Wednesday, 7 September 2011

A picnic with the fairies

Thanks for your comments on my video, It made me smile to be called cute:)
The day i recorded that video I was feeling a strange hippy kind of mood, so naturally I made a flower wreath.
I wish I had a field of flowers to frolic through

I also had the urge to meet some fairies.

But that is kind of hard when you are a mere mortal and haven't located the portal to their realm yet. So i read a book about fairies which is the next best thing.
LOOK! some magical (shop bought, plastic) fairy mushrooms!

this book includes a description of teabag fairies (this name would cause a laugh from boys, get it? teabag. ha ha immature.)

I was in such a peace man save the trees mood that I made a fairy ring and sprinkled some flowers around. I would've chanted some awesome jibberish magic spell, but i don't know any.

My fairy satchel lying on the perfect green grass, in a photogenic position
My fairy ring was lacking in flowers, i felt bad about pulling out my dad's beautiful plants

I also made this mental wishlist of hippyish things I want. I am not a spoiled brat, but "want" sounds so Veruca Saltish. (You know "Daddy, I WANT a pony!")
  • A combi, preferably painted in a hippyish way. I think my dad is actually considering selling one of our cars for it
  • A tie dyed kaftan
  • To meet some fairies
  • get some cool 70's glasses
  • A cool beaded/embroided bag
  • really long beautiful, amazing hair
  • some pet butterflies
  • a tee pee
  • some cool indie music to listen to 
  • feather earings
  • one of those indian feather headbands 
Also, my friend has made a blog. Please check it out, because she is awesome!!

Some questions:
Am I weird for being obsessed with fairies?
Any tips for flower wreath making?
What are some cool indie bands that will make me feel all special? 

Love Carla,
Wanna be hippy and fairy ring maker:)


  1. Great post. No it's not weird to want to meet fairies! Just the other night i had a random dream about meeting fairies! My mum has some advice for the flower weath. I'll tell you on friday!

  2. I have the same book!! =)


  3. I love fairies and I believe in them!

  4. Hey there! :)
    Psh, whoever says you're weird for being obsessed about faeries is crazy.

  5. hey, no you're not weird... half the female folk must have been obsessed with fairies at one point in their life, me included.

    never made a flower wreath before... i should learn how to do it.

  6. Yes!! This is awesome!!! I totally had a book like this when I was a little girl.
    Why are fairies so wonderful?

  7. Cool flower wreath!!

  8. I LOVE fairies! You are NOT weird for obsessing about them. I don't know anything about flower wreath making or Indie bands. (What are those?)
    But I DO have a fairy spell! :D It's supposed to bring you good luck. (Don't over do it, and I think it works better if you say it in your head.)

    Forest and fairies of the glade,
    Attend to me as this spell is made.
    Grant my boon, I ask of thee,
    And bring your blessing unto me.

    (Don't even get me started on what a Boon is.)

  9. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment for me! Hih it sure is cute that my name means fairy tales, and it suits me since I love stories & fairies and all thing mystic ! :) But it's such a short name that I've never had any nicknames, and I wish I had.. :) Carla is such a pretty name, somehow reminds me of Calla-lilies ?

    Cute blog! I hope you make a new visit to mine sometimes, it would be lovely to catch up in the future :>