Wednesday, 6 July 2011

I'm such a retro star

Hey,Yesterday I went to the awesomest place ever..................RETRO STAR. it was amazing.It is the biggest vintage clothing store in Australia.They have everything you could ever want, Here is one of the most otrageous things I found (I was later told it was everyday street wear once):

I bought this awesome dress and an emily badge, that I will show you later. But here is what I wore yesterday and the day before.
 Tuesday's outfit, apparently I look very indie. Also, these are just my temporary (3D)nerd glasses.

Wednesday's outfit. excuse the smile.
the top is my dad's, the boots are handme downs and the tights are leona edminston.
I really want a vespa, so badly!!!!!!!!!
After Retro Star, we went to the aquarium.

Who like's my tatto?
On Tuesday me and mum went out to chose my new glasses. I got these bright red ones and an awesome pair of nerd ones (from the mens section!) I can't wait to wear them.

Also, my mum found all this stuff she used to wear when she was younger. There is this awesome dress and lots of (vintage) high heels that actually fit me (I guess small feet run in the family.)

Love, C.A.R.L.A (Completely A Retro star, Loves Antiquish stuff) Apologies for the acronyms.