Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Rainbow sweaters and 2 minute noodles

Last night me and my friend decided to go on a wild adventure and try to survive in the wilderness (my friends backyard.)Finally I sort of started rebelling (like teenagers are supposed to do) and went for a sleepover mid week the night before my piano exam :•. We decided we would set up everything ourselves and be cut off from civilization completely,(so no going inside the house for a chocolate eating session.) We put up the tent(which took a while and was a bit lopsided) and made our own fire (which took absolutely ages!) My friend even went to the toilet nature style, I was too scared (it's times like these I wish I was a boy.)We talked about how annoying that girls hair is and how it is so tempting to cut it off if you have a pair if scissors handy(as girls do)for about an hour and then (adventurously) retreated back into the house by quarter past nine. The house was everything the tent was not it was warm ,comfortable and completely creepy noise free. Oh, we are so wild!!

From C.A.R.L.A ( Camper And Really Lame Arsonist) yes,yes I know an arsonist is someone who burns buildings and stuff, but my acronym skills are diminishing rapidly. Also please refrain from making those anti ranga jokes like, but Carla, you could start a fire with your hair.

Also sorry this post has no pictures, we had a strict no electronics policy, but maybe one day I'll post the videos we took on here. And lastly thankyou for the people who commented. You three make my life seem less and less pathetic everyday.;)


  1. its really interesting, in ur blog you make people see everything from your point of wiev. that's what i like in a blog!

  2. Ugh. I've never been camping, but going to the bathroom in the woods? (EEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.) I am a TOTAL tomboy (dirt, climbing trees, running barefoot, getting dirty? I'm there). But camping (and cute summer dresses) are the two things that aren't tomboyish about me. (And cute jewelry. Preferably handmade.) And I think red hair is cool. (I mean, who DOESN'T like Ron Weasley?) I'm thinking about dying my hair a reddish brownish since my hair is already so dark brown it's almost black.