Monday, 19 September 2011

Agro swans and elephant poo

sorry once again. I was thinking about my blog all week wanting to do a post, but I was staying at my aunties house and we had a very tight schedule of getting up at eleven and then having nutella for breakfast. But seriously though, I solemly swear that I will post more now that I have three whole weeks if holidays!!!!

This post is going to be mega list awesomeness. I an going to tell you about my week in some dotpoints:

Day one:
  • Had an excellent breakfast mix of fruit and lollies, that will be envied by chefs everywhere
  • spent 20 excruciating minutes listening to this guy swearing and being racuist on the tram
  • found this fully sick awesome hat, didn't realise it was so windy I couldn't wear it without choking myself
  • Had an excellent conversation with auntie about fibre and what happens if you don't eat any. and what people do if they don't eat enough fibre
    (results too disgusting to write)

sorry i don't know how to rotate pictures

you'll have to get used to sideways Carla:)
Day two:
  • Said goodbye to my cousin who I won't see for a year
  • laughed at childhood photos of family members, lots of funny babies!
  •  found some creepy dolls in a room that smelt of mothballs
Creepy dolls sort of like..............THIS:
This is not that creepy. Dolls in general freak me out. I am shielding you from the real creepy ones, you would have nervous breakdowns and not be able to sleep for weeks.
Day three:
  • Made a daisy chain
  • Lay on the grass soaking up my vitamin D
  • fed the ducks
  • wimpily ran when all the agro swans were closing in on me

See? Look how menacing it is. It's plotting to kill me, i know it.
Day four:
  • Went to the zoo
  • nearly fainted from the heat (it was only 27 degress celcius, don't know how I'm going to survive summer. I'm going with building an igloo in the freezer section of coles.)
  • saw some elephant poo
  • was tempted to steal a meerkat and take it home as my pet.

And then my parents came back from their holiday and I left with lollies in my tummy, happiness in my heart and a meerkat in my bag.

No just kidding.

Or am I?

Sorry blog deprivation has made me hysterical, Bye.

Carla, meerkat theif and holiday lover :)


  1. that doll is creepy! why don't ya donate that thing, & get it outta your sight? is there a way you can say auntie, i'm changing the subject! you know how i survive the heat in texas? i go from one air conditioned place to another. very cute meerkat, that i know you kept in the wild, i mean zoo.

  2. I have a couple creepy dolls! :D But they're not exactly creepy . . . I'd say more ugly. :P But I love them just the same! :D

  3. thanks :) awww love your jeans! they're cool, love the color so much :)

  4. thanks ! i love your jeans too ! :) and what a beutfiuul animal in last photo?

  5. :) thanks, but i couldn't see your follow though..:) how you're following ? i'll do the same for you, i'm using bloglovin as well as google friend connect. ^^

    xx indie by heart

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  7. Hih, so funny to hear that someone is about to have breakfast;
    I really need to go to bed now: 2.30 am :DD

    thanks for comments,
    xx indie by heart