Thursday, 29 September 2011

Listmania! PART UNO

 Today is listmania day, i have decided to split the list of lists in half, becuase I although I am a pretty skilled listmaker (and plan to recieve a noble prize for it some day) I cannot brinmg myself to write ten emusing lists for you all. So I am settling for five, the easiest ones.

The answer is yes.

List Uno:
 requested by Rosamond Kim-
  • I need to pee. does anyone alse find their bladder completely inconvienient?
  • The smell of a delicious breakfast feast drags me downstairs,in my elegant expensive nightgown, where I find a maid in a little uniform ready to give me compliments and a foot massage.
  • I wish 8(
  • This really annoying thing called school, equivalent to an irritating mosquito in a tiny sleeping space, requests that we all be their at 8:40am. Phhh, who are they, to boss me around?
  • To check my comments hopefully and slightly pathetically
  • rushing to finish unfinished homework that should have been finished before the morning I am meant to have it finished. ARRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!
  • Destiny is calling me.
  • Or more like my brother is calling me.
  • sleeping in is over rated.
  • actually i take that back, cause half of the world will be at my doorstep with torches and pitchforks
  • i have the desperate desire to write a list
List Zwei:
requested by my friend
  • Okay this is like an one hundrenth of my real list.
  • West Side Story- I cried, laughed, covered my eyes and felt the need to break into song.
  • Troy- Violence, giant wooden horses and violence. What more could you ask for?
  • Mulan- pretty skilled.
  • Connie and Carla- It has my name in it. Of course it's the best movie ever!
  • Confessions of a Shopaholic- best scene: Isla Fisher trying to get her credit card out of a block of ice with a high heel shoe
  • John Tucker Must DIE- LETS HEAR IT FOR REVENGE!!!!!!!! charli will agree with me:)
  • Take the Lead- Antonio Banderas. YAY
  • Breakfast at Tiffanys- Wish I lived near Tiffanys:)
  • Mamma Mia- singing in Greece on the beach with Meryl Streep, that is the life.
  • I am really scared now that I have left something vital out, or that one of these movies is like the worst movie ever.
  • Please don't kill me if you hate musicals.
  • Also, The Matrix got number 21 on the IMDB best movies ever list.
  • i hate the matrix
  • i need to do some yoga right now.
list trois:
requested by Leanna Kay-
  • The squishiness of my brother's face
  • okay, just so you know, i laugh at the randomest things ever. Please do not use the following information to control me and therfore control  the world, like the mad scientists I know you all are
  • the words: lock, do chickens pee and a certain persons name that I can't mention on the internet
  • Mr bean and his hilarious face
  • Fawlty Towers
  • I just think baboons are funny, I'm sorry if this offends any baboons or baboon enthusiasts reading this
  • sometimes when people say random phrases I just do this thing that could only be described at ROFLing.
  • This can last for about 10 minutes or so
  • some very funny dance moves that me and the brother enjoy performing
  • Lots of jokes that aren't and will never ever be (with the exception of in opposit land) funny, ever!
  • ferrets.
  • ferrets are very funny.
  • so are dwarf mongooses.
  • the end. HA HA HA.
List Four:
requested by The Magic Violinist-
  • Professor Trelawney, is that how you spell it? She's the bomb, and we look alike.
  • Cornelius Fudge- He cracks me up. FUDGE, ha ha ha ha :)
  • Neville- When did he get so cool?
  • Bellatrix Le Strange-I love her and hate her at the same time. Her hair must be a pain to brush
  • Peter Pettigrew- More commonly known as Peter Puffball between me and Charli. He is pretty creepy
  • Dobby- I know he's not played by a real person, but he's real to me. Okay? (sob, sob, sob) RIP Dobby
  • Voldemort- Favourite voldemort moment: when he and Draco share that awkward hug in number & part 2
  • Harry- How could I not say Harry?
  • Doloros Umbridge- I want to punch her, but she's pretty skilled, you have to admit
  • Fred and George- Just plain awesome
  • Hermoine-GIRL POWER!
  • Ron- Redheads rule like peanut butter sandwiches
  • And finally,
  • the best ever.............
  • ...................
  • Hedwig!!
  • She never talks, but is clearly the most ownage character ever.
  • Wait! I forgot Hagrid
  • and Dumbledore
  • And-
  • ARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHH, this is so annoying!!
List funf:
Requested by Teddi
  • I will have you know I am currently building a time machine and one day I will rule the world with epic dinosaurs from the past, and everyone will bow down to me and I will be the greatest of them all it will be really great.
  • Ancient greece, I want to wear a toga okay. Bet I look great in it.
  • Way back to visit the cavemen and wow them with my ownage fire skills and magic fire sticks (more commonly known as matches)
  • 60 years from now, so I can see everyone all old and I'll be all young and groovy
  • Back 30 years so i can see my parents and teachers all young and crazy and wearing fluro clothes and with perms and then I'll have a huge laughing fit on the ground
  •  Back ages so I can ride a dinosaur
  • Back even longer so I can ride some ancient bacteria
  • Back even longer so i can either meet God or experience the awesomness of the big bang
  • Back to the wars so i can change it
  • Back to 9/11 so I can change it
  • Back to whenever the matrix was made so i could talk whoever made it out of their terrible future mistake
Thank you. Sorry if this has been a endless rubbish fest of words, but at least i enjoyed it. If you have any more lists, please comment.

Even if you don't please comment.

If however you are very angry at me for being mean to the matrix, please don't be too harsh.
Wait! some more randomness before you leave:

Radios are hard!

But old school radios are so FUN!



  1. yo yo my bro again!!!


  2. Haha..loved it!! Very cool. Thanks for visiting me doll! To answer your question, I just take their picture, most people don't realise their picture is being taken, I just get my camera out and take it. It takes some practise as at first I was too nervous, but now its cool :) Hope you have a great day!! xx

  3. Haha, loved these lists, Fawlty Towers never fails to make me laugh either. And I totally agree with you about Neville, that kid got cool, and kinda cute as well :) xo

  4. Love the list of what makes you get up in the morning ;)

  5. I liked your lists! The time travel one was very amusing and very funny!
    As for the Matrix, its one of those films people "get" and like when their older.
    So if you watch it again when your 30 you might think:
    "Oh wow this movie is good! I love it! How dare my younger self hate this movie! Thats it, I'm going into my time machine now to go yell at my younger self for making fun of this movie!"

  6. i think i've seen john tucker must die 6 times or more. it was one of those flicks where i watched it the next day, & i listened to all the commentaries.
    you + radio photos = hilarious

  7. heyya, just wanted to come let you know that the language i write with is finnish :) my native language, since i'm from Finland ! ^^

    xx indie by heart

  8. Great lists! Love Confessions of a Shopaholic :)

  9. i'm following u ,it's your turn ,follow my blog :***

  10. Cool lists! :D One thing, you TOTALLY need to watch Back to the Future 1, 2, and 3. You can't change history like that. The main character, Marty McFly, almost killed himself and wiped himself from existence. :O

  11. PS: I can't wait for Listmania Part Dos! :D

  12. Omg I HATE it when I have to get up in the morning to pee! But then again, it happens every morning lol, darn them peanut bladders! Omg FIFA is sick <-- not in the te good way either, I just don't see how sports games can have any appeal LOL But yes Sims fans unite and I wish EA would stop making the add-ons sooooo expensive!

  13. Hey Redpunzel,
    I appreciate the compliment and you liking my blog. I'm sorry you don't understand though. It's about my 'problem' with bulimia, so I'm not sure you'd be that interested in it anyway. I like yours though, nice pictures and design.

  14. I like old radios also ! HaHahA

  15. Hey, thanks for checking out our blog and for commenting :)

    This post is really fun, like your pictures!
    how abour following each other?

  16. Love it. Very inspirational.


  17. love this post it says the truth!

  18. Write a list of the weirdest songs you've heard or something I am going to post about soon which is weird/funny/note worthy fashion statments you've seen. i am going to sit in a busy area and take notes or sketches of them. Me and mum are commenting on your writing skills as well. You are so good at engaging people. Please teach me how to write so well!!! I have a lot to learn of you!

  19. Such a lovely post I like it! Come and visit my blog, and if you like it, follow me, I'll be waiting for you!

    Cosa mi metto???

  20. Thanks so much for following! : ) We follow you now too.