Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Red pen tattoos and Bad Karma

What comes around goes around right? So let's say I ( accidentally ) stab my friend in food tech. ( I know I know I'm a bad person, but it really was an accident . Or was it?....) Then today she accidetally jams my finger in her locker. What is that all about? And let me tell you it hurt like hell. And it was bleeding a lot as I dramatically waved my hand around. But there's nothing some alchohol wipes and a band aid can't fix. Lucky this:

Didn't damage my hand's beauty:

Carla bored in science with a red pen in her hand don't mix

Maybe I should start my own  tattoo business at school....

Arrivedeci C.A.R.L.A ( Crazy And Really Lovely Also)

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  1. Yeah, I also sort of have a habit with pens. ;) I especially like the kind that writes in blue. (My favorites: Smiley faces, hearts, stars, peace signs, and squigglies. Is that even a word?)