Thursday, 28 July 2011

Dinner in the dark

I am proud to say that the V8 cake is now fInished and digested. My family ate our ten hours of work in one night. I will post some photos soon.

Also I haven't posted anything lately because All our power mysteriously went out. So no wifi for me:( So the tv wasn't working!! Doesn't anyone understand we have to watch the finals week of masterchef???:) anyway we ate dinner in the dark, but the power is on now.

Also my darling mother bought me some awesome purple skinny jeans that I will show you soon. And I am really happy. You know why??? Well when you get to watch bend it like beckham for double English and then get to play on Photoshop for double art you know life is good. I just am not looking forward to cheersports.I know everyone else thinks it's fun, but I for one an not going to enjoy entrusting my wellbeing with te group of immature boys lifting me up.
here are some random photos i took with the mac, as my (not so) darling brother refused to take pictures of me:

I'm Melting!!!


dangerfield hat, hand me down emily top, and new forever new shorts.

TEE HEE! (the many advantages of having a mac)
C.A.R.L.A ( Cheersports are really lovely, apparently) BLAH cheersports