Friday, 10 June 2011

Panda hats and slurpies

Today I went shopping with my (girlfriends?) we went to church street and looked around. We talked about people we hate and laughed at the sad pathetic people who had to endure school when we had a curriculum day. Having only $40 each was sort of hard to live on. Looking at stuff you can't afford in sportsgirl is excruciating. So we went to a op shop. Half of my friends don't like them, but I love them. There is something strangely addictive about trying on clothes that have been worn by some stranger. One of my friends bought a top that voted one dollar more than a keyring from sportsgirl ( that broke in the first hour she wore it) My other friend bought some green and yellow sports jacket for seven bucks. She has, in the past, bought pink leg warmers. And that's why we love her.

I haven't told my friends about my blog. I told my bestest bestie and she thought it was cool. But I didn't give her the name as that would be majorly embarrassing. I was tempted to buy mustard colored socks, but my friends would dissaprove( maybe secretly but still). After I went back to my pink legwarmer friends house and we watched dumb and dumber, which is one Of the stupidest movies ever( but it is also me and my other friends nickname, I'm dumb she's dumber.) Then me and dumber stayed at pink legwarmer friend's house till five( without telling our parents, whoops) just sitting on the trampoline with a blanket begging my friends brother to get us some pretzels.

Anyway, being with friends makes me blab on and on. Here are my fantastic buys:

I love cirriculum days.

 Love C.A.R.L.A (Crazy About Really Lame Attire.)

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  1. OMG, the panda hat is SO cute! :D I'd bet you'd like the bracelets I make. I'll put some pictures on my blog sometime.