Monday, 12 September 2011

Blu Tack. LOL!

I always feel bad when I don't post for a while, but I'm not cool enough to know the cool, yo dude awesome amount of posts you are meant to do a week.
As you can probably tell, my blogesphere hand book hasn't come yet.

Anyways, it is only two more days until holidays and I cannot wait. So I 'll probably be posting a lot more.

Today I have no outfit photos, but I will make a list, just for you:


  • krumping to Soulja boy
  • Listening to my cello teachers attempt at an Italian accent
  • Listening to Officer Krupke from west side story
  • Ice magic
  • Singing the Pirate song at school and making everyone annoyed
  • Watching the boys in my class attempt to do Bollywood dancing
  • Missing out on RE to do extension of English
  • Looking yourself up on google
  • Lip syncing to Moves Like Jagger, (charli: ha ha ha)
  • Seeing your comments and getting all excited and having this little  happy ,fuzzy feeling
  • Hand gesturing
  • Borrowing ten books from the library and having everybody looking at you funny
  • blu tack
  • Laughing at the stupid spell check that spells colour, color. Ridiculous!
  • Disney channel (not that i watch it or anything...)
  • Dancing at a wedding
  •  Writing random lists such as this and hoping they are entertaining

Hope this wasn't too much of a boring post. Just to make sure the dream I had last night (Losing all except two of my followers) doesn't come true. here are some entertaining pictures of Carla through the ages:

Meditating on a mountain. yeah, I'm normal.
Warning: I can make some pretty hideous faces sometimes
Not so much of an all star now. Am I ? Pshh! Monkey bars, pathetic.

I love this photo, it's in Nerdcity, one of my previous posts

Some questions:

Which is your favourite picture?
What are some fun things in life that you enjoy doing?
Do you spell it color or colour ?

Also, there is a writing competition, any ideas what I should write? (And while you are doing my homework for me, can you finish off my humanities project? :)

From Carla, Monkey bar fail and Ice magic lover.

Ps: If you want to hear a good song look up: the Gay Pirate Song by cosmo Jarvis.  Awesome, meaningful song. Tell me what you think.



  1. Re: writing competition, just write honestly and authentically. That's the best advice anyone can give you I think. :-)

    Fickle Cattle

  2. looking myself up on google is such a guilty pleasure of mine :P

    join my ongoing giveaway!!!

  3. First of all, I LOVE Maroon 5! :D Moves Like Jagger is one of my brother's favorite songs by them.
    I like the meditating on the mountain (Meditating is so peaceful) and you holding the Shakespear book.
    Reading, writing, listening to music, computer games, e-mail, blogging, playing with my stuffed animals (especially the Webkinz and my favorite, old, used to be white but is now gray, lost most of its stuffing in its neck, cat), playing with my dog Scout (she is half shitzu half bichon), creating things out of nothing, etc.
    I spell it color.
    I LOVE writing (I want to be a published but not necessarily famous author when I grow up), so this should be a SINCH. My favorite book topics to write about are fiction-fantasy. Books like Harry Potter (my favorite series) and Percy Jackson and Fablehaven give me inspiration. (Look them up. They're AWESOME. :D)
    One of my most recent books that I've written is a series called Fantasya about unicorns that are at war with trolls and elves and giants. The Pegasi rule the unicorns. Maybe write something about unicorns or some other magical creature. :D
    I should try looking myself up on google. ;)

  4. Hello Carla,
    Nice blog. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

    Love from Sophie

  5. Hey, Carla. I've been having a lot of fun commenting on your blog and getting to know you. Would you like to e-mail back and forth with me? If you want to you can e-mail me at:
    my blog name AT gmail DOT com. Let me know! :D

  6. ahahaha you're funny. and no, you're gorgeous ;)
    thanks for your comment..

  7. that was a fun post. great list, very entertaining. great photos to show silly. i spell it color because i'm american, but when writing from those in other countries i sometimes spell it colour. now go do your homework! (jk)

  8. Watching the boys do bollywood dnace does sounds fun!


  9. I spell it colour and get really mad with my spell check for underlining it. Colour's not wrong... it's just British/Canadian.

    Anyway... $200 jewelry giveaway at my blog!

  10. wow! awsome, i really likedd this post and the pics are awsome too ;)

  11. Sooo cute, love the first photo
    Peace n' Kisses

  12. your hair is so lovely!

  13. Meditating on mountains, eh? Nice, nice...