Friday, 5 August 2011

Shopping Marathon

I finished Emily last night, which kept me up till eleven. (lucky it was Friday.) and in the morning moved onto Indiana Jones comic book  ahem, um, graphic novel.
Anyway, today me and mum went on "searching for dresses to wear to the wedding" part 2. Of course we ended up getting the second dress we looked at, which was a electric blue number from Bardot. But instead of getting it straight away, we preceded to look for another four hours, with a quick hot chocolate break in between. Here is what I wore today:

RED TIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nerd glasses

Awesomness transferred into a bag. A gift from my bestie's mum.

This day was such an epic, marathon that I have decided to cram it all into one list. Cool/wierd/annoying things I saw today:

  • A DKNY dress for a baby, that was $139
  • Some people with multicoloured hair
  • A line outside the new, latest craze, shop Zara.
  • Some "statue" guys painted silver
  • the shortest shorts ever
  • some kids on the train talking loudly about things too immature to mention
  • a guy missing the train
  • us missing the train
  • me and mum being called ladies. (I love that)
  • Mario chess
  • $300 swarvoski flats.
  • AlannahHill. Oh my god, heaven.
  • Peter Alexander, same thing
I love Melbourne.
I know they are real people. But it is still so creepy when they move.
And just when my feet were sore and I couldn't bare to look at any more clothes. Mum and I decided to stop into Retro Star for a super quick look that is not worthy of a great store like Retro Star. And we passed this shop and a guy dressed in a rabbit fur poncho, high heel (i'm pretty sure ladies) boots, a purple vest and amazingly gelled hair asked us if we would like to "peruse the store."

It was so cool. lots of furs (which are apparently only the bad rabbits.) and vintage bow ties, leather gloves. The shop was called Harry Wragg. It isn't that well known yet, becuase I couldn't really find any good pictures. I wish I'd asked that guy for a photo.

melissa shoes is also awesome. It's by Vivienne Westwwod

Melissa shoes. Awesome shop


harry wragg
anyway. apologies for the droning.
From  (@R1A!

Also, If you want to see something amazing click here:


  1. Sounds like an amazing day with your mum! I'm 23 and I still love going out shopping for the day with mine. Love that colour of red on you xo

  2. ah, i lovelovelove that pretty little red hat of yours.
    sounds like you had loads of fun and an insanely eventful but fun day.

    xx //

  3. those jelly shoes are so cute!!

  4. Those silver statue men are a little disturbing. And Mario chess?!?!?! HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!?! :D

  5. i like the red tights with the hat. i want a red hat like yours! but what i really want is to look as cute as you, do in a red hat like yours. this is what my red hat looks like. it's at the end of the post.