Saturday, 2 July 2011


Hello!!!!!! It's finally the holidays!!!!! Now the real fun begins.I can't wait to be free from those evil creativity destroyers (teachers) and wear something other than my school uniform.To start the holidays my best friend came for a sleepover. We played tigi in the dark, stargazed,dressed up,made mini pizzas and watched movies (yes one of those movies was princess diaries.Typical girls.) Since It's only the first day of the holidays, I haven't done much yet.I have a dance competition tomorrow, then you can see my costume, it's Russian (now you're all excited.)Anyways here is what I dressed up as last night:

Look out here comes Spidergirl
 As you know my brother doesn't like to have photos taken. But he tried on this tiny shimmery Gold top and skirt and he looked so funny!!! I tried on the top too, it was so tight it could have amputated my arms.

And here are the famous squeaky shoes, squeaky but stylish.

Yay! Gucci.
Bye C.A.R.L.A (Calinga Awesomeness and Really Lovely superheroAction-skills) Terrible, terrible I say!!! Btw, calinga is the name of my Russian dance.;)

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  1. Ok, THAT acronym isn't that good. But the others are. :D Sweet shoes! I used to have a pair of twinkles toes, but they were a size two. I'm a three and a half (soon to be a four.) You are SO lucky! Our family has a strict no sleepover rule. :P