Sunday, 25 September 2011

The joys of bandaids

I have decided to keep listmania, for next post. Becuase when you use a word like listmania, it actually should include more the two lists.

 So please, please please, give me a list. Any list!!!!! Even if it's a list of different kinds of farts or a list of ways to wear socks with style, i don't mind. It won't creep me out at all (I've done that enough already with my farts suggestion.)

Anyway. Here are outfit photos from the last two days.

On Saturday we went to the National Gallery of Victoria (that sounds so fancy. I just call it the gallery with the cool water wall thingy out the front. Very professional, carla...)

We stood in a room with lots of other artistic people, admiring lots of beautiful artifacts of artwork.

 (On these occasions it is very fun to pretend you actually know something about art , it's all in your facial expressions;)

Here is my artistically arty art lover outfit:

My mum hates this jumper:)
Probably becuase it isn't meant for girls.

Me trying to construct a fantastic vogue model pose.

And failing.

This is a badge I bought at a vintage market

And this is a brooch given to me by my parents who got it from Perth.

And yesterday me, my brother and my dad went on a ride near the beach with our new bikes.

Well, dad and my brother had new bikes.

I was riding my fully sick gangster (not at all kiddie) BMX!! pretty cool, right?

I'm sure this outfit isn't fit for a bike rider.

But i'm still learning the bike etiquette.

Like how your not meant to stop in the middle of the bike path.

Or make faces when someone overtakes you.

Here it is:

This is my dad's old shirt from Spain, my necklace made by my bestie and some old ties since I was just out of suspenders.

Don't ask about the bandaids.

Me, again attempting to me a cool high fashion model.

I'm sure professional models have real suspenders.

I owe this awesomness to my mum, a suspender genius.

don't worry no one has attacked me.

I just thought these coloured band aids were cool.

And they are.

Don't you think?

Some questions:

Would you go on a bike ride in public, if i was wearing this outfit (band aids included)? Be honest. You can't hurt my feelings, as my brother already rated this a 4 out of 10.

Do you like art galleries?

What list would you like me to write????????????????????????????

And the one valuable lesson I have learnt this weekend:

Suspenders give you wedgies!!!!

Love Carla, suspender lover and art gallery poser.

comment, quickly......


  1. i love art galleries! but sadly, i don't get to go too often.

    haha, i think the band-aids are quirky! i like how bright they are ;D

    and yes, suspenders do give you wedgies. i figured that out the hard way too ;[

  2. Write a list of...............wait for it...........................Best movies to watch, awesome books and ...........................................the quirkiest fashion you've ever seen someone actually wear! I know people who have worn quirky things but they are tooooooooo quirky to say.Finished reading Emily!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Love the Band-Aids.No I don't really like art galleries. I usually get bored after 10 mins max. Have never worn suspenders! Sad Face. :-(

  3. Hahaa these are so great

  4. those jean paints are wonderful. did you paint them yourself or did they come like that?
    i adore bike rides!
    yes, i enjoy art galleries!
    list your favorite things to draw, & you could show photos.
    what clothing from your closet do you wear the most? maybe we could see all the ways you wear it.
    or have many cool things do you use ribbon for? besides clever back lovely bow suspenders? wedgies suck. the end.

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  6. You seem like such a fun, quirky lovely young lady. I love your sense of style. I would so wear that outfit out on a bike ride! It's adorable.

    I would like to see a list of things that make you laugh.

    Love your blog,

    Leanna Kay

  7. Art galleries can be so fun to just have a good nose around in! I'm liking that badge very much x

  8. cuute outfit! Heres a list:
    Black dogd
    big dogs
    smart dogs
    puppy dogs
    my dog
    rando (my old dog)
    i simply love dogs :)

  9. How about a list of your favorite Harry Potter characters? Mine could go on and on and on and on and- well you get the idea. ;) I like your jumper! I wear boy jeans, so you can wear boy jumpers! :D (I LOVE the word "jumper", it's so much more fun than a sweater, like we say in America :P) I probably would not go on a bike ride with you wearing that outfit! No offense. It would be better without the bandaids. ;)

  10. By the way, LOVE your new picture at the top of your blog! :D Daisy chains rule! :D

  11. loving them jeans!!

    check me out!

  12. I love your glasses! good look....xo Lisa

  13. Such cool braids! I dunno if I could get away with it you public. But I love your beret!

  14. haha I LIKE this

    photos funny and great ! ;)

  15. cute photos and great looks!! love the red hat and the red suspenders <3

  16. Your outfit is super adorable and fun. I love it!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  17. Awwww hihih you're so cool & funny ^^ Thanks for your manymany lovely comments !

    I totally fell for that badge, since it looks little like Alice (in wonderland) ?? cute anyways, and that brooch too. :>

    xx indie by heart

  18. Nice photos and outfits. :))

  19. totally love your blog,your suspenders are amazing,your comment really made my day thanks and hope you'll maybe follow me xxxx

  20. These pictures are great =)

    Dont forget to enter my $50 La Posh Style giveaway!

  21. Wow, your blog is really cool! I especially love that vintage badge!