Monday, 4 July 2011

Windy Day

Today I actually wore something other than bright blue trackies. I got this great new skirt from the op shop.And even though I find it a bit weird wearing a lady with a mustache and a mono brow, it still seems really special. We went to my nonna's house for lunch,a maths lesson and a reminiscing-about- skin- tight- leopard- pants session (yeah, my family is so normal,but I love them anyway.) We also went for a windy,rainy walk on the beach. And I got some great photos. Anyways, here is my outfit                             and the beach photos.

Ciao, C.A.R.L.A (Carla Awesomeness,Relatives Lovely Also)

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  1. wow! NIce pics! You also have some pics now :) like the lat one!