Thursday, 18 August 2011

paperclips and rhinos

today i missed out on cheersports!(YAY! Spirit fingers!!) We got to go to the zoo for a science excursion, which made me suddenly like science a lot more. I was really fun, and we got to wear casual clothes. Sadly no one turned up in silly short shorts and high heels or anything, that would've been funny. It's winter in Australia by the way.

Here is a list of my day at the zoo:

  • I saw a emu pee/poo
  • Some stupid boy threw a rock at a kangaroo
  • Another stupid boy chased an emu
  • Yet another stupid boy walked agressivly up to a kangaroo
  • I seem to be surrounded by a lot of stupid boys
  • I didn't step in any poo (score!)
  • A rhino nearly charged at our safari bus. It was awesome!!!!

It was going all crazy! and scared the zebras.

Also, I've been feeling really crafty lately. Not mwa ha ha ha ha crafty. But creative, you know. And I made this, in about five seconds:
Paperclip headband. Don't worry I haven't worn it in public.
And I also made this, in a bit more than five seconds. It took aaagggeeeesssss because my sewing machine kept messing up.
I might wear it to the wedding this weekend, just to embarass my family.

And lastly. I was wondering if you could answer these questions:

  • Do you guys have big fancy cameras, how do you get your photos so clear?
  • do you have any suggestions on easy things i could make, preferably things i could wear/acessorise with?
  • Would you be scared If an angry pregnant rhino started running around your safari bus?

Lots Of LOVE


  1. Hey, I wrote you this massive comment but then managed to delete it, so hopefully I will remember everything I wrote.

    Unfortunately I don't know much about pregnant rhinos, and I'm not very crafty apart from friendship bracelets, but I can hopefully give you some camera advice.

    For about 95% of my photos I use a Nikon point and shoot, it isn't the best camera but it works well enough. My first piece of advice would be to make sure you turn up the quality as high as possible, I had to buy a new memory stick so I could do this but it was more than worth it. The second is take LOTS of photos! For an outfit shoot with five photos in the post I take about ten times as many photos and then go through them and choose the best of them, it is time consuming but I definitely notice the difference versus when I only have time to take 15 or so.

    Finally, and I think this is the best piece of advice I got when I started blogging. Do not use blogger to host your photos! If you upload your photos straight on to your blog it lowers the quality hugely! I use my free Photobucket account and upload all my blog photos there and then link them into my blog. Kaelah at Little Chief Honeybee has a fantastic tutorial on how to do this, and I promise you will notice the difference!
    I also photoshop my photos before I put them up, although this isn't completely necessary I think it makes more photos look a bit more interesting. I particularly like using actions, which means I can get specific looks without hours worth of fiddling. A good alternative if you don't have photoshop is Picnik, which is free online and has some pretty nice options to let you fiddle with the look of your photos.

    I hope this helps, there are plenty of tutorials and tips available online if you google it, but this should give you a little bit of a start. If you have any specific questions let me know xo

  2. lovely braids!!

  3. let's start this comment with a 'thank you for your comment on my blog, even though it is in german'. quite a lovely suprise.'

    i love the paperclip headband, it looks gorgeous, but some flowers are definately needed. which should be easy enough since it is a paperclip thingy.

    do i have a big fancy camera...yes. it's my hobby, so i have a few more than one. but good pictures are also taken with the pocket cameras. i use a canon s90. just if you are interested...

    the little bag you made turned out really good. love the print on it ^.^

    would i be scared if a pregant rhino would chase me around. the answer is easy enough: of course i would be scared. love the picture though!

    have a lovely friday.

    oh and: we're having summer in europe, but it feels like winter...

  4. hello lovely.
    yes i speak english. i lived in london for almost 3 years and miss it.
    having to move at the moment and never thought it would be that stressful. It would have been so much easier to move back to London than moving within germany, or so it seems.

    i might plan writing another blog in english, after i've moved. ^.^
    enjoy your weekend! can't wait to see more!

  5. Here are the answers to your questions. Yes, I have a fancy camera. It comes out clearer if you hold down the button halfway and then all the way. You should make bracelets and anklets. It's a great way to express your personality and your emotions. And yes, I would probably be scared if an angry pregnant started running around our safari bus. :D