Sunday, 31 July 2011

baklava and toilet paper

This morning I searched for dresses to wear to my 2nd cousins wedding. Of course my mum hated the dress I loved. She said it looked like a nightie, while it makes me feel like a sleepwalking contemporary dancer.

Then later I attended a kitchen tea. I was quite surprised when i saw it was in fact not in a kitchen. But there was food, so I was happy. for those of you who don't know a kitchen tea is where people give a bride to be   presents for the kitchen and then drink some tea, I guess.

Anyway, I sat with my aunties (who i am now going to call the elders, which is what my mum called them) and we talked about everything from crushed fingers to holidays in Perth. Then I got asked if I wanted to be a bride in a game we were about to play. I agreed and soon found myself wrapped in a toilet paper wedding dress that was instantly posted on facebook for everybody to see. The rest of the afternoon involved me eating way too much dessert, which started with rum balls and ended with baklava and resulted in me wanting to lie on the floor and vomit. I also saw some people get a bit tipsy, saw the future bride receive the exact same plate as a gift six times and got a major face squish by someone's Nonna all the way from the home country (Italia)

Here was my (very kitchen teaish) outfit:
Apologies for the blurryness and slightly crazy facial expressions.

Army boots, Sportsgirl cardigan, retro star vintage (!) dress and toilet paper headband.

Here is my purple jeans!!!!!! I was forced to take this on the mac, as my brother was too preoccupied (grrrr)

This is not an excuse to look at my butt. It is purely there for the purpose of seeing my jeans.
Goodbye, anyone who is out there. Oh yeah, I have given up the C.A.R.L.A, for the simple reason that I can't think of any more acronyms. Bloggers block.

Bye. (@R1A! (carla)

Ps. have a look at my previous post please. No one commented and I felt a tad depressed.
FOLLOW ME. (that isn't a command, more a suggestion)


  1. Hey, thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I love this outfit, the blue and orange look really good together, and I am a big fan of coloured jeans. I'm looking forward to seeing how you style them.

    Try not to feel too bad about people not commenting, I can see you only started blogging recently and it takes a while to get people interested. The majority of comments I get are actually in response to comments I have left, rather than people stumbling across the blog and starting to follow so I don't think you need to worry too much. I'm pretty much a newbie too so we are in the same position :)

    Pretty Shiny Sparkly know runs the Bloggers Do It Better Meme has a really guide on fashion blogging on her site that I've found really helpful.

    Anyways, at least you've gained one more follower today :)

    All the best,
    Alice xo

  2. your color pants are really cool!


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  4. we want a new post :)

  5. LOL! On that last picture, the sentence is HILARIOUS! :D I like your purple jeans!

  6. that is a very beautiful purple dress! it's not like a nightie at all, but that's just my opinion. those purple jeans are divine! i had a pair of jeans i dyed that exact shade of purple, in high school. it's true. they were my favorite pair. isn't facebook humiliation the greatest? that was sarcasm. in case you didn't catch it.