Monday, 15 August 2011

Trapdoors and ghost dogs

First I'd like to thank you for commenting on my last (rather depressing) post. You all made me feel better, and i'm proud to say the drama is over. I declare the dramatic days of Carla officially over!

Anyway. Me and fourteen other members of my family (not including the dog) went to stay in yet another creepy place. It was huge, but extremely scary.

Now does that look extremely haunted, or what?
The radio where we blasted all our heavy metal (not)
me lounging elegantly on the grand sofa

My cousins and I spent Sunday morning searching for secret passages, like in cluedo. But unfortunately found nothing more than dust. I was really scared at night, even though I was sleeping with my two other big, strong warrior girl cousins.

We did manage to find this trapdoor. Which lead to a room, covered in spider webs and dead frogs.

We also found the "Secret Whiskey Cabinet!" Which was often declared in song by my family.

I actually thought these were real when I first saw them. And I swear I heard barking. Hallucinations? I think not!

After a spooky night. Me and some family had a stacks on session in our bed. Followed by an extremely sickening, traditional breakfast. 1st course:Pancakes with vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream.
2nd course: eggs, bacon. the lot.

Then we went for a bike ride around the practically deserted town to burn everything off.

As the weekend was eventful here is a list:

  • got sick on the wizzy dizzy
  • was told to man up when i announced i was sick
  • could not go upstairs by myself, even with someone
  • had an epic lunch
  • rode on the road, for the first time
  • played some ukulele
  • found some cute vintage tops, $1 each!! 
  • wished to never go home
Lots of LOVE 
CARLA, easily scared and luckily happy.

PS: saw a ghost the other night!!!!!!!!!!! more later


  1. Sounds like an amazing weekend, I'm so impressed you can play ukulele, that's amazing xo

  2. cute dogs!

  3. Glad that you sound so happy now :) hmm interesting place.

  4. Hi girl!! we want a new post :)