Friday, 2 September 2011

Krumping and unidentifiable pizza

Sorry I haven't posted in a bit, but unfortunately I have lost the ability to type.

No just kidding, I've been busy.

ANYWAYS. I am writing this after my first ever social.

Personally i don't see anything social about it. We are seeing the same people we see every day, but there is loud music and the girls are struggling in their heels.

I was picturing a corny american highschool prom the whole way through it.
As always, a list:


  • Lots of awkward year sevens stood around, wishing they were at home eating chinese in front of a romantic comedy
  • Some people got asked out, much to a lot of people's delight.
  • Those people showed their excitement by erupting with loud squeals, much to my annoyance
  • some boys did some stupid things
  • EG: found the need to hop on each others shoulders
  • unfortunately they didn't play the nutbush
  • or the macarena
  • not even one teeny, tiny bit of Lionel Richie
  • Sigh
  • I couldn't see what flavour pizza I was eating
  • At least half of the girls took of their heels, tasting the life of a young party girl
  • so glad I wore flats
  • Saw some couples dance. Very awkwardly might i add.
  • My friend threatened to through pizza at the DJ  if he didn't play Adele
  • My friend asked two teachers and three year 11's to dance
  • one of them said yes
  • my friend slipped over on some lemonade
  • one of my "friends", who is a boy, did some very disturbing dancing
  • One of my other friends felt the need to do some random krumping
  • I wished for it to end
  • And wasted my friday night

sorry no pictures. I'll post something better tomorrow.

Some questions:

Is nightclubbing fun, or do all you guys pretend it is?

What songs would get you dancing?

Do you ever feel like a random krump?

Love Carla


  1. Hey carla! I miss you already. Your blog is Awesome. (almost as good as mine ha ha ha ha!) I wish you came to my school. I love you sooooooooooooooooooooooo much. And miss you even more. You probably get creeped out when i say that but it's true. Thankx for adding that person through my plain brown eyes. Try and get her some more followers. Yay

  2. Dances sound fun and stupid at the same time. (I've never been to school, so I can't tell for sure which is it. But by your post, they sound pretty stupid.) No idea what nightclubbing is. Same for krumps. (What are they?) Songs that would get me going: Anything by, Brooke White, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Maroon 5, Train, The Beatles, Sara Bareilles, and Colbie Callait. :D