Saturday, 20 August 2011

A big fat Greek (and Italian) wedding

All of my day yesterday was full of wedding festivities. it was probably the biggest wedding I've ever been to. Here's an equation for you:
Italians+Greeks+excitement=A VERY LOUD PARTY!!!!
Anyway a list.just for you:

  • tried to collect the money thrown at the bride. My profit was ruined when I was told it was bad luck.
  • watched two people sitting on deck chairs in their garage watching us
  • saw a bride walk down an actual aisle for the first time ever
  • Kissed way too many people I didn't know(on the cheek,don't worry) 
  • Cousin got annoyed at me for not knowing who to kiss
  • Found out you have to kiss EVERYONE, even if you have never seen them before
  • Had a four hour break before the reception
  • had at least eight glasses of fanta
  • Was amazed by the receptions ability to refill your jug with endless coke
  • Heard the worlds LOOOOOOOOOONGST song
  • Danced with my four year old cousin
  • Was relieve when the started paying some Italian music
  • Was even more relieved when they played music I could actually understand
  • Even if it was Lionel Richie
  • Did the nut bush
  • Did this exhausting Italian dance in a circle
  • Accidentally kicked off my shoe while enthusiastically dancing numerous times
  • Was glad I was wearing flats after seeing my cousins shuffle around in monstrous heels
  • Had a guy steal my seat
  • Heard OPA! shouted ten billion trillion times
  • Watched a little kid with a rat tail rip up a colouring book during the couples first dance
  • Was proud to be a wog
Anyway here is my outfit:

My church outfit, everyone knows you have to have a church outfit

Got carried away with the mac

This is my $1 vintage vest and a bardot skirt. And you can't see, but I'm wearing reversible purple tights
(Unusually) straight hair

And now my fancy outfit:
Apologies for the pixels.
This is my vintage Zara coat, well not exactly mine..........

here is my electric blue Bardot dress!!

Thanks for the answers to my questions.
Here are some more, as I enjoy basking in your wisdom:

  • Do you like dancing?
  • Have you ever danced the zorba?
  • Does anyone know what OPA! means?

LOVE CARLA, Professional fanta drinker and expert nutbush person


  1. congratulation. you are know part of the italian society. [i'm half italian by the way, i feel with you!]
    nice outfit. looks gorgeous.

    now answering your questions.
    yes, I do love dancing. I can dance all night, and I mean it.
    Wearing flats is essential though.

  2. Sounds so hectic and yet so much fun at the same time.

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    cherry ripe time

  3. I love your red hair is beautiful!

  4. Hope you have a beautiful week!

  5. You had me at the second photo. Cute photo. Thanks for sharing the pictures and feel free to drop by me too, soon.

  6. Nice pics!

  7. haha so cool these pictures!! :D I'm following

    Look my blog and follow me if you like :)


    Have a nice weekend


  8. Yes, no, and no. I LOVE dancing at a wedding! (I've never been to an Greek/Italian one, though. I've been to one, HUGE, traditional wedding, and one smaller, Hawaiian themed wedding.) Danced like crazy until my feet almost fell off at both of them. As soon as the couples dance, and the other dances were done, I was on the floor for every other one! :D