Saturday, 23 July 2011

The cake of doom


Today me and two of my friends attempted to make the dreaded V8 cake from masterchef Australia, created by pastry genius Adriano Zumbo. You probably wouldn't have seen it because you don't live in Australia. But let's just say that the ingredients list alone takes up nearly three pages. The cake has eight different layers and the contestants had two and a half hours to make it.
ours doesn't look exactly like this:)
We on the other hand took around six hours. But eventually several spillages,lots of panic attacks and one electric shock later, the cake was (almost) ready. We still haven't finished it. I was the official taste tester, which I am considering as a future career.

Adios C.A.R.L.A (Cooking Awesomeness, Really Likes Adriano (zumbo)

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  1. sounds interesting. you need like almost an day to make it! nice idea for futur career ;)