you guys commented. Thank god! You have reassured me I am not a completely crazy list maker with too much spare time (at least I think you have....)

Let the listmania begin!

requested by Teddi-
  • Okay just let me tell you I like drawing but my skill level is okayish, emphasis on the ish part. Some animals have been mistaken for other animals and that is why I'm not exactly the Leonardo Da Vinci of the 21st Century.
  • anyway:
  • Smily faces, so cliche but oh so addictive
  • flowers, again cliche but it makes me feel all Anne of Green Gablesish and la di da ball gowns and gloves, if you know what I mean.
  • Sponge Bob, Anyone who doesn't know what the beep I just said, I think I am going to have to banish you forever.
  • Kolams, They are this cool Indian pattern that make me feel all turbanish and palm trees and saris and snake charmer, again if you know what I mean.
  • People. Well i like to draw people but normally end up getting peeved at myself becuase they look all mutated and disproportinal. (I love the word peeved.)
  • Mushrooms are pretty fun to draw and are easy so the peeved factor is pretty low.
  • And last but not least, fairies (but I like to spell it faeries.) They are ownage, full stop.
This is an example of a kolam. Mine aren't this good, but one day I would like to master the art and call myself the true kolam karate master yo dude.

List Zwei:
requested by Charli-
  • UM, UM, UM, UM.
  • um.................
  • ask me to chose favourite books, that is almost as bad as favourite movies, charli is a cruel cruel blogger.:)
  • okay, don't get offended if i don't chose shakespear of something, becuase to tell the truth I don't really get all that ye olde english stuff yet.
  • I'd love to say Harry Potter but I have never finished any of the books apart from seven becuase something stupid in my brain goes "I've seen the movie, what's the point?" And then I get really angry at myself and I call myself a name and then me and myself get into an argument and don't talk to each other for days and then finally make up and are best friends again.
  • EMILY- pretty damn skilled
  • Mao's Last Dancer- If i was Mao I would command all of China to read this book
  • Skulduggery Plesant- Talking Skeleton Detective. Pure Awesomeness, with a hint of blowing peoples heads off on the side
  •  And one more,The Princess Diaries- Caution: extreme rambling in this book. Maybe that's why I love it.
  • Please don't attack me with huge thick copies of Macbeth, Shakespear owns, okay
List Three:
requested by
  • STRANGLING!!!!!!!! I'm kidding....... you hope:)
  • tying up your hair, duh!
  • Making the world doesn't see your pink frilly I heart Justin Bieber undies, unless you really want them to
  • Fixing a wedding dress minutes before you're meant to say "I do". Has anyone else seen 27 dresses?
  • A stylish braclet
  • A stylish anklet
  • A perfect wedgie weapon. I'm thinking attaching the undies to the ribbon and the ribbon to the car/flagpole/aeroplane.
  • Excellent spontanious ribbon twirling prop
  • I could think of more, but I want to concerntrate on that wedgie idea.............Interesting....
List quatro:
requested (again:) by Charli-
  • Sorry Charli but I really want to change this to the most annoying fashions ever, becuase I have fashion anger that I need to get out in a healthy way instead of the other way (punching a wall)
  • Short shorts in winter. yes. yes, you have nice legs, the world doesn't need to know. Plus you must be freezing :0
  • Jeggings. I apologies if this offends devoted jegging wearers, but I'm sorry, Jeggings?!
  • Flared pants. Sorry 70's but these are horrifying.
  • tongue piercings. just a question: how do you eat???
  • I'm sorry, I can't go on, I'm really scared that people are going to get all angry becuase they love jeggings and have tongue piercings. And seriously the angry shakespear lovers are enough!
  • but......... I did look up the worst fashion trends ever and the listed overalls as one of them!
I'm sorry, but does this change your mind?????

YEAH!!!!! I finally tried these on!! unfortunately they are too unpractical to purchase

The final list
requested by
  • Teddi suggested photos, but I'm sorry my feet have pins and needles and I am generally a lazy person, so I am going with links.
  • My Dad's jumper from Italy that you can see here
  • My red tights that make me feel like a superhero. Hmm, a name.... I'm going with Piranha Gorilla Terminator. you can see here
  • My orange top that definetly does NOT clash with my hair. Isn't it great?
  • My flowery tights that are completely "peace man, save the trees."
  • And of course my purple jeans, who in my opinion deserve a song and personal shrine dovoted to them.
  • Yellow Overalls. If only I had them..... sob sob sob. Must reach for the tissues, no. too overcome with emotion to move......
Sorry if this has been a one stop rubbish fest. At least next time it will be back to normal. Now some randomness to make you smile and hopeflly forget that I don't like jeggings.

Coolest flowers ever!!

LETS HEAR IT FOR GLOW STICKS!!!!! The ultimate craziness items, perfect for spastic photos at 11 pm.


Wait! just telling you Charli and me's hippie extravaganza is coming soon......

Love Carla, Ugly Face Maker and Wedgie Master